Jun 19

JUNE 19, 2017 EPISODE – The Emerging Church


MONDAY JUNE 19, 2017 PODCAST  –  The Emerging Church- Revival or Return To Darkness

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ec A trend is sweeping the world that promises to change the way Christianity will be presented in the twenty-first century. While the seeker-friendly era attempted to bring a generation of baby-boomers to Jesus, promoters of the emerging church say new methods are required to reach the postmodern generation that is hungry for spiritual experiences. The emerging church endeavors to attract unbelievers to Christ by providing these experiences. Many Pastors and church leaders are weaving together elements from different religious traditions. Emergent church leaders say that in order to go ahead, we must go back in time and reintroduce mystical techniques that include the introduction of candles, incense, icons, statues, prayer stations and sacraments. While proponents believe the emerging church is the key to revival, others are concerned and claim that may be part of the last days apostasy described in the Bible. In The Emerging Church: Revival or Return to Darkness? Roger Oakland documents the extra-biblical nature of the emerging church.

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