Jun 09

JUNE 9, 2017 EPISODE, Gospel of The Anti-Christ


FRIDAY JUNE 9th, 2017 PODCAST  The Gospel of the Antichrist


This informative video provides keen and perceptive insights into a movement that threatens the spiritual well-being of every Christian.
Wireless Internet, online newspapers, magazines, satellite radio, digital television… these forms of global communication media are more powerful today than they have ever been. Are they the gateway to a new and enlightened existence for humanity? Or are they an ominous consolidated voice that seems to champion popular causes while undermining traditional Christian faith?
Is this headlong charge into a world of high tech communications really the gospel of the antichrist? If so what are the implications and consequence of this insidious deception?
Join Peter and Paul Lalonde as they probe and analyze these false prophets, stripping away the falsehoods and deceits that obscure the terrifying truth.

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