Jun 07

DOES GOD REALLY EXIST – June 7, 2018 Episode


THURSDAY  JUNE 7th, 2018 PODCAST –  Does God Really Exist

dgeDoes God really exist? Of course, making the decision to accept the Gospel of Christ is a matter of faith, but as this shocking presentation shows, the evidence of a superior being is a matter of fact. You be the judge after watching one of the best all-round creation videos covering science, prophecy and archaeology.
This documentary sets out to answer the question “Does God Really Exist?” First, they use evidences of creation. They discuss why, from a scientific standpoint, evolution could not have happened, giving specific examples. (The formation-of-granite argument was astonishing!) Then there is a segue into the reliability of the Bible. Several archaeological finds that back up the historicity of the Bible are discussed, as is the fact that the Bible of the Dead Sea Scrolls from before the time of Christ matches precisely the same Bible we have today. Finally, they dip into the topic of prophecy, from the fulfilled prophecies of the first coming of Jesus, to prophecies being fulfilled today in our times. All in all, this was a very good overview and answered their question with a resounding Yes! God really does exist

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