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Greetings in Jesus…!

I can hardly believe we’ve jumped into February already! And we are now in the Jewish calendar month of Shevat which changes into the month of Adar on February 18th. It is interesting to me that we find two places in the Bible referring to a generation. One is 40 years and the other is 70 years. In 1988 there was much talk about the rapture. But that time which was 40 years after Israel became a nation has come and gone. We are now 70 years after Israel became a nation. This was announced to have taken place on May 14th 1948. So, from May 1948 to May 2018 is 70 years right? Yet in what appears to be a late hour I see different dates coming in from many of the watchmen for the Church who have been doing their best to bring fourth this type of information. That’s OK and should be expected in this late hour as I have seen so many watchmen for the Church have been dropping like flies in recent years. The following comes from Pastor Mark Biltz who discovered the 4 blood moons coming before anyone else and other prophetic signs. Please keep in mind Satan has been attacking all watchmen for the Church more than ever in recent times. Myself included so your prayers are deeply appreciated. This came from an email he sent to me as we were entering January of this year.

Shalom one and all!

Can you believe this year is over?! Here we are in the month of Tevet about to enter the year 2018 which I believe, beyond a doubt, will be one of the most eye opening prophetic years in history! Hold onto your shorts! It is the Hebrew year 5778 and we know the number 8 speaks of new beginnings. In another few months we will be celebrating the 70th anniversary of Israel becoming a nation! On the Gregorian calendar it was on May 5th 1948 and on the Biblical calendar it was on the 5th of Iyar. In 2018 the 5th of Iyar is on April 20th so that is when they will be celebrating it in Israel.

We know from Ecclesiastes 3 that God has a purpose and a time for everything! We need to be on God’s calendar having an understanding of Israel who is God’s timepiece. We want to be as the tribe of Issachar who had an understanding of the times so they knew what to do according to God’s calendar. We do not want to be like the religious leaders who Yeshua rebuked in Luke 12 that did not know how to interpret the times they were living in.

We know from Luke 17 that the time before Messiahs coming will be as in the days of Lot. Lot represents the leaders of the clueless church. Whereas Abraham represents the remnant which God informs ahead of time about what is coming. During Lot’s generation society was judged because of sexual immorality – look at what is happening today!

Luke 17 also tells us those days will also be as the days of Noah. Well, Genesis 6 tells us during Noah’s life the world was filled with violence which sure sounds like our day! Look at all the violence happening around the world.

Luke 21 also tells us there will also be signs in the sun, moon and stars of which there have been plenty! Earthquakes will abound as well as plagues, hurricanes and the distress of nations.

Matthew 24 tells us ethnic group will rise against ethnic group and there will be wars and rumors of wars. Most significantly it speaks of the blossoming of the fig tree referring to Israel becoming a nation! Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the retaking of Jerusalem is also highly significant as well. We are definitely in the birth pangs before the coming of the Messiah. The bible says the generation that sees all these events will not pass till the Messiah comes. We are that generation! Israel was to be God’s timepiece.

Many wonder how long a generation is. Let’s look at the different possibilities and let’s see where we land. Noah’s generation was given 120 years and this year was the 120th year of the first Zionist congress in 1897. In Genesis 15 we are told that a generation is 100 years. Well, it has been 100 years this year from the Balfour Declaration proclaiming there should be a nation of Israel. What about 70 yrs as Psalms 90 implies that is how long a generation is. Well, 70 yrs ago Israel became a nation! What about 50 yrs? That is how long the Jubilee cycle is. Well, as mentioned earlier we are celebrating the jubilee anniversary of the retaking of Jerusalem! No matter how you cut it whether it is 120, 100, 70, 50 everything lines up to by the end of this next year we are closing the doors on the definition of a generation. It has been mentioned in publications that our current President is similar to the ancient King Cyrus.

Interestingly Cyrus died at 70 yrs old and our President took office at 70 yrs old picking up the baton where it was left off. Also he is our 45th president and look at Isaiah 45:1 “Thus says the LORD to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have held, to subdue nations before him, and strip kings of their armor; to open the doors before him, and the gates shall not be shut:”

Amazingly Cyrus is mentioned by name here prophetically as he was not born until a over a hundred years later!

We know all about fake news, the nations being upset because of the Jewish building expansion of the city of Jerusalem, and moving our embassy to Jerusalem. We also, have all heard of the “Deep State” well, with all this in mind check out the verses just before, in Isaiah 44. Isaiah 44:24-28 Thus says the LORD, your Redeemer, and he who formed you from the womb: “I am the LORD, who makes all things; who alone stretches out the heavens; who spreads out the earth by myself; who frustrates the signs of the liars, and makes diviners mad; who turns wise men backward, and makes their knowledge foolish; who confirms the word of his servant, and performs the counsel of his messengers; who says of Jerusalem, ‘She will be inhabited;’ and of the cities of Judah, ‘They will be built,‘ and ‘I will raise up its waste places;’ who says to the Deep, ‘Be dry,’ and ‘I will dry up your rivers;’ Who says of Cyrus, ‘He is my shepherd, and shall perform all my pleasure,’ even saying of Jerusalem, ‘She will be built;’ and of the temple, ‘Your foundation will be laid.'” Could we also hear of the foundation of a Temple being laid this next year?! Only time will tell!!

Pastor Mark

Jedi religion much like others, rabbi concludes
‘These are all about the eternal struggle between good versus evil’

There’s a new religion arising in Western nations – Jediism – based on the “Star Wars” movies. Its existence was noted in 2001 when, in a British census, thousands of citizens wrote it in as their belief system. By 2010 there were 400,000 “Jedis” in the United Kingdom, putting it in the top five of all religions there. Now there are 53,000 in New Zealand, 70,000 in Australia and 55,000 in Canada. In 2015, the Temple of the Jedi Order in Texas was registered and granted tax-exempt status by the U.S. government. Rabbi Shimon Apisdorf believes Jediism has the attributes of established religions. “There is a phenomenon of books and films that have totally captured the public’s attention: Tolkien, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Narnia,” Apisdorf said in an interview with Breaking Israel News. “These are all about the eternal struggle between good versus evil, dark versus light.” Apisdorf was interviewed by Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, a writer for BIN who has studied Jewish law and received rabbinical ordination in Israel. His report comes as the newest installment of the movie series that dates back to the 1970s, “The Last Jedi,” is in movie theaters. In its first couple of weeks, the movie has taken in an estimated $900 million, including $465 million 2 in North America. It likely will end as 2017’s biggest release, above “Beauty and the Beast,” which had $504 million for its opening. Berkowitz said that while millions are packing theaters to see the entertainment, Jediism “is slowly gaining adherents around the world.” There is no official founder or central structure, but Jediism does have actual temples and an ordained clergy loosely connected by websites. Their belief system is based on the observance of the Force, a ubiquitous and metaphysical power believed to be the underlying, fundamental nature of the universe,” he explained. He said Apisdorf, a teacher of Jewish spirituality and award-winning author, “believes that the motives that drive people to this movement are similar to the motives that drive people to conventional religions.” “This movie was the first time the word religion was used to describe Jedi as a religion,” Apisdorf told BIN. “We see that the dark side is involved with conquering death, which is what seduced Annakin.” Berkowitz said Apisdorf emphasized that while Jewish eschatology also includes resurrection of the dead, it is quite different than the Jedi version. “The dark side in Judaism is when you go for the right goal but using the wrong method or at the wrong time,” the rabbi told Berkowitz. “Conquering death without connecting to God will only bring darkness. Moshiach (Messiah) conquers death but it includes God, so it is the ultimate good.”He also explained he sees some eastern religion influences in Jediism, including Taoism, Shintoism and Buddhism. Jewish tradition holds those religions come from Ketura, Abraham’s second wife, Apisdorf said. “The sages teach that the gifts (from Abraham to his children with Ketura) were actually from the power of the dark side but were not intended to cause them harm,” he said. “Everything is manifest from God: good and evil.” Jediism’s tenets are focus, knowledge and wisdom.

I truly believe what Satan is doing today is pushing the people in this world and of this world to look to UFOs and alien abductions to explain away the rapture of the Church. Why do you think he would be doing this unless he believes this event is soon?

What about Google Home?

Are we being spied on by Google? Around Christmas I heard of some problems with certain dolls that remained online. Word is that hackers could hack into your kids doll and hear you in the background. I don’t know why anyone would want to hack in a doll to listen to your little girls conversation. There are new toys also made available around Christmas that turn out to be great learning tools for adults and children both alike. For instance the Amazon Echo, and the Google Home. I picked up a Google Home from Wal-mart for 29$.This is a small round speaker you can put on your kitchen table and anytime you have a question, whether it be about math, the weather, or pretty much anything else, you can ask it and it will answer your question. There are no monthly charges but you have to have an internet connection and an Android or IOS device. Which means either a tablet, Smartphone, IPod, or IPad, etc. You cannot do it on a computer. I was quite impressed with this gadget. If I want to know what the weather is in Anchorage, Alaska it would know. Virtually anything you can look up online it can do. The only thing it knows about me is my first name and the town where I live, so I can ask it for a four day forecast of my area and it would tell me. It also plays whatever kind of music you may like. Even different types of gospel! Now many of us are subscribed to music on TV of at least 50 stations including oldies going back to the forty’s. But this little device reaches back to the thirties and twenties as well. I guess there was no way to record music before then. Now some people are concerned that like the dolls that someone can hack in and listen to you speak, again I don’t know anyone would want to do this, but this device comes with a mute button on the speaker so no one can listen in. It also helps with spelling. We asked it, “OK Google how do you spell antidisestablishmentarianism?” and it spelled correctly!! Anyone would have a ball using this for hours! If you are worried about somebody listening in just turn off the speaker button! I know we have a lot of big brother issues, but I really don’t see this as dangerous. For 29$ you may want to pick one up!

The Flu Epidemic

As you know we have been hit this year with a major Flu epidemic. The problem is many who got flu shots still caught the flu. This is because there is more than one strain of the flu virus. The flu kills about 36,000 people a year according to the CDC. Out of this 36,000 that died how many had to? Not one!! Not to mention the millions more that caught the flu and didn’t die. Not one person had to catch any of those flu viruses! Why? According to the UCLA medical department colloidal silver killed every virus tested in the lab, over 650 of them!! So anyone taking colloidal silver did not have to suffer from one virus period! But for some reason this information is still being highly suppressed. That is why I recently aired the information on colloidal silver, and made colloidal silver generators available not for $200 or $300 dollars like some are doing online, but at cost for only $44. These colloidal silver generators will generate up to $5000 in colloidal silver (going by health store prices). The colloidal silver has no bad side effects either! Can you imagine that there is such a simple substance that kills every known virus to man and no one knowing about it? That is just crazy! If you haven’t yet obtained yourself a colloidal silver generator, we have them available for $44. You get three 9-volt batteries, two 99.9% pure silver strips, wiring, and instructions both in print and on DVD. All you need is water! Please tell others about these kits as well. You may also order online at our website: www.cultivateministries.org.

What is the TRUE ORIGIN of Valentine’s Day?

What is the origin of Valentine’s Day customs and symbols? Does God care that we celebrate it? Though hearts and roses are red, retailers and business owners see the green of MONEY when it comes to celebrating the holiday. Below are some fast facts about the Valentine’s holiday. The celebrating of Valentine’s Day ranks number in the United States in chocolate candy sales. Annual spending in 2016 for the holiday was more than 13 billion dollars. U.S. consumers spend an average of around $116 on gifts and merchandise. Teachers receive the most Valentine’s cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, and then sweethearts. Children ages 6 to 10 exchange more than 650 million cards with teachers, classmates, and family members. Additionally, 196 million roses are produced to celebrate the holiday. How did we get the day? In 313 A.D., Roman Emperor Constantine the Great legalized Christianity and ended Rome’s persecution of Christians. In 380 A.D., Christianity becomes the OFFICIAL state religion of the Roman Empire. These actions not only enabled the teachings of Christianity 3 to spread unhindered within the empire, it encouraged nonChristians to convert to the once-persecuted religion. The pagans, however, who adopted Christianity as their religion did not entirely abandon the traditions and practices they held before their “conversion.” One of these traditions brought into the church was the fertility celebration known as the Lupercalia, which eventually became the Valentine’s holiday. “Yet the vestiges of superstition were not absolutely obliterated, and the festival of the Lupercalia, whose origin had preceded the foundation of Rome, was still celebrated under the reign of Anthemius.” “After the conversion of the Imperial city (Rome), the Christians still continued, in the month of February, the annual celebration of the Lupercalia . Twenty-four years after the death of Emperor Anthemius, a “Christianized” form of the festival of Lupercalia was officially adopted by the church as a time to honor Saint Valentine. “Early Christians were happier with the idea of a holiday (Valentine’s) honoring the saint of romantic causes than with one recognizing a pagan festival. In 496 A.D., Pope Gelasius named February 14 in honor of St. Valentine as the patron saint of lovers. ” (How Valentine’s Day Works, Apr. 1, 2000, retrieved Jan. 11, 2011) February 14th as the day to honor this “saint” (the Catholic Church currently recognizes at least three different martyred saints named Valentine or Valentinus) stayed on the church’s Calendar of Saints until 1969 A.D. Pope Paul VI removed it from the calendar. What was the festival of Lupercalia?

The Lupercalia festival was partly in honor of Lupa, the she-wolf who (according to legend) nursed the infant orphans Romulus and Remus. Roman legend states that Romulus and Remus founded the city of Rome in 753 B.C. The pagan festival was also in honor of the Roman god Lupercus who was the god of shepherds. Lupercus was Rome’s equivalent to the Greek god Pan. The link between the Lupercalia, fertility, and romance in general is evident in the festivities that occurred during the celebrations (Valentine’s Day, History Channel web site, retrieved Jan. 10, 2011).The Greek historian Plutarch (c. 46 to 120 A.D.) also describes the Lupercalia and its relationship to fertility. The second-century Christian apologist Justin Martyr further links the worship of pagan gods to the Lupercalia when he writes of an image of “the Lycaean god, whom the Greeks call Pan and the Romans Lupercus,” who is nude save for a girdle of goatskin, which stood in the Lupercal, the cave where Romulus and Remus were suckled by a she-wolf. Valentine’s Day Symbols: Red Roses Red roses were the favorite flower of Venus, the Roman goddess of love. Red is also a color that signifies strong feelings. Cupid in Roman mythology, Cupid is the god of desire, affection, and erotic love. Cupid today appears shooting his bow to inspire romantic love. The Heart: It is unclear the origin of the familiar heart shape used for Valentine’s celebration. One possibility involves the now-extinct North African plant silphium. The city-state of Cyrene had a lucrative trade in the plant, which looks just like the heart shape used in modern times. Does it MATTER? Does it matter that the church adopted an ancient festival used to worship pagan gods and promote fertility to worship the God of the Bible? Does God really CARE what customs are used to worship and honor Him or whether or not we celebrate the Valentine’s holiday? Notice the following warning God gave to ancient Israel. “When the Lord your God cuts off from before you the nations which you go to dispossess, and you displace them and dwell in their land, take heed to yourself that you are not ensnared to follow them, after they are destroyed from before you, and that you do not inquire after their gods, saying, ‘HOW DID THESE NATIONS SERVE THEIR GODS? I ALSO WILL DO LIKEWISE.’ ” “You shall NOT worship the Lord your God in that way; for every abomination to the Lord which He hates they have done to their gods . . . ” (Deuteronomy 12:29-31, NKJV) Note that the issue in this passage is NOT the worship of other gods. The warning is to not adopt CUSTOMS used to worship or honor other gods in order to serve and worship the true God. The true origin of Valentine’s Day and its symbols are rooted in the worship of false gods. It has no Biblical basis. Those who celebrate the holiday and consider themselves believers in the God of the Bible need to take a prayerful look at what they are doing.

Here are 28 reasons why, even if the end of the
world doesn’t come, preppers will still benefit from prepping.

1. PREPPING SAVES MONEY. If you believe in being frugal in any way, and see it wise to save money for your future or the future of your children, prepping is taking those savings one huge step further. Having a stockpile at home ensure you won’t have to pay full price again for items that go on sale – you’ll be fine holding off until the next time you see a discount. And if you’re into being completely off the grid, you’ll be saving money on groceries, electricity, water bills, and all the rest of your utilities for years to come!
2. PREPPING PREVENTS WASTE. Hate to see things thrown away just because they’re a little old? Don’t like throwing out items that may be useful in the future, even though you’ll never go so far as to be a hoarder? You’re probably already a prepper at heart. If it’s useful and you might need it, save it!
3. PREPPING CAN HELP YOU STAY FIT. While not every prepper will get fit working on their preps, if you’re working on specific preps, like gardening, chopping wood, and hunting, you’re much more likely to stay in shape, especially if you work on them on a regular basis.
4. HEDGES AGAINST INFLATION. Whether or not you like it, prices for everyday goods – food, household supplies, toiletries, etc. – will go up over time due to inflation. A stockpile will provide a hedge against this economic inflation.
5. ECONOMIC DEPRESSIONS. Sure, there may not be a worldwide or even national financial crisis that wipes out the economy as we know it in one fell swoop, but that doesn’t mean that another depression won’t do some serious damage to your network of friends and family. Keep the ones you love safe by preparing before things start getting bad.
6. NATURAL DISASTERS. From floods to earthquakes to terrible snow storms and more – natural disasters happen and you absolutely cannot do anything to prevent them from taking place. The best thing you can do for yourself and for your family is to prepare for the worst: have a plan and some preps ready in case a natural disaster comes your way.
7. HOUSE FIRES. It’s a terrible thing to think about, but it certainly could happen. If you’ve prepared in advance, you’ll have copies of your important documents in other locations, and while the loss will still be significant, it won’t be devastating.
8. POWER OUTAGES. These are especially bad if you happen to live in a city or town that gets very cold in the winter, and if that’s when the electrical grid happens to go down. There was a situation when the Toronto power grid went down leaving everybody with no electricity (or heat!) for 5 nights and 4 days. Not pleasant, and any additional preparations go very far in situations like these.
9. EVACUATION. There are times where a town or city needs to be completely evacuated. What happens to you then? Do you have a bug out bag in your car ready in case of an emergency like this? If not, what will you do for food and water?
10. VEHICLE PROBLEMS. Cars break down. Trucks do, too. What happens if you’re stranded on the side of a pretty deserted highway with no phone reception and no snacks or extra water bottles in the trunk. You’re going to really wish you had some extra food and water packed. And if you live someplace cold and there just happens to be a winter storm, well you’re straight out of luck if you didn’t bring some extra blankets as well.
11. SURVIVAL SITUATIONS. That car scenario could go from being bad (waiting a number of hours) to worse (waiting a number of days) if no one shows up looking for you because they don’t realize you’re missing, and no cars drive by any time soon. Survival situations don’t just happen to wayward campers who got lost wandering off, away from their base: they can happen to city-dwellers, too. And bug out bag in your vehicle along with some emergency food and water supplies could really go a long way to making sure you stay alive until you’re rescued.
12. DEALING WITH MINOR FINANCIAL EMERGENCIES 4 BECOMES A BREEZE. Roof leaking? Got a flat tire? No problem. That emergency cash stockpile will help you get by without even breaking a sweat.
13. DEALING WITH MAJOR FINANCIAL EMERGENCIES IS MUCH EASIER. Car completely broke down and you need a new one to be able to get to work and pay the bills? Dropping all that cash unexpectedly will likely be a little rough, but it certainly won’t be as bad as if you hadn’t prepared for a financial emergency at all. You can use the emergency funds saved up and live off your food stockpile for a while to cut down on grocery bills.
14. SECURITY AGAINST JOB LOSS. Sure your job seems quite stable today, but who knows what could happen down the line? What happens to you if a year or two from now, your company needs to downsize or goes out of business? Prepping allows you to be secure even if you lose that job you’ve held for years.
15. SECURITY AGAINST UNDEREMPLOYMENT. Similarly, just in case you temporarily can’t get enough work hours to be able to put food on the table anymore, those garden and food stockpile preps will really come in handy.
16. HEALTH PROBLEMS. If the main earner in the family begins suffering from health issues and can no longer work, your preps will easily be able to hold you over until you can figure out what to do next.
17. DEATH OF A FAMILY MEMBER. No one wants to think about it, but if for some absolutely terrible reason, the main earner in your family passes away, what will happen to your family? Prepping can protect you from having an awful situation get even worse.
18. NEVER NEED TO GO TO BED HUNGRY. Grocery store closed early? Left work very late and can’t afford expensive take out? Your food preps will make sure you never go to bed hungry.
19. NEVER RUN OUT OF HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES. Similarly, if you’ve got a huge stockpile of household supplies ready, you’ll never run out of toilet paper, tissue paper, hygiene products, etc. – not even if there’s a severe snow storm that could last for days. You’ve got it all at home already, so you’re set.
20. HELPS YOU BECOME INDEPENDENT. You won’t need government support and you certainly won’t need to run to your family or friends for help if you’re prepping. If you’ve got your garden and livestock preps set, you won’t even care if the grocery store closes. If the worst happens, you can handle it.
21. ALLOWS YOU TO HELP FAMILY AND FRIENDS (WITHOUT GOING BROKE). Just because you won’t need help, doesn’t mean others won’t. Sometimes family and friends will have emergencies that you’ll really want to aid them with. If you’re on solid footing yourself, it will be no problem for you to lend them a hand, whether that’s financially or with some support via gifting them some of your stockpiled supplies and food.
22. RETIREMENT CAN BE EASIER TO COME BY. Retirement is something you have to plan ahead for. If you weren’t thinking about it until a few years before you turned 65, chances are, you really aren’t going to get the chance to retire at 65 after all. If you’ve been preparing for retirement for a long time, you’ll get that chance, and maybe even much earlier than you expected. Depends on how self-sufficient you can get yourself to be.
23. BUILDS SELF-CONFIDENCE. Think about it. Even if the worst happens, you and your family will still be okay. What’s not to be confident about!
24. GIVES YOU PEACE OF MIND. Similarly, if you’re confident you’re able to withstand nearly anything that life can throw your way, you’ll sleep much better at night.
25. SENSE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT. You’re not wasting your days in front of the TV after work hours. You’re using it to plan ahead and prepare for the future. You’re using your extra time to provide an enormous safety net both for yourself and your family. That’s nothing to take lightly – it’s serious accomplishment.
26. HELPS BRING FAMILIES CLOSER TOGETHER. It’s a pretty obvious observation – families that prep together seem to be a lot more connected than those that do not. And why wouldn’t they be? More time spent together prepping is valuable bonding time, on top of being valuable education for the kids.
27. PASSING ON THE PREPPER MINDSET HELPS GENERATIONS TO COME. Along similar lines, since you’ve benefited so much from prepping, if you’re passing on your skills and knowledge to your children, you’re also helping them benefit from prepping in the very same way. Since they’ll likely teach their children how to prep as well, what you’re doing is essentially helping to assure that your children’s children’s children will have the security brought about by the prepper lifestyle; quite a gift to give your descendants.
28. ULTIMATELY, PREPPING BRINGS FREEDOM. With enough preps under your belt, your independence will translate into a great deal of freedom. With an adequate garden and some livestock, a stockpile of household supplies, as well as a financial emergency fund prepped, you can even quit your day job if you want to.

The Dangers of LED Lights

Do you remember when your parents yelled at you for sitting too close to the TV? Well there really is something to that. Now when these LED started showing up, I thought it was great: much brighter light, and much less expensive. I even re-did my cabin with LED’s everywhere. But it turns out there if a frequency within the blue spectrum and those are very bad for your eyes. It is not so much because you are using them to shed light on something to see better, that is not a problem. The problem is when you stare at them hours on end like in your computer or TV. Studies have shown that blue LED light can irreparably damage the cells in the eye’s retina. Light was made to shine upon something for you to see it better, but not to be looked at directly. When God made the Sun to give us light, it was the perfect light for seeing things much better, but you are not to stare at the Sun because it will blind you. The problem is it is not being reported on, so people still look at their computers and TV’s for long periods of time and that is what is causing the damage. Is there an answer for the problem? Yes in two ways! You can go online and look for special glasses that block the bad frequency of the blue light. They can be purchased at your local optometrist. In case you lose your glasses as often as I do there is a film you can purchase to place on your computer or TV set. It is called blue light screen protector panel. I found these online with Wal-Mart, but not in the Wal-Mart stores, if this helps. Make sure to measure your screens and order accordingly. But whatever you do, do something to keep this dangerous blue light from affecting your retinas!! You can also get small pieces and stick them on your glasses.

Ending Note…

Thank you again ever so much to those who help keep this ministry going through your prayers and support! Both of which are greatly needed and greatly appreciated in this late hour.
Yours because His:



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