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July, 2016
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Greetings in Jesus…!

First let me start by saying thank you so much to those of you who help keep this ministry going through your prayers and gifts of support. May you have great treasures in heaven for all eternity! Do feel free to make copies of any part of this newsletter as well as anything else from our resource list and share with others! Time may be short!

Well, the world has gone crazy as prophesied! A radical Islamic man kills 49 in a gay/lesbian club, record high temperatures and fires across all of America and deception at an all time high! Let’s look at the latest deception first.

The Mandela Effect? Really?

Just in case you haven’t heard about this yet, here it is in a nutshell. The Super Collider in Europe (CERN) broke through a time warp and into another dimension causing our world to change. Land masses have moved, China is smaller, major lines we all remember in films have changed. In Forest Gump the line ―Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get‖ has changed to life (WAS) like a box of chocolates. I checked this one out myself and found it mentioned not once, but 3 times. One like we remember it plus two others that were different. In Casablanca the words ―play it again Sam‖ are missing. In Disney’s classic Snow White the words ―mirror mirror on the wall‖ has been changed to MAGIC MIRROR on the wall. In Field of Dreams, the line ―build it and they will come‖ has been changed to build it and HE will come. This goes on and on and on! If you do a search on your computer and type in the Mandela Effect and the words you tubes, you will find a multitude of examples of this that will blow you away! These include changes in the KJV of the Bible! That’s right, but I’m not talking about the newer translations that have gone far from the KJV, I’m talking about how your family KJV Bible on your coffee table and elsewhere has magically changed its print! This has gone viral! That’s when I had to say, wait a minute! We have promises concerning the Word of God! ―Heaven and earth will pass away but My Words will never pass away!‖ By the way, do you know what this was called before The Mandela Effect? It was called MEMORY. For instance, will the lamb lay down with the lion? Or is it a wolf? We’ve heard nice sermons on this and even seen paintings. But which is it?

July 2016 NewsletterThe Mandela Effect Lie…

By now, I am sure we have all seen something on the ―Mandela Effect‖. This is just about the worst deception I have ever seen. My reasons for this are varied, and I will cover them in a moment. For now, let’s go ahead and start with the truth behind how this works. By now, many of you have reached for your Bibles to see if what you heard is true. GASP! It is. How can this be???? OK – here is how this works: Piece number one – the KJV is what’s known as ―fair use‖. In a nutshell, the age of the KJV means that nobody has the rights to the text. Anybody can print a KJV Bible, copy a KJV Bible, quote a KJV Bible, etc. You can start a printing company with the KJV, and owe no royalties to anybody. Many times, this is the reason why research, articles, projects, etc., will quote the KJV over another translation. There are no permissions needed or rights to be negotiated. Likewise, anybody can change or modify a KJV Bible. Before anybody flies off the handle, this does not mean that the KJV has been, or is being tampered with. Here is why. The changes that come to the KJV are a result of editorial boards, and translation boards working to ensure the smoothest reading experience possible. With that understanding, now comes piece number two. All major publishers of Bibles print the KJV. They likely have since their particular inception as printing companies. They also print other versions as well. The ESV, RV, NIV, NAS, etc., all printed by companies that most likely started with the KJV. Here is piece number three. How many of you wondered what a ―wineskin‖ was the first time you heard or read this in or from a Bible? How many of you have a wineskin hanging around the house? How many have ever seen a wineskin? That goes for all of us. The editorial boards of Bible printing companies understand this. So, they sit down and begin to research the best use case for given words in the KJV, and every other translation. In that process, they review the different Greek or Hebrew transliterations and translations for the word or words in question. They look for possible substitutions that will make reading an easier task, while maintaining the integrity of the text. How many of you know that ―bottle‖ is a correct translation of the original Greek word that gave us ―wineskins‖? When you study the word in question, you find out that ―wineskin‖ is also known as ―skins‖, ―wineskin bottle‖, and good old fashioned ―bottle‖ – all by itself! How many of you are shocked to hear this? ―Bottle‖ is not a new word invented by the Coke Company. It was not penned when Budweiser needed a nifty container for their beer. Various forms of ―bottle‖ have existed for thousands of years. On balance, they have a similar meaning – a fixed, sealable container for liquid. There are even ―glass‖ bottles in antiquity. Clay was formed and fired into pottery bottles similar to what we see today. Their remains are found at nearly every major archeological dig in the world. Where do you think our modern words come from? The same thing goes for the words ―debt‖ and ―debtors‖. Did you know that in the context of the Lord’s Prayer, ―debts‖ and ―debtors‖ is the more accurate translation? There is a reason why it was always visible in the version found in Luke. So, here is the same question I asked a moment ago regarding wineskins? How many of us had to think long and hard about ―trespasses‖ when we read or heard the Lord’s Prayer for the first time? How many of us associated the term with trespassing onto the property of another? In the case of the Lord’s Prayer, debts more accurately reflect the original Greek, and the intent of the word’s Christ spoke. When you read about the Lord forgiving your ―debts‖, there is an automatic connection to paying what is ―owed‖. It reminds me of an old hymn that I grew up hearing sung in Church: ―I owed a debt I could not pay‖, ―He paid a debt He did not owe‖. ―I needed someone, to wash my sins away!‖ In the case of the editorial boards, ―debts‖ and ―bottles‖ are the more accurate translations, as well as the more easily understood? So, here is what happens: a decision is made (never by a single individual, but by an entire committee of scholars after much prayer) to update the text to reflect a more accurate and easy to read term. Here is where this comes into play in the ―Mandela Effect‖. The publishing companies will have a run of Bibles in production. They will do one of two things. They will stop production on the current run and make the change, or they will finish that year’s run, and make the change in the next production year. Usually it is the latter. What will happen is that both production runs are sold. Translate that to the 40, 50 and 60 year old family Bibles that seem to be the ―proof‖ in the various videos. When the production is changed to reflect the changes, you end up with two versions of what appears to be the exact same KJV Bible sitting together on the same shelf in the bookstore. They may be a year apart, or even the same year and edition. Yet, one will read ―wineskins‖, and the other will read ―bottles‖. Both are 100 percent accurate, and neither changes the meaning of the text, so what about all of these Bibles mysteriously ―changing‖ right there on your coffee table? That would be ―no dice‖ also. Let me ask you a question. How many of you still sing the alphabet when you read it somewhere? How many of you cannot speak the alphabet in a regular voice, in a regular tone? Did you know that this is an actual field sobriety test used by law enforcement? The reason is this. As a child, nearly all of us learned the alphabet song. It is imprinted in our minds and memories. It is such a powerful influence that we cannot abandon the song – even when we need to speak the alphabet. We have to make a conscious effort to slow down and speak the letters. We can do it, but it takes effort. This is why it is a field sobriety test. When you are inebriated this becomes an almost impossible task. At any rate, when one publisher makes such a change to the KJV (or any translation), it will usually trickle on down to their other translations. Likewise, other publishers will usually adopt the same change if their editorial boards also see the value in doing so. What started with a single change in one KJV became a change to most KJV’s. The change happens market wide usually in just a few short years. Over the short space of about five years or so, the only KJV Bibles that have ―trespasses‖ in the Lord’s Prayer are those that existed before the textual changes. From that point forward, all KJV Bibles will have the updated text. They can even revert back to ―trespasses‖ or ―wine skins‖ if they choose to. There may even be a holdout publisher that stays with the original (just in case you find that new KJV that still has the text you remember).So, what about the changes that happened in my family Bible? Well, it is the same thing as the alphabet song. If you grew up with ―trespasses‖ in the Lord’s Prayer, yet your 60 year old Family Bible has ―debts‖ – you did not get trespasses from that physical Bible! You got that from the teacher at Sunday school that read her Bible, or from the Pastor that was quoting another Bible. You are using associative memory, much as you do for many things in your life. You simply associate that first, formative memory to every medium where your brain determines it belongs. In this case, that would be the 60 year family Bible that you have not actually opened in 50 years, because you had your own Bible. That’s assuming you have ever actually read the Lord’s Prayer out of that physical Bible. My parents still have our family Bible. The most I ever used that Bible for was the artwork. What is happening is that you continue to read ―trespasses‖ in every KJV where you read the Lord’s Prayer. If not for this latest deception of ―the Mandela Effect‖, you would have NEVER noticed the difference.

Don’t believe me on this? How many of you can effectively proofread your own writing? It’s the same bucket of memories and memorization. You penned the words that you wrote. You are the first to see them, and do so when you write them. You will be able to read past a spelling error a thousand times, as well as a mistaken word. Your mind reads what it thinks should be there. It is the same thing with the Bible. This should come as no surprise. We see this all the time on Facebook. How many times do you see meme’s that start with ―only 10 percent of the population can read this‖, or some other title? How many brain games do we play in the course of a week that utilizes memory and recall? Still, some out there will not accept this. There is no way possible that their 60 year old family Bible EVER said ―debts‖! It’s really quite simple. If your first formative experience with the Lord’s Prayer was ―trespass‖ with the KJV, it will be ―trespass‖ until you take your dying breath. You will see ―debts‖ more, now that it has been pointed out to you. However, any time you read or recite the Lord’s Prayer – having forgotten about the ―Mandela Effect‖, your mind will revert back to its ingrained memory. You will read right over ―debt‖ yet again. On the flip side, those that grew up on ―debt‖ in the Lord’s Prayer will never feel ―comfortable‖ with some ―old‖ Bible with that ―funny, hard to understand‖ language. We will cover the scriptural proof against this in a moment, as well as what has actually happened, and what all of this says about God. The sinister plot to change Star Wars is even less nefarious! Unless somebody really wants to know how this applies to ―Luke, I am your Father‖ and ―No, I am YOUR Father!‖ I will confine this discussion to the Biblical aspects. With that said, here are several scriptures that ought to put all of this into perspective.

Psalms 12:6-7 KJV – The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O Lord, thou shalt preserve them from this generation forever. Malachi 3:6 (KJV) – For I am the Lord, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed. John 1:1-2 KJV – In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. ~~

This is not a discussion about an agenda of men to change whole translations. It is not about whether or not the Roman Catholic Church changed the Bible to cement their power. It’s not a conversation about modern translations and a desire to water down the Gospel. The ―Mandela Effect‖ does not claim any of these things. It is something much, much more absurd. Let’s have a conversation for just a moment. I want you to take a moment and think about what all of this really says. “Satan was able to up and change my Bible, right on my coffee table!” That’s right. There are now a group of actual Christians – as in ―I have been to the cross‖ Christians now promoting an idea that is literally something out of the Twilight Zone. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so dangerous. They are literally saying that the Savior who shed His blood and defeated Satan has not actually defeated Satan. Think about this. This is saying that the Most High God is powerless to protect His own word – which is God Himself! I see the things some of my brothers and sisters are embracing, and I simply have to shake my head. No wonder some of you have no real evidence of the Lord in your life. You wonder why God doesn’t seem to answer any of your prayers. Yet, your theology is a practice in faithlessness. The quality of your life is determined by the power of the god you serve. If you truly believe that God cannot protect His own Bible – His very own word – then you have terrible problems ahead of you. I am going to say something. I can count on four hands the number of times I see posts, meme’s, comments, and arguments centering on ―don’t fall into deception‖. I see everything from ―cognitive dissonance‖ to ―end times deception‖ – and everything in between. Yet, hands down, the group that seems the most ready to throw the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ under the bus is us. It’s amazing what somebody can sell you just by declaring ―conspiracy!‖ Think about some of things that have surfaced in just the past six months. Here is a clue for everybody on what to watch out for. If you see something pop up seemingly out of the blue, and it is everywhere in a matter of days – it’s a good bet you have a deception on your hands. Let me ask you this. If The Bible tells us that Christ is hated, His word is hated – how exactly does something that is truth catch on so quickly? By its very definition the truth will be resisted. Yet, when something can literally catch fire and spread within the space of three days. . . It’s like I have been watching an experiment. I guess it should be no surprise to see what corner of Christianity this is coming from. I see the folks that are promoting this the most. That should also be a warning flag, except we seem to have lost the ability to check simple sources. I don’t know how many times or ways I can say this. If you share something from somebody that you know is false, and promotes false doctrines, simply because they get one thing right – you are effectively green lighting what they preach elsewhere. How quickly we forget just how much Satan likes to mix in just enough truth to sell his lies. As for the folks selling this bucket of lies, I would offer you this: You better wake up and realize something. I don’t know how you expect to make it in the tribulation, standing for Christ at the expense of your life, when you have already taken all of His power and given it to Satan. Seriously, you guys claim you can stand and deliver for Christ in the tribulation, yet you have already rendered Him powerless. How exactly do you intend to find the strength, when you have already written Christ off? For those that are a bit confused, the crowd that is single-handedly pushing this nonsense is the same crowd that is hell bent on entering the tribulation. This is the same group that has single handedly decided that the pre-trib rapture is a doctrine straight from the pits of hell. Yet, this is what they pass as ―wisdom‖? At any rate, the truth behind the ―Mandela Effect‖ is sinister, yet it is simple in its inception. Satan knows how we are wired. He knows how our brains work. He knows our flesh. He has had a lot of time to figure out ways to get us to buy his body of lies. So, how exactly do you get a bunch of Christians to doubt God and His power? Simple – you convince them one small lie at a time. All of this started around the ―harmless‖ debates as to whether or not man changed the Bible. We all see the discussions. They center on the Catholic Church, man’s agenda, and changes to the Bible. They end in heated debates on ―King James only!‖ modern translations and false Christians who use and don’t use a given particular translation of the Bible. I cringe every time I see these arguments. Never mind that the Bible tells us that it takes the Holy Spirit to give understanding of God’s word, or that the Lord writes His word and law into our hearts (if we let Him). It’s not enough that God is apparently unable to get us past any misunderstandings we might have in the scriptures we are reading. No, it gets worse.

Apparently, there is 2,000 years’ worth of dead saints burning in hell because all they had was a flawed, contaminated Bible that trashed the message of the Gospel for the agenda of all powerful, evil men! So much for preserving His word unto EVERY generation! Here’s a news flash for everybody. ―Every‖ includes us. It includes ―every‖ generation that God sees fit to bring after us. No wonder we have passed the point of no return. I wouldn’t save us either. So, after pushing the buttons on conversations like this, it makes it easier to send in the next lie. Remember, Satan does not go from step one to step 10. He goes one step at a time, from one to two, two to three, three to four, etc. Each step in the wrong direction makes the next wrong step a bit easier to take. Before you know it, you are ready and willing to embrace the most absurd ideas you have never imagined. All under the guise of being ―wise‖! Soon, you get what we have here. One day, as though part of some sick joke, Satan whispers a simple thought. ―Hey, that’s not what that said before.‖ In this case, it may have started with people remembering the rumors of Mandela’s death. By the way, do you know what the ―Mandela Effect‖ was called before it was given a shiny new name? Memory. That’s it, nothing more. We all knew that this was how memory worked. We would joke about misremembering things. We would make fun of each other. We would listen to the stories from our grandparents who were walking exercises in this type of memory and recall. Sometimes when this happened at work, we would scour our memories to see where we got it wrong, and why we got ourselves in trouble. This was a part of life and we knew it. This time, however, Satan knew right when and where to hit us. He took advantage over the incredibly short attention spans of today’s Church and capitalized. Here is the thing. This should have never been possible. Yet, here we are. I see literal mantras from many brothers and sisters on ―study for yourself‖, ―read for yourself‖, ―read the Bible‖ (it amazes me how so few of us actually know how to read, apparently. It seems that the only person that knows how to read is the one that magically has a different viewpoint). Yet, how many of you could not take 30 minutes and research exactly how each edition and translation of the Bible comes about? I guess that is the worst part. How many actually rail on the manipulation of the Bible? How many share video’s, posts and meme’s about man’s agenda when it comes to the Bible? Yet again, there seems to be a disconnect. Here is what I mean. I have spoken a number of times (here and on Trib Rising) about a horrendous lack of critical observation skills. I have spoken many times on the inability to ask critical questions and apply basic logic. How many of you saw a video or post on the ―Mandela Effect‖, panicked, and ran right off without asking questions and researching? I’m not talking about picking up a Bible to see if those evil changes had been made to the text. I’m talking about research into how the text got there in the first place, and if there were any other possible explanations. That’s a good question. How many of you flew off the handle on this, without first stopping to investigate any other possibilities? I know, this sounded so conspiracy like. How could it not be true? I am reminded of that old adage – the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.

So, I decided to do what everybody else should have done when this deception first surfaced. I started by giving God the automatic benefit of the doubt. He is, after all, the Most High God, maker of all the heavens and the earth. It seems He has earned a little bit of trust on this. So, I assumed that there had to be another explanation. Bear in mind, as soon as I heard folks exclaiming that their own Bible were magically changing right there on their coffee tables, I pretty much wrote this off for what it was – a deception. Again, goes back to the whole ―all power in heaven and earth‖ thing. Oh yeah, the Holy Spirit made a point of emphasizing what this was. So then, I started digging a bit. It did not take long to find what I was looking for. Sure enough, in all of the old standbys, were all of the terms in question. ―Trespasses‖ ―Debts‖ ―Wineskins‖. ―Bottles‖. No conspiracies, no changes, no scrubbing the books and internet. Each term, right where they are supposed to be. Vines, Strong’s, Thayer’s, NAS, HELPS Word Studies, etc. I was able to find the definitions, transliterations, scriptural use for each of these terms. I was able to see how they are related, and interchangeable. I was able to see the context where debt was more accurate than trespass, but where trespass can be the better word at times. All of this is readily available online, by the way. Contrary to what the long haired gentleman said – that would be the guy that ―knows scripture‖ and knows that ―they did not have bottles back then‖ – the internet had not been scrubbed of the offending terms. They were right there, where they have always been (as long as we have had an internet, that is). For good measure, I opened up the hardcover copy of Vines that I have handy. I found each of the terms. All of them were right where they were supposed to be, complete with full breakdown and context. None of these terms magically disappeared from any of the resources that all of us can verify. I simply did not take the word of these folks, accept their premise sight unseen, trash the power of Almighty God, and rush to find EXACTLY what I should have found in the first place. I trusted the Lord above all else, listened to what He was telling me about this, went where He told me I would find the answers, asked the questions that needed answered, and found exactly what He said I would find. In short, I simply had faith in Him first and foremost. To that end, there are some of you that saw all of this and asked questions. You did not jump to conclusions, even though this caught you off guard. One of our sisters in Christ messaged me about this several days ago. She was looking at this, saw the ―changes‖, and decided she had better ask. She was taken aback, but she had the presence of mind to know that there may be something amiss in this. So, she asked. It only took a few minutes to share some info with her. After that she was good with all of this. Sadly, though, she almost seems the exception. It seems that many that got caught in this fell hook, line and sinker, and flew off the handle on this one. I love each of you dearly, but sometimes all we can do is be brutally honest. I usually let things like this go. However, this one is the most insidious I have ever seen. It is the first time I have seen Christians fall for an outright lie that God has no power. This time it was bold, and in your face. If you are one of the believers that bought this sight unseen, took the ball and ran with it – I have bad news. You have been played for a fool.

If you don’t have a computer or want to take the time to look these things up, we have a new DVD available for a gift of any amount. Just ask for the DVD titled: The Mandela Effect Exposed! Now, I’m not against the idea that Satan can and does supernatural things. He always has. The Old and New Testaments testify of these things, and I cannot deny science which Satan may use as well.

Scientists Discover “Fifth Force of Nature” Which Will Rip the Veil – Dark Photons

Scientists believe they have discovered the 5th force of nature, which will rip the veil; and are called Dark Photons the force which could be used to carry dark matter. There are currently only four forces of nature: gravitational, electromagnetic, strong nuclear, and weak nuclear. With the latest potential discovery, this mysterious fifth force could help explain dark matter. Scientists in Hungary were looking for the evidence of dark photons — a force which they surmised could carry and therefore explain dark matter. The fifth force of nature would essentially destroy the standard model of physics, therefore showing physicists have absolutely no clue what ―forces‖ they are playing with. Just about every single ―solid‖ theory in particle physics is based on theories compiled on top of more theories, which then get disproven, and then more theories are created to explain it, and so on and so forth. The physicists have hinted at this discovery for some time but have yet to uncover fully what it actually is. The ―new‖ force of nature would potentially change the world of physics. This is also what CERN is investigating. The LHC’s run in December hinted at a new anomaly which could also lead to a new set of particles and forces for scientists to uncover. Such research is becoming more and more similar to that of witchcraft, combining invisible forces to make them interact all in the attempt to control nature. This of course explains why the world is increasingly heading out of balance. The fifth force summarized as a dark photon is a vehicle; much like a photon is a vehicle of electromagnetism. Now, that the anomaly was uncovered it is only a matter of time before the researchers discover what this force carrying particle interacts with others such as gravity or electromagnetism. If this particle is the force carrying particle of dark matter, then a whole host of new physics will uncover itself.

Manipulating dark photons would allow the unseen world to become visible; in other words daringly breaking another dimension, or more commonly known as the veil. As explained in our exclusive series Darkness Falling, dark matter consists of the parts of the universe that aren’t visible to the human eye. These aspects of our world are explained in Genesis, one of the books physicists are trying desperately to disprove. Dark matter or dark energy has a source, and that is the force that scientists believe they have discovered, the 5th force of nature. The real question is what is the 5th force? Given the effects, it is pretty clear that this is not the true light in the darkness, but rather it is the evil one, the one who conspires against God, and this source can be ―discovered‖ all throughout the Bible. God created everything in perfect balance. When that balance is disrupted, the signs of the End Times begin to show up. Currently, the signs of the End are everywhere which means our world is wildly out of balance. This new force is the dark force which corrupts the world into sin, and ever since physicists discovered these ―dark forces‖ our world began to sway even further out of balance. What used to be done with witchcraft and sorcery is now done by the machines at facilities like CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. Given the discovery of the 5th force, it is no longer a question of if they will find the false light but rather it is when they will discover the false light, the light of Lucifer; the devil.

Just something we pulled from the internet on Bible prophecy. I just thought you might like a little hope!

What are the dates of the 70 Jubilees?

The Jubilees clock began ticking in 1416 BC when the children of Israel entered Canaan. The first Jubilee was 49 years later in 1367 BC. Every 49 years another Jubilee has occurred. Dates of the 70 Jubilees:

The Final Jubilee Year is 2015-2016. The final Jubilee began on the Day of Atonement in the fall of 2015.

There will have been 40 complete Jubilee cycles following Christ’s death. Isn’t that interesting? There are so many 40’s in the Bible and 40 is a significant number to God. The 40 Jubilees after Christ’s death bring us to the end of probationary time. After the fall of 2016 there will be no more opportunities for people to repent and receive eternal life. Jesus is King for 40 ½ Jubilees. Jesus died in 31 AD in the middle of the 30th Jubilee cycle. There were 40 ½ Jubilee cycles yet to occur to complete the total of 70. When Jesus was resurrected He was taken to heaven to reign as king with God on His throne. Jesus ascended to heaven in 31AD and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. ―Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.‖ Hebrews 12:2. When Jesus comes the second time to get His people He will have reigned in heaven; as king, for 40 ½ Jubilee cycles. He will have reigned from 31 AD – 55 AD (1/2 Jubilee cycle) and from 55AD – 2016 AD (40 Jubilee cycles) for a total of 40 ½ Jubilee cycles. David reigned over the children of Israel as their king. Notice how long David reigned as king: ―And they anointed David king over Israel. David was thirty years old when he began to reign, and he reigned forty years. In Hebron he reigned over Judah seven years and six months, and in Jerusalem he reigned thirty-three years over all Israel and Judah.‖ 2 Samuel 5:3-5. David reigned in Hebron 7 ½ years and in Jerusalem 33 years for a total of 40 ½ years. David was a type of Jesus and David’s throne was given to Jesus after His resurrection. ―And behold, you will conceive in your womb and bring forth a Son, and shall call His name JESUS. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David. And He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there will be no end.‖ Luke 1:31-33. David reigned as king on earth for 40 ½ years. Jesus will reign as king in heaven for 40 ½ Jubilees. From Canaan to Canaan the 70 Jubilees clock began when the children of Israel entered Canaan, the land God had promised them. The 70 Jubilees clock will end when God’s people enter heavenly Canaan, the land God has promised them. From earthly Canaan to heavenly Canaan is 70 Jubilees. If you would like a copy of the DVD titled: God’s Final Jubilee, it’s available this month for a gift of any amount and feel free to make copies and share with others!

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Prayer Request…

Please pray I be strengthened by the Lord in every way I need to be and pray more finances to come in, and that I can pay for the airtime etc. It is very important right now.Thanks! -Jim

Ending Note…

Thank you again ever so much to those who help keep this ministry going through your prayers and support! Both of which are greatly needed at this time. Yours because His:

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