Mar 06

MARCH 6, 2018 EPISODE – Witnesses of Jehovah


TUESDAY MARCH 6TH, 2018 EPISODE – Witnesses of Jehovah

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woj2Witnesses of Jehovah goes behind the scenes to reveal how the Watchtower Society holds tyrannical control over the lives of its 6,400,000 members. In the United States alone, over 1.2 million Jehovah’s Witnesses spend more than 184 million hours each year peddling their counterfeit gospel door to door. If a true Christian actually engages them in a discussion – they quickly find out that the Jehovah’s Witness is better verse in their belief’s than most Christians. To assist you in being better informed and “always ready to give a defense hope the hope that is in you”this cutting edge documentary traces the history of the Watch Tower from its first day penetrating the schemes, scams, and the false prophecies used by this pseudo-Christian cult.

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