A Nation in Decline

I have to wonder if anyone else has noticed there is plenty going on that just doesn’t make sense lately.
I happened along something recently that helped me with that a bunch that I thought might be worth sharing with others and considering more as well. What I stumbled on was an article and about caring for those who have reached the age of mental and cognative decline and the stresses involved in dealing with such on a day to day level. I noticed right away that the symtoms were not only those of suffering mental and cognative decline but of our nation to a large part and especially our leadership. It was curious as well that while still having a good level of intellegence and experience the decline in cognition short circuits the functionability of the persons.

One of the things I was struck by was a well known thing. And that is that those who become the care givers of such are highly succeptable to experiencing mental decline as well. It is well known occupational hazard in the field of care providers for those experiencing mental decline. That happens for many reasons it turns out and with out deliberate mental and emotional and even physical separation it is highly likely to occur.

As I pondered on such throughout the day I realized how much of the function and structure of US society is in such a state of cognative decline. I’ll let you ponder on such in your own situations, adding the idea to your considertions of the social enviroment around us I have noticed helps it make more sense.

With that addition to my observations of the landscape and horizon around us I realized that a day is comming, probably sooner than we think, when there will be a need for those who can clean up, fix up, and organize what survives the passage of this era in the US. Knowing what to keep, salvage and discard from a dead past is something that is likely better considered before that time comes than after in many ways, not to mention lessening the stresses of such.

Along those lines I happened to drive through what was at one time a thriving neighborhood that had become a run down crime ridden area, and to my surprise it was once again a thriving and attractive place. That is something to consider for the tasks ahead of us. More on this to come I’m sure……

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