About Cultivate Ministries

For over twenty years Jim Zilonka has been exposing the pitfalls of the Cults the New Age Movement and False Teachings in many of today’s churches.

Jim  Zilonka grew up as a Mormon but today is a born again Christian and expert on Cults and The New Age movement.

Cultivate Radio is a daily 15 minute broadcast. Jim Zilonka hosts and produces the show from his kitchen table in his cabin high in the Colorado Rockies. Jim normally tackles what many in Christian broadcasting consider the tough subjects, the cults and false teachings. Jim also occasionally exposes suppressed information of various sorts to his audience.

The unique format and subjects of Cultivate Radio are not easily exposed without controversy and some degree of risk. Despite the risks and controversy involved Jim has brought the truth to his listeners for over twenty years. This commitment to the lost has yielded much eternal fruit, and freedom for many trapped in the Cults and New Age Movement as well as those misguided by false teachings accepted in many of today’s churches.

Jim is one of the last ex-Mormons with a daily radio show in the world getting the truth out. The Mormon belief in blood atonement ( the shedding of ones own blood for salvation from sins against the Mormon church ) is an ever present threat to those who leave Mormonism and especially those who expose its secret and non public teachings. Also many cults and false religious systems have fought vigorously to have the show removed from the radio and have proven to be a fruitful spiritual as well a physical battle for Jim over the years.

The Cultivate Ministries Newsletter is a free monthly newsletter Jim publishes monthly for listeners and includes broadcast updates and information about subjects Jim feels are important for his listeners to be aware of in these days. The newsletter is also available to subscribers via e-mail or online.

Cultivate Resources Jim offers a wealth of information on the subjects the ministry addresses gained from over twenty years of “frontline” service to Christ through those in the Cults and other false teachings. Jim’s background as a Mormon and study under the late Dr. Walter Martin and his deep commitment to Christ and heart for the lost have provided the foundation for his ministry and the resources it offers.

Seminars and Speaking. Many have come to know of Jim Zilonka and Cultivate Ministries through various seminars, speaking engagements and outreach programs in which Jim hosts, leads and participates.

Jim is a dynamic, talented,  knowledgeable and “down to earth” speaker who has the gifts, knowledge and practical experience to help reach out to the lost and ensnared around us in a new or deeper love. Flowing from his own commitment to Christ and experiences Jim gives others the tools and encouragement to help them fulfill the commission Christ has given all his followers, and to also help them to be always ready to give an answer for the hope of Christ within them.

Jim’s broad and practical experience with various groups and subjects has been a great service to many in addressing churches, conferences, retreats, study groups, youth groups and organizing and leading cult, new age and false religion outreach programs throughout the nation.

Contact Jim personally at (719) 630-1222 to find out how Jim Zilonka can help you reach out in love to these victims of the enemies of Christ around you.

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