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Greetings in Jesus…!
So here we are already in March of 2013! I can’t believe how fast things are going now! I want to start out by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH to those of you who are helping this ministry to continue on in this late hour through your prayers and financial support. Really!
The Real Reason the Pope Stepped Down!
All cults try to look more Christian than Christian groups do. Look at the Mormons with their multi-million dollar temples (whitened sepultures) And the Jehovah’s Witnesses always covering up the sins of their leaders and false prophecies. But what about the largest of them all? The Roman Catholic Church?
Pope Benedict Resigned to Avoid Arrest, Seizure of Church Wealth
The historically unprecedented resignation of Pope Joseph Ratzinger was compelled by arrest warrant issued against Ratzinger and a public lien against Vatican property and assets by Easter.
The ITCCS Central Office in Brussels disclosed the following details:
On Feb. 1, 2013, our Office concluded an agreement with representatives of a European nation and its courts to secure an arrest warrant against Pope Benedict for crimes against humanity and ordering a criminal conspiracy. The arrest warrant was to be delivered to “Holy See” on Feb. 15, 2013. It allowed the nation in question to detain Ratzinger as a suspect in a crime if he entered its sovereign territory.
A diplomatic note was issued to the Vatican’s Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, on Feb. 4, 2013, inform-ing Bertone of the impending arrest warrant. No reply to this note was received; but six days later Pope Benedict resigned. The agreement between our Tribunal and the said nation included a provision to issue a commercial lien through that nation’s courts against the property and wealth of the Roman Catholic Church commencing Easter Sunday, Mar. 31, 2013. This lien was to be accompanied by a public and global “Easter Reclamation Campaign” whereby Catholic Church property was to be claimed by citizens as public assets forfeited under international law and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.
It is the decision of our Tribunal and the said nation’s government to proceed with the arrest of Joseph Ratzinger upon his vacating the office of the Roman Pontiff on a charge of crimes against humanity and criminal conspiracy. It is our further decision to proceed as well with the indictment and arrest of the Pope’s successor on the same charges; and to enforce the commercial lien and “Easter Reclamation Campaign” against the Roman Catholic Church, as planned. In closing, our Tribunal acknowledges that Pope Benedict’s
complicity in criminal activities of the Vatican Bank was compelling his eventual dismissal by the highest officials of the Vatican. According to our sources, Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone forced Joseph Ratzinger’s resignation immediately, and in direct response to the diplomatic note concerning the arrest warrant that was issued to him by the said government on Feb. 4, 2013.
We call upon all citizens and governments to assist our efforts to legally and directly disestablish the Vatican, Inc. and arrest its chief officers and clergy who are complicit in crimes against humanity and the ongoing criminal conspiracy to aid and protect child torture and trafficking.
Further bulletins on the events of the Easter Reclamation Campaign will be issued by our Office this week.
And here’s what Hal Lindsey had to say…
The world was stunned by Pope Benedict XVI’s abrupt announcement that he is stepping down from the papacy on February 28. It has been 600 years since a pope has left office alive. Traditionally, he dies at his post. Pope Benedict cited failing strength as his reason for resigning. He said the duties of the highest office in the Roman Catholic Church demand strength of mind and body. Of course, the pope’s surprising announce-ment has enormous repercussions. Not only has it set in motion the top-secret, mysterious, and rigidly ceremonial machinery for choosing his successor, but it may set the stage for a struggle over the future direction of the Roman Church. Further, it may signal the start of the countdown to the end of the Church Age.
Why? As you know, there are no prophecies left to be fulfilled before Jesus Christ returns for His bride in the Rapture of the Church. There is nothing to prevent Him from calling us up to be with Him before you finish reading these words. Benedict’s resignation may signal a countdown because a prediction by a Catholic bishop almost nine centuries ago implied that the next pope will the last before the Roman Catholic Church is destroyed.
Almost 900 years ago, Pope Innocent II summoned Malachy O’Morgair, the Bishop of Armagh, in what is now Northern Ireland, to come to Rome. While there, this Bishop purportedly experienced a vision in which he saw the popes from that time until the end of the Roman Catholic Church. He recorded his impression of each of the remaining 112 popes in a series of cryptic phrases. Today, St. Malachy’s vision is called “The Prophecy of the Popes.” Written in 1139, it was Rediscovered in the Vatican’s archives in 1590, and first published in 1595.
St. Malachy’s prophecy seems to predict that the current pope, Benedict XVI, will be the next to last pope of the Roman Church. After him will come a pope called Petrus Romanus, or Peter the Roman. Malachy appears to indicate that he will be the one who cooperates with the Antichrist, then will be turned upon and destroyed by the leader of the confederacy that rises out of the old Roman Empire. The question now is: Will the next pope — who will be chosen in the coming few weeks — be that man?
One thing the Catholic Church beyond all the scandals is the fact that multitudes of Catholics have been and still are leaving the Catholic Church in droves and many of them are coming to Christ! This is great news! Maybe you have unsaved Catholic friends and relatives. Now would be the perfect time to reach out to them! One great tool is the DVD entitled: Catholicism: Crisis of Faith. If you would like a copy, it’s available this month for a gift of any amount and do feel free to make copies and share with others! Show it at your Church or fellowship! Give copies away! This is the kind of thing that gets Catholics saved!
It Won’t Happen Here, Right?….Confiscation of Civilian Firearms
During Hurricane Katrina, a controversy arose over a city-wide order by New Orleans Police Superintendent Eddie Compass to local police, U.S. Army National Guard soldiers, and Deputy U.S. Marshals to confiscate all civilian-held firearms. “No one will be able to be armed.” Compass said. “Guns will be taken. Only law enforcement will be allowed to have guns.” Seizures were carried out without warrant, and in some cases with excessive force.
Angered citizens, backed by the National Rifle Association, filed protests over the constitutionality of the order and the difficulty in tracking seizures, as paperwork was rarely filed during the searches. Wayne LaPierre, CEO of the NRA, defended the right of affected citizens to retain firearms, saying that, “What we’ve seen in Louisiana – the breakdown of law and order in the aftermath of disaster – is exactly the kind of situation where the Second Amendment was intended to allow citizens to protect themselves.” The searches received little news coverage, though reaction from groups such as the NRA, the Second Amendment Foundation, and Gun Owners of America was immediate and heated, and a lawsuit was filed by the NRA and SAF on behalf of two firearm owners whose firearms were seized. The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana issued a restraining order to bar further firearms confiscations.
After refusing to admit that it had any seized firearms, the city revealed that it did have a cache of some 1000 firearms seized after the hurricane; this disclosure came after the NRA filed a motion in court to hold the city in contempt for failure to comply with the U.S. District Court’s earlier order to return all seized firearms. On April 14, 2006, it was announced that the city will begin to return seized firearms, however as of early 2008, many firearms were still in police possession, and the matter was still in court. The matter was finally settled in favor of the NRA in October 2008. Per the agreement, the city was required to relax the strict proof of ownership requirements previously used, and was to release firearms to their owners with an affidavit claiming ownership and a background check to verify that the owner is legally able to possess a firearm.
Louisiana legislator Steve Scalise introduced Louisiana House Bill 760, which would prohibit confiscation of firearms in a state of emergency, unless the seizure is pursuant to the investigation of a crime, or if the seizure is necessary to prevent immediate harm to the officer or another individual. On June 8, 2006, HB 760 was signed into law. 21 other states joined Louisiana in enacting similar laws. A federal law prohibiting seizure of lawfully held firearms during an emergency, the Disaster Recovery Personal Protection Act of 2006, passed in the House with a vote of 322 to 99, and in the Senate by 84-16. The bill was signed into law by President Bush on October 9, 2006.
Laws can be passed but because of executive orders they can be broken. Here’s what happened in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. National Guardsmen went door to door. They then would pound on the door shouting out “National Guard, are you in need of assistance!” This was just a ploy to get people to open their doors. They then pushed their way in and confiscated all guns! Are you ready for this?
More Gun Control
Firearm-related bills are popping up all over the country like targets at a shooting range. Some would allow school janitors to carry weapons, while others would ban private gun sales.
But some states are fighting back. In Missouri, a Bill was proposed to make it a Class D Misdemeanor to propose gun control legislation that would restrict an individual’s right to bear arms!!!
In Texas, a measure is advancing in the Texas Capitol stating police officers could be convicted of a crime for enforcing any new federal gun control laws. According to the NRA, most citizens do not want more gun control, they want the laws already in effect to be enforced. The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre stated that the current loopholes of private purchases occurring without background checks will not solve the nation’s gun problem. Criminals will always get guns, while law-abiding citizens will be the ones following the law.
On The Other Side…
Colorado Limits on the size of ammunition magazines and universal background checks passed the Colorado House. The proposed ammunition restrictions limit magazines to 15 rounds for firearms, and eight for shotguns.
Will Obama Force His Gun Control?
Obama hid regulations from view until after his reelection. The press maintained the fiction that Obama supports the Second Amendment and is no threat to citizens’ keeping guns for self-defense. Yet the day after his reelection, Obama called for the UN Arms Trade Treaty negotiations to be started again, and a few weeks later he promised to put the full force of the federal government behind a push for massive new gun control.
Regardless of how you feel, no Bill will ever keep evil people from doing evil things. Perhaps you know of someone who believes all guns are bad and if we just make them illegal, we’d all be better off. As far as I know, there’s only been one DVD produced dealing with this issue from a biblical standpoint. “Shooting Back: The Scriptural Right to Protection.” We’re making this available this month for a gift of any amount. And please share this information with others!!!
Police State: The F.E.M.A. Camps
Have you heard about the Drone Strikes on US citizens in America and abroad? It’s happening now and is causing an uproar even among Obama’s most staunch supporters!
It’s even been said that the government has a plan to declare martial law and round up millions of United States citizens into concentration camps. There’s even been a proliferation of law enforcement Fusion Centers around the country that may be connected to hundreds of detention centers ready to accept prisoners at the stroke of a Presidential pen.
By giving the President just an inch of power to strike at unarmed citizens, we give him the ability to round us up like cattle to the slaughter!!! And this is going on now!! For more information and to be prepared, we’re offering you the DVD, Police State: The F.E.M.A. Camps, for a gift of any amount this month!!!
Jehovah’s Witnesses: A Non-Prophet Organization
If you heard my airing in February about the Jehovah’s Witnesses, you may want more information regarding this seemingly benign religion that is more like a profit-driven, isolationist culture characterized by fear, totalitarian corporate leadership, intellectual and spiritual intimidation, suspension of critical thinking, failed prophecies, doctrinal inconsistency and improper handling of physical and sexual abuse allegations within the Church.
For a gift of any amount this month, you can receive the full-length version of this airing. Perhaps it’s time to share it with some Witness friends you have wanted to approach, but weren’t sure how! Simply ask for the DVD Jehovah’s Witnesses: A Non Prophet Organization

Lifting the Veil of Polygamy
The Mormon Church still tries to convince people they do not practice polygamy. They say, oh, that’s just that small fundamentalist group not recognized the official Church. Really? But in their scriptures, in D&C section 132 it still states that one MUST have a plurality of wives in order to reach the highest place in Mormon heaven. I was raised in the “official” Mormon Church as was my uncle Barr and he had a second wife! I recently aired the DVD “Lifting the Veil of Polygamy” and it’s a great tool to not only expose Mormonism for what it is, but also to show to the Mormon. If you would like a copy, it’s available this month for a gift of any amount.
The Night the Lights Went Out at the Super Bowl!
You all heard it on the news or watched it live on TV. Just after the halftime performance with Beyonce, about two thirds of the lights went out postponing the 2nd. Half of the game. Could God have been trying to get our attention?
Let’s go back in time a little when God was blessing this nation. I remember when Half Time at the Super Bowl consisted of a couple marching bands and someone would come out and sing some song like “God Bless America” but no more! We have gone from glorifying God at the Super Bowl to Sodom and Gomorra! This time, a more naked than dressed Beyonce danced and pranced around even touching herself inappropriately, hundreds of thousands watching on TV had to shelter their children’s eyes by either sending them out of the room or changing the channel. Is it any wonder God is so upset at this country?
Signs in the Heavens…Fire in the Sky…
Now what do you think the chance factor is here? On the pagan holiday of St. Valentine’s Day, which many so-called Christians also participate in, and the day after, two major signs in the heavens take place. A huge 5 ton meteor that becomes a meteorite bursts into flames over Russia at 33,000 miles per hour and crashes not in the vast open areas, but so near a city that buildings swayed and windows were blown out and at least 1,200 people were injured! This was the largest meteorite to hit the Earth in over 100 years! Then on the next day, an asteroid come so close to the Earth that it was actually lower than the many satellites orbiting this planet! So, what do you think the chance factor was on both of these events taking place in just 2 days during this pagan holiday? A million to one? Not likely. Probably much greater than that! Is God trying to get the attention of people on this planet? Absolutely! Is it working? Not nearly enough…yet!
What if You Knew…
What if you knew that at the end of this week the Rapture would take place. 7 days from today! What would you do? Would you put forth any more effort than you did yesterday? Would you finally go knock on your neighbor’s door and tell him what you thought about telling him years ago? Would you send emails about salvation to all in your mailing list? Would you call all of your unsaved family and friends? What about all those you know are lost in the cults? Would you put salvation messages of the doors of the JW kingdom Halls, Mormon Churches, Catholic Churches, and Seventh-Day Adventist Churches? Would you place ads in newspapers all across your county? Your state or nation? And if you didn’t have enough money to do so, would you sell what you have? Would you give money to ministries? Would you be passing out Christian tracts to everyone you met? Would you regain that fervency you had for the lost shortly after you got saved? Or would it be like yesterday when you did none of these things? Would you just fold your hands and wait patiently for the Rapture? Remember, setting up treasures in heaven for
all eternity is a limited time offer! Every day, every hour of every day if wasted, is wasted for all eternity! So, what are you going to do in the next hour? Let not one minute be wasted!
Health Corner…
Believe it or not, I actually caught a second flu bug last month! It’s been reported there’s actually about 9 of these floating around this year! This is why so many who got one or two flu shots this year still caught another flu! This one came on me pretty fast and caught me off guard. So, what did I do? I did the same thing I always do once I’ve realized I’ve caught something. I simply took about 4-5 swallows of Colloidal Silver every few hours until I went to bed. The next morning my temperature went from a little over 101 back to the norm of 98.6 and all the other symptoms of the flu had left my body as
well! I just don’t have the time in running this ministry to get sick anymore.
We’re still making our Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver generators available at our cost of only $44.00! Not 1-3 hundred as found on the internet! And of course, these will never be available in stores! Also remember, according to the U.C.L.A. Medical Department, Colloidal Silver killed every virus tested in their lab. Over 650 of them! It is amazing that this suppressed medical
discovery is still so suppressed!
It is so easy to make your own colloidal silver at home for pennies per gallon; even a child could do this. The Colloidal Silver generator comes with everything you need including a short instructional DVD. All you need is a glass of water. It truly is a shame this is still such suppressed information. “My people parish due to a lack of knowledge” (Hosea 7:6-7).
Financial Corner…
While watching and recording another episode of Preppers recently, one man shared something that you too might want to try. He went to his bank and bought a few rolls of half dollars, brought them home and opened them. In one roll he found four of the older silver half dollars. He laid them on the table and said, “face value $2.00, real value, $100.00!” Apparently, half dollars are coins not used that much anymore and have been sitting in banks for some time. Any silver coins pre 1965 are 90% silver and coins from 1965 to 1970 are 40% silver.
Bionic Gold?
In last month’s newsletter I mentioned how we now have these 18 karat gold plated chains which have a piece of the Bionic Sports Band attached which re-aligns all the millions of protons in the body which brings back all your strength, energy & balance like never before! It was Albert Einstein who came up with this. Well, we still have them! Only $25.00 each! Either 7 inch bracelets or 19 inch necklaces. Your choice! Or $40.00 for a matching pair!
30 Club
We still have our 30 Club going. Anyone wishing to obtain everything we air each month “almost always DVDS so that’s an $80.00 value” may do so with a gift of $30.00 or more each month. If you would like to join up for the rest of 2013, now would be the time to do so. Just let me know. Thanks! -Jim
Prayer Request…
We can always use your prayers! Darlene has had digestion problems, another helper Sheryl, has too. Please pray for a divine healing or knowledge on what to do about it. And me, I’m turning 60 this month! So you can just send me a deepest sympathy card. :)
Ending Note…
Once again I want to thank those of you who help this ministry continue through your prayers and gifts of support. You guys are the real heroes and are greatly appreciated!
Yours because His:

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