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Greetings in Jesus…!
First, thank you so much to those of you who help keep this ministry going through your prayers and support! You guys are the best!

Catholicism’s “Final Trial” before Jesus’ Return?
Pope Francis has authorized a ―thorough study‖ of sexual abuse allegations against retired Washington, D.C., Cardinal Theodore McCarrick that is being called by some prominent members of the Church “the Satanic 9/11” and possibly the “final trial” before the return of Jesus. The Vatican said Saturday it was aware that such an investigation may produce evidence “that choices were taken that would not be consonant with a contemporary approach to such issues.” But it said Francis would “follow the path of truth, wherever it may lead.” In the latest of decades of similar sexual abuse allegations, McCarrick stands accused of beach-house romps with seminarians and young priests. While former Pope Benedict XVI had issued sanctions against McCarrick, they were rescinded by Pope Francis. The statement did not address specific allegations that Francis himself knew of sexual misconduct allegations against McCarrick in 2013 and rehabilitated him anyway. Francis has said he would not say a word about those allegations, lodged by a retired Vatican
ambassador. Depending on the scope of the investigation, Francis‘ actions may be found to have been inconsistent with what he now considers unacceptable behavior. “Both abuse and its cover-up can no longer be tolerated, and a different treatment for bishops who have committed or covered-up abuse in fact represents a form of clericalism that is no longer acceptable,” the statement said. The Vatican knew as early
as 2000 that seminarians complained that McCarrick pressured them to sleep with him. The Rev. Boniface
Ramsay, a professor at a New Jersey seminary, wrote a letter to the Vatican in November 2000 relaying the seminarians‘ concerns after McCarrick was named archbishop of Washington. McCarrick resigned as Washington archbishop in 2006 after he reached the retirement age of 75. Francis accepted McCarrick‘s resignation as a cardinal in July after a U.S. church investigation determined that an allegation he groped a teenage altar boy in the 1970s was credible. Since  then, another man has come forward saying McCarrick
molested him when he was a young teen and other men have said they were harassed by McCarrick as adult seminarians and young priests. The scandal has created a crisis in confidence in the U.S. hierarchy, since it was apparently an open secret that McCarrick, now 88, would invite seminarians to his New Jersey beach house, and into his bed.

Faced with a loss of credibility, U.S. bishops announced they wanted a full-scale Vatican investigation into how McCarrick was able to rise through the ranks, despite his misconduct. Last month, the personal secretary and head of the papal household for Pope Emeritus Benedict commented on the abuse crisis, stating that if the Church does not achieve renewal in its wake, civilization is “at stake.”  “If the Church this
time does not achieve a renewing of herself with God‘s help, the whole project of our civilization is again at stake,” said Archbishop Georg Gänswein. “For many, it already seems as if the Church of Jesus Christ could never recover from the catastrophe of her sin which right now seems nearly to swallow her.”Gänswein referred to the abuse crisis as “Satanic” and the alluded to it potentially being a “final trial” for the Church before the second coming of Christ. In August, Archbishop Viganò accused Pope Francis in a detailed 11-
page document of covering-up for McCarrick despite being made aware of his sexual abuse of seminarians and priests. The archbishop called on the pope to resign. Priests, bishops, a cardinal and tens of thousands of lay Catholic men and women are now calling for Viganò‘s claims to be thoroughly investigated. Archbishop Gänswein made it clear that the Church finds herself in an intensely turbulent situation. Throughout his speech, Gänswein made repeated references to the public statements of Pope Benedict, for example when speaking about the papal trip to the U.S. in 2008. The archbishop said that Benedict in a speech delivered in the U.S. at the time “tried to shake up” the U.S. bishops. He commented: “It seems to have been in vain, as
we see today.” “The lamentation of the Holy Father (Benedict) was not capable of stopping the evil, nor the lip services of a large part of the [U.S.] hierarchy,” he said. Gänswein also referred back to Pope Benedict‘s 2012 warning that the spiritual crisis which takes place in the West is the gravest crisis since the decline of the Roman Empire at the end of the fifth century. “The light of the Christian civilization is being extinguished everywhere in the West,” were the words of Pope Benedict. While speaking of the grave abuse crisis which is now raging in the U.S. and other parts of the world, Gänswein made a comparison with the terrorist event of Sept. 11, 2001, in the U.S. saying that the “Catholic Church, filled with disdain, looks upon her own September 11, also when this catastrophe, unfortunately, does not refer to only one single date, but to many days and years, and upon innumerable victims.” “Even the Satanic ‘9/11‘ of the Universal Catholic Church can neither weaken nor destroy the truth about the origin of her foundation by the Risen Lord and Conqueror,” he added. “That is why I honestly have to admit that I perceive this time of a great crisis – which is not anymore hidden to anyone – also as a time of grace “because” the truth will make us free, as our Lord has assured us.”

Praying to God vs. Binding Satan & his Demons

Have you ever wondered why your prayers haven‘t been answered? Perhaps you‘ve been praying for a family
member to get saved for many years but nothing has happened. Or maybe you‘ve been praying for someone to get healed by the Lord but they don‘t get any better. Maybe they have even died! You go back to the Scriptures to gain faith thinking that‘s the problem. Mark 11:24 says Whatsoever things you desire… And Matt. 18:18 & 19 says Where any two of you agree as touching anything they shall ask…The Scriptures are still there and it is God‘s Word so what‘s wrong? Absolutely nothing! Your prayers are correct! But there‘s something missing. The other part.

Let me tell you about how my Summer went. First, I start having these reoccurring dreams. I find myself taken from my cabin in the mountains and find myself in the city of Colorado Springs and located at a hospital. In my dream I realize evil is there to do me harm and I must get back to my cabin. I escape the hospital but now I must find my truck to get me home. It becomes dark and I find myself walking through
darkened alleys full of evil people of the night. I search all night in the cold but never find my pick-up. I finally awaken in my bed realizing it was all a nightmare. I was totally exhausted! I know they say dreams can be only a few seconds long but in my dream it was at least 6 hours. Being so tired, I started to fall back to sleep but this plunged me right back into the dream again. This would happen over and over again until I knew I had to get up to escape the nightmare. On one occasion, I escaped the hospital and found my motorcycle outside which I hopped on and started riding home. It got dark but had no coat, only a T-shirt. I could actually feel the cold in this nightmare. Also, my motorcycle could not keep up with the traffic and many cars would try to hit me so I decided to work my way over to Rampart Range Rd. which would lead me to Woodland Park. I knew it would take much longer but it was the only option I had to get up the pass. I finally made it to my cabin but this time in my dream it took at least 8 hours. I finally pulled up to my cabin and as I did, I woke up only to realize I was again in that same nightmare. And again, I was totally exhausted for the rest of that day and could do nothing for the Lord. I realized these nightmares were an attack from Satan and/or his demons so I said aloud, In the name of Jesus Christ I bind you Satan and all demons from me and I cast you down, out and away from me in Jesus name! I said it again that night before going to bed and that night I had no nightmares. Okay, I‘ve told you about the dreams but now let me tell what happened in real life after the dreams. It was about 11:00 A.M. and I‘m sitting at my kitchen table where I do much ministry work and I heard a sound. Keep in mind there are few sounds up here. Sometimes the biggest event of the day is a car going down my street. Now this sound got louder and louder so I got up to look out my kitchen window and what do I see? It was the flight for life helicopter! These are used as an emergency to fly someone to the hospital in Colorado Springs. The same hospital of my nightmares! It got closer and closer then landed just outside my cabin! I thought, it looks like someone called them for me for some crazy reason! So I went out to talk to the pilot and explain I don‘t need their services. Well, it turns out it was for a neighbor two doors down but they didn‘t have enough room there to land. So they used an ambulance to get him from his house
up to my property, put him in the helicopter and they took off to my nightmare hospital in Colorado Springs. My Catholic neighbor did survive but is not saved yet. Please pray for him. His name is Bob. His wife Bobbie too! A few minutes later, I went to the Post Office to mail some things and on the way back I stopped at the Ponderosa ma & pa grocery store to pick up some bread and milk. But as I started to go up the stairs to enter the store guess what I saw that had never been there before. On one of the stairs there was a smooth river
rock that had been painted light blue with some clouds on it. And in the middle there was the painting of a yellow street sign. You know, something that might say deer crossing or something. Turns out, there‘s a club which paint these and place them in various places then others in the club find them, take a photo of it then move it to some other place for more in this club to find and do the same. I had to get closer to the sign to read what was written in the middle and believe it or not it said, “This sign is for you”. So you can just imagine what I‘m thinking. I just had this major thing happen with a flight for life helicopter at my cabin. And now  this? I thought, is God telling me I‘m going to need to take this flight for life helicopter sometime soon thus bringing me into this nightmare in real life? To top things off, after I went into the store, the owner/operator looked at me saying, hey Jim, you look sick! Maybe you should see a doctor. What! I felt fine and I looked fine. Why would she say this? After I got home I thought about it and realized no, this wasn‘t from the Lord at
all! It was from the enemy! I must give his a little credit for creativity though. I mean, look at the extreme he went to for this! And the timing and manipulation of people to pull this off!

There‘s more! A couple weeks later, out of nowhere, I developed a strange infection what I learned later to be a genital gang green infection. I never heard of such a thing! Over the next two weeks it only got worse and since this was something new to me I decided to go to the medical clinic in Divide in hopes they would give me some penicillin. At this point, I was in great pain as this poison surged throughout my whole body. I finally met with the doctor (a woman) who ordered me to drop my pants. (something I had never done before in my life) She even brought in the woman receptionist! I discerned this woman doctor had unclean spirits but I wanted my penicillin. She then told me I needed to leave my truck there and take an ambulance to that same nightmare hospital in Colorado Springs! So again, the pattern continued! Once I realized I was talking to a woman with unclean spirits (or demons) I drove home and found I had a bottle of what‘s called fish mox or (amoxicillin) which anyone can purchase over the counter at any aquarium store or you can just order it online. This, along with some Colloidal Silver and a few Epson salt baths over the next 3 days and everything was totally cleared up! But again, I had been dealing not with flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places ( Eph. 6:12). Satan and his demons!

But again, it continued… A couple weeks later, my helper Mary whom has been working with me for the last 3 years decides to quit all of her jobs and stay home with her kids. While I was going to miss her, I figured I‘d just place an ad in the paper again for someone new which I did. The ad hit and calls came in. But this time things were different. Even though the ad said this was for a Christian ministry, I had all kinds of wackos calling me! Including those in the cults, Catholicism and more! I learned a long time ago to never hire anyone who was not a true born-again Christian. So I kept a list of the Christians and started interviewing them. Even tried hiring some but that‘s when other crazy stuff happened. Many couldn‘t make it here because their car broke down or other emergencies came up. I realized this ministry was being hindered by Satan and his demons. This is why last month‘s newsletters and 30 Club went out late. Also, there may have been things requested that never made it to them. If you are one of them, please do let me know.

When I first got saved in 1974 and moved into the upper room of a Christian coffee house in Mariposa, California I learned early on we had authority over Satan and his demons. I was only weeks old in the Lord when I cast 14 demons out of a 16 year old girl who had been involved in the occult. A few months later after I saw how Satan had so many strongholds in that town I got mad at him and decided to drive off to a remote place to confront him. When I got there that night I shouted out “in the name of Jesus Christ I command you Satan to appear.” I thought he would show up as some 60 foot high monster to scare me but he didn‘t. He appeared as a cat. A black cat. He hissed and spit at me and I proceeded to bind him in Jesus‘ name from the entire town of Mariposa and the people in it and ordered him to leave that town! That cat with Satan in him continued to spit and hiss at me until I commanded him to get out of there! Just as he appeared, he disappeared. I think he was glad to do so! Most Christians don‘t deal with the demonic realm as the need to because they‘re afraid to. Don‘t be! That‘s what he wants! I‘ve had more happen to me this Summer not mentioned here including even now, water is building up in my body making me extremely weak and tired This is probably congested heart failure, I‘ve lost most of my eyesight which I‘d like to get back with or without glasses, and more things you can think of. So, how was your Summer? After being beaten down so hard and for so long I have become weakened and in need of help from all of you guys! I need not only your prayers for myself and this ministry but also to take the authority already given you through the name of Jesus and do some binding and casting down, out and away of Satan and his demons. And don‘t forget to include my new girl Alexis and her family and of course Dudley who gets the programs to the radio stations. And don‘t stop there! Cover yourselves and any unsaved family and friends, your church and pastor, and go on from there! And this just can‘t be for a one time event, but every day! Maybe throughout the day! You‘d be surprised what a prayer warrior can do! And it is now essential for this late hour! Even the evening TV news has been reporting how so much more evil is happening! It does appear there‘s more demonic activity than ever before!

That demon possessed man that shot and killed those 11 Jews in that synagogue in Pittsburg could not have done what he did if his demons were bound in the name of Jesus. Remember what Jesus taught? The kingdom of heaven is likened unto a man who went on a far journey and left authority with his servants. That‘s you guys!

Another Harry Potter Film?

Can you believe that another Harry Potter film is set to be released on November 16th 2018? You might  want to prepare your church for this attack against our children. You might want to pick up the DVD titled Harry Potter: Witchcraft Repackaged, available for a gift of any amount this month.

6 Easy Steps to starting a cult

My friend emailed this to me from The Babylon Bee website Unfortunately this is the formula that Satan uses in many of the mainstream cults.

Starting a cult is a dream for many. The followers, the fame, the fortune (as L. Ron Hubbard famously said: “If you want to get rich, start a religion!”). But it‘s so hard to know where to begin, is it not? It is. Lucky for you, we at The Babylon Bee have started our own fair share of cults. So follow these basic tips and your cult will
be the most successful one since Scientology.

1.) Get a private revelation from God. Go to a cave, the middle of the woods, the international space station— anywhere you can get some peace and quiet. Then just ask God, as he exists in your mind, to give you some breathtaking new revelation no one has ever heard before. IMPORTANT: if you don‘t receive such revelation, just make something up.

2.) Tell all the women they have to marry you or they’re going to hell. It‘s important early on to make sure you get as many ladies into your harem as possible. This allows you to jump-start your religion with thousands of children and grow your obviously God-favored family tree—plus you become the biggest player on the block. Score!

3.) Move all your disciples to a remote compound in Antarctica. Find an abandoned research station or exploration outpost, charter a cruise ship, and shuttle all your devout, brainwashed followers to the remote icy wastes at the feet of the mountains of madness. This way, no pesky outsiders can begin to unravel your carefully woven web of deceit with logic or reason. Be sure to maintain an active YouTube channel to lure more and more followers to your “paradise.”

4.) Make sure no one checks your teachings against the Bible. If anyone on your cult‘s compound so much as
mentions the Bible, shoot them on sight. You can‘t afford to have all your hard work come crumbling down just because some loser decided to use “discernment” all of a sudden. You‘re probably gonna want to take away everyone‘s internet access, because that Bible stuff is EVERYWHERE nowadays.

5.) Throw in some really wacky beliefs, just to see how much you can get away with. Try to keep a straight face as you tell your followers that an ancient galactic warlord named Xenu blew up millions of humans in a combination volcano hydrogen bomb explosion 75 million years ago, that God resides on the planet Kolob with his spirit wives, or that on the other side of a faithful death lies an extraterrestrial spacecraft following Comet Hale–Bopp. Basically, if your teachings sound exactly like an episode of Battlestar Galactica and
people still believe you, you know you‘ve got ‘em right where you want ‘em.

6.) Roll around in your piles of money. Now, it‘s time to relax as you profit off your wild deceptions. Your eternity might not be all that enjoyable now that you‘ve deceived thousands or even millions of people, so enjoy the good life while you can. You‘ve earned it!

Jim Rickards

Jim Rickards is a well know financial advisor who has been predicting since March that on or around  November 6th. That Donald Trump will reinstate the gold standard. I have a hard time believing this but should this happen; experts are speculating gold will rise to around $10,000 per ounce!

There goes Sears

142 Sears stores are going out of business and filing for bankruptcy.

Hurricane Matthew

How often does a 500 year storm come along? Every 500 years, right? Then why have there been 26 in the  last 10 years? Doesn‘t anyone get it yet?

First Man


It was in the 1950‘s. Our children in classrooms across the
nation were practicing duck & cover exercises. With no
notice the teacher would announce “Duck & Cover” and every
child would immediately scramble to get under their desk.
Fear ran through America. Multitudes of Americans had built
bomb shelters in their back yards. Why? Because of the
impending danger that Russia was about to destroy America
and take over our country. And there was nothing we could
do about it! Russia was far ahead of America when it came to missiles and the space race. They were the first ones to orbit anything around the Earth. They were the first to orbit an animal around the Earth. It was a German Sheppard. It was called Sputnik. They were the first to put anything on the moon and America had reason to fear. So our government created a think tank of leaders on how bring America back into a place of feeling safe again. So they got together and decided if there was a way to make Russia believe we were
superior to them, that if we could retaliate and destroy Russia, they would surely not attack. So America devised a plan to stage a show of our superiority. We staged the show of putting man on the moon. Of course, all of America would need to be deceived as well. So in 1969 the hoax of the century took place! The whole world watched on as we put the first men on the moon. At least we thought we did! And the hoax worked! Russia became no longer a threat to America. They would no longer attack us in fear that we would retaliate. It‘s been many years since then yet the lie continues. Just released is the new film titled “First Man.”

It‘s about Neil Armstrong and his life becoming the first man on the moon. Even the Russians now know what we did yet most Americans still have no clue. That is unless you see another film made by Christians exposing the whole lie. It‘s Called: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon. With the evidence from this DVD you will be able to prove to anyone the moon landing was indeed a hoax. Available for a gift of any amount this month. Just ask for it by name. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon. 

Something to think about

Many were disappointed the rapture did not happen at the end of the 70 year anniversary of Israel becoming a nation. There is no mention of a 71 year anniversary in Scripture. Perhaps the rapture could take place  before the 71 year mark.

Flu Season is Upon Us! So Now What!

There are many concerns about the effectiveness and safety of the flu shot. One great alternative to that is the use of Colloidal Silver. This can act as an alternative to antibiotics, stimulate the immune system, help with wound healing, and prevent and treat diseases like cancer, eye infections, pneumonia, and the FLU! All with no side effects! We still have our Colloidal Silver generators available for $44. Comes with everything you need including instructions and a DVD. All you will need is a glass of water.

30 Club…

We still have our 30 club available and anyone wishing to support this ministry with a gift of $30 or more each month may start receiving all the DVD‘s we air each month. So just let me know when you write if you would like to become a part of our 30 club. This really helps to pay for our air time.

Free CD or DVD on the Cults…

Perhaps you have a heart like mine wishing to reach out to those in the cults which includes Catholicism or any world religion but just can‘t afford the tools to help. If you could really use a CD or DVD to help, you can pick out any 1 CD or DVD from our resource list and we‘ll send it to you absolutely free! Just give us its title and resource number. And feel free to make copies and share with others!

Ending Note…

Thank you again ever so much to those who help keep this ministry going through your prayers and support! Both of which are greatly needed and greatly appreciated in this late hour.

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