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December,  2016
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Greetings in Jesus…!

First, I just need to say thank you so much to those of you who have been helping this ministry continue through your prayers and gifts of support! Especially those of you who are on our 30 Club who receive everything aired on DVDs each month. You guys really help with a consistency of finances which enables me to pay for the airtime each month. Also, to those who send in a little something whenever you receive this newsletter. And last but not least, those of you who pray for my safety and the continuance of this ministry. Without such, this ministry would have been taken out a long time ago. Again, thank you ever so much!

Trump, Brexit and The Rapture -Compass International

I caught a lot of static over the last few months predicting Donald Trump could win the Presidency. “Wishful thinking” was a common response. “Delusional” was also quite common. Others cringed at the thought of someone with such an unbridled tongue being President. But from the time I heard Trump speak in NYC in June, I was convinced he could pull it off. It was going to take someone outside the the status-quo political arena to break the Satanic hold on our nation. The last thing we needed was another politician–from either party! Any other Republican candidate like Cruz, Rubio, Carson, Bush, etc. (take your pick), would have lost and Clinton would now be setting up her evil cabinet.

1612cIt took a non-politically-correct man who had the money and the brass stones to withstand over $100 million in negative ads in swing states alone. I, like you, winced at every new sinful revelation the liberals found. But I continued to argue that this was not about how much sin is in one’s life. Jesus said: He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone …” John 8:7 And John wrote: “If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us.” 1John 1: So Trump’s business and personal life were easy marks for the liberal media upon which to unleash their venomous attacks. Even decades-old private conversations were fair game. For him to win it would have to be a “God-thing.” Nothing else explains it. I was first encouraged in late June when the Brexit vote in Great Britain stunned the world. Tracking polls showed those voting against Britain exiting the European Union would easily carry the day. Most polls had the vote to exit the EU losing by 10-15 points.

But the British were fed up with being told by the EU they had to continue to take in hundreds of thousands of Muslims who refused to adopt British customs, language and culture. They didn’t say it publicly, but the Brits were seething over losing control of their beloved country to the New World Order folks.

And they shocked the world by quietly voting in mass to get out from under the thumb of the EU. No one saw it coming. Much like the conditions behind Great Britain’s Brexit vote, Americans were also seething over a number of cultural issues. The liberals in power were unapologetically pushing their godless agenda down the conservatives’ throats. They had the bit in their teeth and Clinton was anointed to finish the job Obama had begun. Liberals take pride in their “help the common man” platform. But Bernie Sanders let the cat out of the bag and called it what it was: Socialism… which is a stepping stone to Communism. They openly poked fun at Evangelical Christian conservatives. The liberal press continuously covered up any revealed Clinton slime.

The polls were all wrong because 96% of the liberal media elite vote Democratic.

They’re basically an extension of the Democratic Party to push their platform. They couldn’t see the forest for the trees.

They refused to face the fact that majority of this country leans toward Christian values and were internally angry over the unbiblical Satanic swine they were being forced to swallow. They may not have admitted it openly, but they had reached the end of their rope.


This is the wrong kind of leadership light!

Thankfully, God heard the cumulative prayers of these Believers who felt backed into a corner. Certainly not because we deserved it–Christians have sat quietly on the sidelines while some 60 million helpless innocent babies have been murdered over the last 40 years in this country. That alone should have this nation’s populace eating dirt and worms without water. But by His grace, God has given us our own Brexit moment…maybe even a Nineveh moment. Maybe this is God’s answer to our prayers by temporarily slowing the progress toward the Biblically prophesied One World Order. He may have amazingly given us a reprieve from the illegal and unchecked madness of those in power.

So now what?

If this is what God has allowed for good, don’t think for a moment the battle is over. In Britain the liberals are trying to get the Brexit vote thrown out on a technicality. They will try anything here too. Those losing power are already plotting and scheming against the Trump Administration. Don’t be fooled by the kind and conciliatory words of Clinton and Obama. Obama’s not happy because he knows everything he has illegally put in place will be thrown out as soon as Trump has the reigns. For instance, the recent “Trump riots” you see on television are not real grass root riots at all. They’re professional thugs that are paid/hired and bused into cities to wreak havoc in front of television cameras.* And they are financed by none other than George Soros himself, one of the world’s top dogs pushing for a New World Order.So the first order of business is for Believers to continue to pray for President-elect Trump. It was God Who allowed this election result and it will be God Who allows President Trump to make the needed changes. Believers should pray for Trump every day.

EVERY DAY it should be on your prayer list. Pray for his protection, to have Godly advisors/wisdom and continued courage to stand up to the evil in this world. Ephesians 6 tells us in no uncertain terms that we’re not up against flesh and blood. Satan and his minions are what’s behind all the evil you see. Thankfully, we have the Spirit of the Creator God of the universe living in us. 1John 4:4 “…greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.” Phil. 4:13 “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.” We CAN do all things through Him. You can’t, God can. He’s given us this moment in time to armor up because the eye of the hurricane will eventually pass. Expect it.

Trump and The Rapture So does the Trump victory mean the Rapture is more or less likely to happen soon? The safe answer for my theologian friends is, of course, neither. God has a future date set in stone. However, the Trump victory does seem like it fits better with Matthew 24 and Luke 17. Those verses say things should be normal before the Rapture. They specifically mention “planting and harvesting,” “eating and drinking,” “building” and social events. Normal things in life. If Trump rights our sinking ship a bit, it would fit scripture like a glove.

Contrary to what was predicted, the stock market is rallying. The money people think Trump will do better than Obama on managing the economy.

Contrary to what was predicted, the stock market is rallying. The money people think Trump will do better than Obama on managing the economy.

The Secrets behind the Bazaar 2016 Presidential Election

The Donald winning is something few saw coming. Including myself! But then I didn’t anticipate Donald Trump getting saved shortly before the election. I’m still a little skeptical but it was James Dobson who reported that be believed this actually happened. This had to be the craziest election in the history of this nation! So, what really happened and what are the secrets behind what took place?

I followed this election closely and as the ballots started coming in, as expected, Hillary took off to a fast lead. But as it got later, two things started happening at the same time.
#1. A well organized group of multitudes of Christians started praying for this country. And
#2. That’s when the polls started changing for Trump and you know the result. But it’s not over!

IF trump really did get saved, and IF the Lord decided to use him to make America great again, Trump could still be in great danger and so can this country! Why? Because it’s a continued spiritual battle. If Trump did get saved, what does that make him? A baby Christian right? And Satan or his cohorts (demons) always come after a person as soon as they’ve been born again. Then again, God chooses the weak in this world to confound the wise. Either way, I believe we need to be praying for him from here on out on a daily basis. As well as for those he has around him. Pray for these to be the right people. Pray for their wisdom and direction come from the Lord. Ya see, this election was like tossing a large wrench into the works of the New World Order boy’s plans. A one world government, monetary system and religion. Sounds like something that could easily be at least started just after the rapture of the Church! But what about before then? Obama already said he would be the last U.S. president. We already know from Scripture that history is repeating itself and a completed New World Order will fail in the same way the tower of Babel was stopped by the Lord. The question is: how long will this take this time? How far will things go until the NW0 kicks in? Or is destroyed? Do you really think there will be no retaliation from Obama and others of the same spirit? Did you see how everything changed just after the outcome of the election? How Trump when he met with Obama everything was so sweet? How Trump so much came into a place of appreciating Obama so much? And how he wanted to meet with him again? Did something spiritual take place at that meeting? I suppose time will tell. But getting back to the secrets behind the bazaar 2016 presidential election, you might remember how Trump accused the election to be rigged. Was it? It absolutely was! But Trump won anyway! So, how was it rigged against Trump? First, did you know how the mainstream media was involved? CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and others? Did you know that when Trump filled huge auditoriums with thousands of people, Hillary was found meeting in high school gyms with as little as 45 people but the cameras would zoom in making it look like a bigger turn out? Did you know that Hillary is very sick? So sick that during much of her campaign she needed to use a body double? Do you remember when she was caught on tape collapsing as she tried to get into a van but showed back up only a few hours later all fine again but that she needed to be drained of fluids? And that she from then on needed to wear a hidden catheter under her pantsuits? And that she is suffering from late stages of syphilis? Did you know that many who tried to expose her for many crimes are now dead? Did you know that all of this and more has been documented on a new DVD titled: The Secrets behind the Bazaar 2016 Presidential Election?

I’ve heard that in retaliation of what took place Obama is going to do something. Cause the first domino to fall to make all the others to fall creating the total financial collapse of this nation. If you would like to obtain the DVD titled: Secrets behind the Bazaar 2016 Presidential Election, it’s available for a gift of any amount this month and do feel free to get this out to as many as you can!

Microchip Implants Being Marketed As Human Body Enhancements

Microchipping of animals for medical and tracking experiments has gradually become acceptable, but humans? Whoa, not so fast! Privacy proponents, conspiracy theorists and faith-based groups have consistently warned of the dangers from their various viewpoints. And yet, those nagging concerns are slowly fading, as people become conditioned to embracing the attendant security and convenience while shrugging off the risks. This transition has been made easier by a subtle but powerful change in strategy that fights the psychological barriers: microchip implants for human beings are now being marketed as enhancements to the human body; the creation of a ‘superman’, of sorts. And this change in approach seems to be working. In a recent report, organicandhealthy.org described Australia as the first country to begin microchipping its population. As recounted in the report, back in 2010 CBS news reported that the Australian government had a potential RFID microchipping plan in the works related to the health care system. Now, as this plan begins to unfold, the push is not a result of mandated health care reforms, but rather a clever propaganda campaign that equates RFID microchipping with becoming superhuman, and people are begging for it. Under the headline ‘Australians embracing super-human microchip technology’, Australia’s premier media outlet news.com.au (News Corp Australia) reports: “It may sound like sci-fi, but hundreds of Australians are turning themselves into super-humans who can unlock doors, turn on lights and log into computers with a wave of the hand”. Shanti Korporaal from Sydney, is at the centre of the phenomenon after having two implants inserted under her skin. Now she can get into work and her car without carrying a card or keys, and says her ultimate goal is to do away with her wallet and cards completely. The microchips, which are the size of a grain of rice, can act like a business card, transfer contact details to smartphones and hold complex medical data. In her interview with the Australian news outlet, Shanti claims that her friends and family are envious of her microchip lifestyle: “My nana wants one. I’ve had more opposition to my tattoos than I’ve ever had to the chip. My friends are jealous”.

In fact, the 27-year-old has noticed a business opportunity and set up a distribution service called Chip My Life with her husband, Skeeve Stevens where for just $80 to $140, people can become so called “super-humans.” Shanti has bought into the culture that dominates her society today, dominated by the fantasy of super heroes that mesmerizes the population at theaters all across the globe. On the same day this news story broke, Shanti appeared at Australia’s launch of the much-anticipated cyborg-themed video game Deus Ex Mankind Divided, alongside American implantable technology pioneer Amal Graafstra. Graafstra, who became one of the world first RFID implantees back in 2005, just made headlines recently in the US with a prototype of the world’s first implant-activated smart gun and is a huge proponent for this new technology. In an interview with the Australian media outlet, he explained that the technology he has implanted into his body has “given me the ability to communicate with machines. It’s literally integrated into who I am.” The price for that could very well be: whose do you then become? The report goes on to warn: “…but clearly if you become part machine/computer that means there will be someone who can control that technology.

If you think the elites wouldn’t capitalize on such an exceptional opportunity to control the population you obviously don’t know history very well”. That may sound alarmist, but it’s clear from other corroborative sources that the technologies do exist and are constantly being advanced in the name of greater privacy and security. Besides Australia, the United States has already had its fair share of micro chipped individuals. A report by Chris Stein for CBS news in the month of June highlighted some examples.

Minnesota software engineer, Tim Shank, had his dogs implanted with GPS chips in case they got lost. Now, he has a chip of his own. “This is an NFC chip, so it’s similar to what phones have nowadays,” he told CBS News of the chip inside him. Shank had a small incision made in his finger so the tiny chip, which emits low frequencies, could be inserted inside. He programmed the chip to open his smart lock at home and control his Smartphone. “It turned off my ringer,” Shank showed off. The implantation is a very simple process. The capsule is injected via needle and doesn’t require any stitches; the chip is classified as a piercing in the state of Nebraska ,It varies from state to state.

Be sure to check out the 2 DVD set RFID: Man’s Greatest Invention or Mark of the Beast? Available for a gift of any amount this month!

The Approaching Economic Storm

1612eThe next recession appears likely to hit in the spring of 2017, and many experts are expressing increased concern over the weakened position of the Federal Reserve. After years of low rates from the Federal Reserve and massive stimulus programs from China, there may be very little left that governments can do to push back against this macroeconomic tide. What is worse, it is widely believed that the Fed is planning to raise rates in December of 2016. Whereas its intention may be to provide room to lower rates later in a crisis, there is also a strong chance that this could help precipitate the recession. Though notoriously difficult to predict, financial cycles are an inescapable part of a fiat currency system based on fractional reserve banking. A currency model built on debt and controlled with the imperfect levers of interest rates set by central banks, the sin of usury, writ large across the globe, will expand and contract. The only warnings of the coming crash are a set of leading economic indicators, perhaps six months to a year in advance. With many calling the recovery from the 2008 recession both weak and artificial, the stage is set for a devastating economic pullback. But why are financial experts predicting the chances of a recession in the next year with estimates ranging from as low as 25% to a 60% or higher?

Home Price Inflation

With the memory of the last housing bubble still fresh, home prices in the US have risen sharply since 2012 and are now nearing the pre-crash highs of 2006. This rise in asset prices has outstripped the slowing rate of income growth. Low interest rates have fueled a paper-recovery that could very soon prove to be unsustainable at these levels.

Decline in Corporate Profits

We are now in the fifth quarter of declining corporate profits, a key leading indicator of overall economic health. Stock prices can be manipulated, asset values can inflate and unemployment numbers are notoriously unreliable, but corporate profits drive economic expansion, hiring and tax revenues. The effects are not immediate on a macro level but instead lead the cycle by between six and nine months. But dwindling liquidity levels are now being felt globally. Michael Howell of Cross Border Capital Group stated this month that “We are seeing a serious deterioration on a monthly basis.” He went on to say, “We think the US is heading for recession by the Spring of 2017. It is absolutely bonkers for the Fed to even think about raising rates right now.” The cut-backs corporations are now imposing will soon be felt globally.

The Fed Using Repos to Pump Liquidity into Markets

The Federal Reserve has been using a macroeconomic lever known as “reverse-repos” to inject additional liquidity into the market. With little room to drop the Fed Funds Rate any further, the American Central Bank has turned to other methods to stimulate the economy in the face of shrinking corporate profits.

According to the analysts of CrossBorder, the liquidity levels in the US are now nearing the same inflection points seen a shortly before the recessions of 1990, 2001 and in November 2007, just over a year before the Lehman Brothers implosion.

Fed Funds Rate Hike Expected in December 2016

Even the vice-chairmen of the Federal Reserve, Stanley Fischer, admitted this week that the Fed has little left in its toolbox after keeping interest rates so low for so long and that this, “could therefore lead to longer and deeper recessions when the economy is hit by negative shocks.” His solution? Raise the interest rates now while the economy is still in motion to create what he has called “a buffer”, or room to lower rates again in the coming recession. This move however, is considered by many market experts to be extremely dangerous because it threatens to act as the catalyst for the recession it hopes to cure.

The Treasury Yield Curve

The analysts at Deutsche Bank, led by Dominic Konstam, point to a narrowing in the rates between the three-month and ten-year US treasury bonds. This yield curve is an important predictor of the future economic conditions and if the natural rate differences are taken into account, this curve has already inverted. Deutsche Bank’s analysis now believe that this indicates a 60% chance of a recession occurring in the US within the next nine months.

Sovereign Debt Ratios

The ratio of national debt to countries’ gross domestic product is, though not a perfect metric for stability, an often-cited statistic for national monetary policy. Looking at the ratios across both developed countries and emerging markets, we now see debt ratios approximately 35% higher than they were at the beginning of the last major financial crisis that brought the world’s economic system to the brink. While not itself indicative of a crash in the short term, such dangerous debt ratios in nearly every country mean that governments have few options left to pull their economies back from the edge. Thus, the depression that government stimulus may have avoided eight years ago may no longer be avoidable. China, for example, will not be able to step in to save the day. Beijing is far past any reasonable or safe limits on credit to the tune of nearly $30 trillion in loans, and Fitch Ratings believes that bad loans in their banking system are as much as 1,000% the official claim.

Weakness of GDI to GDP

The ratio of gross domestic income to gross domestic product is another leading indicator that now mirrors the previous recession. Albert Edwards of Société Générale points out that this indicator has been flat for the previous two quarters and that “The pronounced weakness of GDI relative to GDP might be an ominous omen, for it may well be indicating that a US recession is already underway – just as it was in 2007.”


Economic cycles are influenced by natural disasters, human psychology and millions of unobserved factors in addition to the management of government, so there remains ample room for doubt. But when we consider that we are already in the fourth longest recovery in 150 years, the list of leading indicators begins to look all the more ominous.

Taken alone, any single indicator can be ignored, but together they paint the picture of economic storm clouds on the horizon.

The DVD Money Matters by Tom Cloud is available for a gift of any amount this month. Sharing with others is highly encouraged!

Hackers Use “Internet of Things” To Bring Down the Internet

You know all of those cool, sci-fi gadgets that people are beginning to get that are connected to the Internet in their homes? The voice-controlled thermostats, the wireless printers and cameras, the home security systems, the food scale that sends the calories to your phone app, those “smart” appliances that text you to pick up milk and the DVRs that can be programmed via your phone from work? Apparently, those things may not be so smart after all because they played a big role in the cyber attack that took place recently.

Security analysts believe that Friday’s attack on popular websites such as Reddit, Twitter, Netflix, and Spotify was the first one carried out by hackers who used the “Internet of Things.”Here’s how the Internet of Things works:Who else thinks that this is how Skynet got started? Maybe it is just me. The attack was on one service: Dyn. The massive attack took down the Internet across the country. The attack was on one company, and everything else fell over like a row of dominoes. All of the companies involved use Dyn, a cloud-based Internet performance management company. Dyn was the target of the attack, and that, in turn, affected other companies. Dyn is sort of like a phone book that directs users to the Internet address of the website. On Friday a distributed denial of service attack, (DDoS) affected Dyn by sending thousands of messages at the same time, which overwhelmed the service. Security company Flashpoint said it had confirmed that the attack used “botnets” infected with the “Mirai” malware. From their site: Coincidentally, many of the vulnerable “smart” devices are made in China. Many of the devices involved come from Chinese manufacturers, with easy-to-guess usernames and passwords that cannot be changed by the user – a vulnerability which the malware exploits. The owner of the device would generally have no way of knowing that it had been compromised to use in an attack. I’m sure those easy passwords and vulnerabilities aren’t deliberate. China would never sneak Trojan horses into the USA, would they?

Donald Trump Reneges on His Promise to “Lock Her UP”!

Through much of his campaign Donald Trump promised to have Hillary investigated for her many crimes and if convicted, sentenced to prison. This is something that may have helped him win the election! Now he’s changed his mind. There are many other things the Donald has changed his mind on. Wait a minute! Isn’t that what politicians do? I thought he wasn’t a politician.


As we mentioned last month, as we do at the end of every calendar year, we update our mailing list. We do this to screen out those just tossing it away. To renew, simply send back our return envelope with a note letting us know you’d like to stay on for the next year. This would be the easiest way for me. Any financial support to help us pay for the airtime and continue getting out this newsletter would be greatly appreciated at this time. Feel free to make copies of anything and share with others! This next year may prove to be quite interesting! If you are in prison or on our 30 Club, you need not do a thing. You’ll stay on automatically. Email Newsletter Subscribers do not need to renew as well. Also, now that we’re in December, you really need to do this early in the month because if we don’t hear from you before the new mailing list is established you might be too late to receive January’s newsletter so to make this easier for you, you can also just call me at: area code (719) 630-1222 or email me personally at: cultbuster7 @ yahoo.com Thanks! -Jim

The Unwrapping of Christmas

Did you ever get that strange feeling when participating in some of the traditional practices of Christmas? Just maybe something just isn’t right? Well congratulations! You have the gift of discernment from the Holy Spirit! Only thing is, the feelings you have are that of grieving the Holy Spirit. Why? Because absolutely all aspects of Christmas stem from pagan origin! That’s right, there’s not one thing Christian about Christmas. Not the date, Christ was actually born on Sept. 29th. Not the name, Christmas or Christ-Mass comes from the mass of Christ which is Catholic, not Christian. And if you understand the theology of this Catholic mass, you’ll understand it is an abomination against the Lord! Not the Santa Clause, he takes the place of Christ! He even knows if you’ve been naughty or nice! And look at his name! Santa? Change just two letters around and you have Satan! He’s the one who came up with the idea! Yet so many people, including some Christians lie to their kids every year about this! Not the Christmas tree, take the two minutes to read Jeremiah ch. 10 where God describes this to be a pagan practice and that we are not to have anything to do with it. Yet millions of people have even taken this a step further with the tree and bring gifts to this tree making it into an alter! There’s many other traditions of this pagan holiday, all of which stem directly from paganism. Maybe you’d like to learn more about this. Or maybe you know someone else who needs to. The best tool I know of is the DVD titled: The Unwrapping of Christmas. It’s available for a gift of any amount this month.

The Star of Bethlehem….Did you Know??

Did you know that it was not actually a star, but planets were also referred to as stars in the bible? What happened is Jupiter & Venus merged creating the brightest light in the night sky ever seen by the naked eye! And did you know that night, just after Jesus was crucified, there was a full lunar eclipse also referred to as a blood moon seen from Bethlehem? There’s a lot to be said about the signs in the heavens in Bible prophecy. Check out the AMAZING DVD The Star of Bethlehem available for a gift of any amount this month! Feel free to make copies and share this with others!

30 Club…

Now would be the time to join the 30 club for 2017. For just $30.00/month or more you will receive everything we air on DVD format. This is a great deal since normally DVD’s are 20.00 each! Just email me, send a note or call me and let me know you would like to join the 30 Club!

Prayer Request…

Thank you for praying for myself and the ministry, but please don’t forget Mary my helper. She has been suffering from chronic headaches and would like prayers for healing. I would ask your prayers for safety, God’s leading and wisdom. These are pretty much an everyday requests along with the Lord’s leading for the best ways to get more people saved in this late hour. Thanks ever so much!

Ending Note…

Thank you again ever so much to those who help keep this ministry going through your prayers and support! Both of which are greatly needed and appreciated at this time.

Yours because His: Jim

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