Navigating Paradox

Nothing weakens humanity more than paradox in my opinion.
And something I think the internet has been able to do so successfully that it could end modern civilization as we know it is the ability to spread paradox un hindered to the point of contagion and malignancy.
Thankfully for those who can see the danger of a world of endless paradox there is the Word of God. Which in so many ways one of the only means of navigating the mass insanity of a world trapped in endless paradox.
It predicts, tracks and records the outcomes of how to deal with it sucessfully and un-sucessfully as well I believe.

Of course a subject such as this can become an endless conversation and that is not my intention. I only want to help those who realise it and how much it hinders and weakens humanity and let other know that the Bible is a book that is all about avoiding the black hole of paradox.

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