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January Newsletter 2015 PDF Version

Greetings in Jesus…!

So here we are in January 2015 and so much is happening so fast I can hardly believe it!

First, I just want to say thank you so much to those of you who continue to help keep this ministry going through your prayers and financial help. You guys are the real heroes and great shall be your reward in heaven!

Well, seeing as we’ve just entered into a new year, I thought I’d share with you what may be taking place in this new year. Let’s start with this…

Will There Be a Financial Collapse in 2015?

We are watching a pattern taking place which was quite expected. Oil prices have dropped greatly. That’s why we’re paying so much less at the  pumps. The dollar has been going up, but remember, it’s still made of paper. Silver and gold are dropping in cost. This means it’s a good idea to keep your eye on this to see when they start going up again and then buy. But not gold because from what I’ve been told, gold may be confiscated. It’s happened before. In 1933 anyone with gold was forced by the government to turn it in. In return, they were given paper dollars. Anyone hiding their gold was tried for hoarding and fined greatly, including prison sentences. The best way to go would be to invest in silver if you can, which will not be confiscated. Also, best not to own it by certificates or electronically, but actually having it in your possession. The more people that do this, the more silver will increase in worth. Meanwhile, if the dollar continues to increase in value, use it now to purchase what you need for long term survival in case everything breaks down later. On Dec. 18th ABC News reported Russia’s dollar or (ruble) had already lost 50% of its worth and masses of Russians have been spending what money they have quickly fearing their ruble will become worthless.

As far as a financial collapse in America goes this year, because our government is continuing to print up paper or electronic or (fiat) money, things could begin early this year. But the most likely date for the biggest blow could be on the Biblical calendar of ELUL 29th which is on our solar calendar of September 13, 2015. The eve of the first day of the next Jewish month, Tishrei

God first established this date as a blessing. If you owed anyone something, it was the day to pay them off. If anyone owed you something, it was the  way you blew off that debt. If you did this, you would be blessed by the Lord for the next 7 years. But if you didn’t pay off your debt or forgave all debts to you, you would not be blessed by the Lord; but instead, be under a curse from the Lord for the next 7 years. On December 13 , Bloomberg News reported the Senate passed a 1.1 trillion dollar spending bill to postpone the collapse for 9 months. Not a year or two, just 9 months. Remember that date ofDec. 13,2014.

But first this…Just how much is 1.1 trillion dollars?

The $1.1 trillion spending bill approved by the Senate Dec. 13th is over six times larger than the estimated number of galaxies in the observable universe.

$1.1 trillion is a little over a thousand billions and astronomers estimate there are only around 170 billion galaxies in known existence, stretching nearly 14 billion light-years away in every direction.

Additionally, one study estimates the number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy at 100 billion, not significantly higher than the food stamp program accounting for $82 billion of the budget, which already cleared the House of Representatives and signed by President Obama.

It’s amazing how the federal budget makes the known universe look less significant in comparison. To put it into the perspective of time, 82 billion seconds ago was around 528 B.C. during the early stages of the Persian Empire and 1.1 trillion seconds ago was before 30,000 B.C. if time went back that far, which it doesn’t. If the entire $1.1 trillion budget was stacked in dollar bills, it would reach over 63 miles high into the mesosphere layer of the atmosphere which is well above the maximum altitude of aircraft and not too far from the minimum altitude of satellites.

Now remember that date of December 13, 2014?

This brings us to September 13, 2015. How about that! Right to the day! Do you think our government understands Bible prophecy? No way! Nor the patterns of 7 in Scripture. It was exactly 7 years to the day earlier in 2008 when we had the housing market crash and the stock market dropped severely. Exactly 777.7 points! Was this a coincidence? I don’t think so. What I also find interesting is that this September 13, 2015 just happens to fall on the eve of Rosh Hashanah! Or the Feast of Trumps or Trumpets! And on top of this, there just happens to be a solar eclipse that day! Does this mean the Rapture will happen that day? I have no idea, but just looking at the patterns in the past, I’d say something major may happen.Did you already pick up a 2015 calendar? You might want to pick up one with all the prophetic feast days using both the solar as well as lunar aspects including the blood moons and solar eclipses. We don’t sell these but you can obtain yours from El Shaddai Ministries either on line at www.elshaddaiministries.us by phone at 1-(253) 862-8010. They also have some great witnessing T-shirts with the blood moons and Solar eclipses on them. A great conversation starter! We are now in a Shemitah year. We have 9 months to go until September 13, 2015. The next day is the first day on the Hebrew month of Tishrei. This will be a Monday the beginning of the work week. 5 out of 6 of the greatest point crashes in American history took place in Tishrei. There is something being made manifest here so read carefully. How many of the 10 greatest point crashes in American history are connected to either the biblical month of Tishrei or to a Shemitah year? 80%! Let’s look at another measurement. Instead of the greatest point crashes, let’s look at percentage crashes. Since WWII, the 10 greatest stock market percentage crashes, 60% of them took place during the Hebrew calendar of Elul-Tishrei. All  within 3 weeks on the Hebrew calendar. And how many of the 3 greatest percentage crashes since WWII are connected to a Shemitah year? 100%! Of the 3 greatest point crashes in American history, how many are connected to the year of the Shemitah? 100%! Are you starting to get it yet? Can you see how Satan has tried to blind our knowledge of the Hebrew calendar by going only by our solar calendar? I highly suggest you contact El Shaddai Ministries and obtain a real calendar for this year. Especially for this year!

Also, you want to better understand all this and what will be taking place this year you really should see the teaching on this by Jonathan Cahn on the DVD, (The Mystery of the Shemitah Year) Available for a gift of any amount this month.

The Illuminati’s 7 Part Plan for the New World Order
With Doc Marquis

Ever since Barack Obama usurped the White House about six years ago, so many people have said to me, “What’s going on?” This guy is destroying America.” “None of this makes sense anymore.” Actually, it makes perfect sense if you know the inner workings and plans of the Illuminati. Obama has been following a carefully crafted and well honed 7-part plan that will usher in the Illuminati’s New World Order.

This plan has been used by other dictators for more than a century and when we carefully examine this plan of the Illuminati you will understand that everything that has been happening in the Obama Administration, does make sense. What we shall do is first: examine the 7-Part Plan of the Illuminati, compare it to dictatorial governments in the past, and then compare it to the present Administration and see if it all lines up. And I believe the end results will startle you! In 1773, Dr. Adam Weishaupt started an audacious plan, one that had such size and scope, that is bordered on the impossible. However, pawns of Satan know no limit to their personal ambitions. As the founder of the Order of the Illuminati, on May 1, 1776, Adam Weishaupt had written out a 7-part plan that he felt sure would create a New World Order. That 7-part plan goes as follows:

1.Abolition of all Order Governments

2. Abolition of Private Property

3. Abolition of Inheritance

4. Abolition of Patriotism

5. Abolition of the Family

6. Abolition of Religion

7. Creation of a New World Order

Most educated folks have heard of “The Communist Manifesto” as written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, published on February 21, 1848. In Marx’s own words, he states, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggle.” However, there was an earlier book written titled, “Science of Government Founded on Natural Law” (published in 1841) that is in my personal library, written by Clinton Roosevelt (a distant cousin of Franklin Delano Roosevelt), which Karl Marx borrowed heavily from. The fact of the matter is Karl Marx borrowed so heavily from  Roosevelt’s book that he could’ve easily been sued for plagiarism.

In Roosevelt’s book, he called for:

  1. Abolition of Private Property
  2. Heavy progressive Income Tax
  3. Abolition of all Rights of Inheritance
  4. Confiscation of property of all emigrants and rebels
  5. Creation of a Central Bank
  6. Government control of Communications and Transportation
  7. Government ownership of factories and agriculture
  8. Government control of Labor
  9. Corporate farms, regional planning
  10. Government control of Education
  11. Abolition of Religion
  12. Abolition of the Family as Basic Social Unit

Even with only a cursory look, it can easily be determined that many of the points found in Roosevelt’s book had already been written by Dr. Adam  Weishaupt in his 7-Part Plan towards the creation of a New World Order. So, Karl Marx plagiarized Roosevelt who plagiarized Weishaupt. In essence, communism was not Karl Marx nor Friedrich Engel’s idea, it was Weishaupt’s idea. And this is imperative to understand; Communism is simply a synonym for Illuminism. Just about every major tenet taught within the Illuminati can be found in Communism because they are, for the most part, the exact same system as written by Dr. Adam Weishaupt.

For the sake of brevity, we won’t go into the entire dictatorial reigns of Lenin and Stalin. However, a quick comparative analysis yields a number of striking similarities between the Illuminati’s 7-Part Plan to that of Stalin’s and Lenin’s practices:

  1. Both Lenin and Stalin abolished private property. The same beliefs are found in the 7-Part Plan, the “Abolition of all Private Property.”
  2. Lenin and Stalin abolished all rights of inheritance. In the 7-Part Plan it also dictated the “Abolition of Inheritance.”
  3. Lenin and Stalin sought to abolish religion. Weishaupt’s plan also called for the “Abolition of all Religion.”
  4. The “Abolition of the Family as the basic social unit” was being used by Lenin and Stalin, which is also found in the Illuminati’s 7-Part Plan: the “Abolition of the Family.”

This same comparative formula can be used for other  dictators throughout history. But the similarities of past dictators and the Obama Administration doesn’t end with the 7-Part Plan of the Illuminati. Other practices of past dictators can be found being implemented in the Obama Administration:

  • 1a. Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao-Tse Tung, Mussolini, and Hitler took away guns from the people. And when they had, each dictator took numerous photo ops and surrounded themselves with children claiming it was all being done for the sake of the children.
  • 1b. Even when he was signing Executive Orders to curtail our 2nd Amendment rights, like other dictators in the past, Barack Obama had children around him for a photo op. After all, he was doing this for the sake of the children as other dictators before him had.
  • 2a. Lenin, Mao, Mussolini, and Hitler had various forms of “Paramilitary Youth Groups.”
  • 2b. Obama had formed his own “Paramilitary Youth Group” during the early days of his first Administration. He even called for his group to eventually be an extension of the police itself.
  • 3a. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, and Hitler all used various methods to keep tabs on everyone, usually in the form of a “Secret Police” group-though not exclusively limited to such.
  • 3b. In one scandalous debacle after another, Obama has employed his method of keeping tabs on us through the F.B.I., C.I.A., N.S.A., I.R.S., etc.
  • 4a. Germany, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, and China to name a few of past dictatorial nations, had concentration camps.
  • 4b. In America, we now have almost 1,000 such concentration camps or P.O.W. Camps as the sign at the Fort Dix, NJ compound informs us. Though the politically correct verbiage would be “FEMA Camps.” So, then why is it the bidders contracts clearly spell out that they were constructing an “Enemy Prisoner War Camp”?
  • 5a. Hitler employed the use of railroad trains to transport prisoners to his concentration camps.
  • 5b. In America we have white United Nation trains that are now being fitted with shackles inside of them.
  • 6a. Hitler had his personal logo: the Swastika.
  • 6b. Obama is the first and ONLY U.S. President to have his own “personal logo.”
  • 7a. Hitler, Mussolini, Castrol, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao were all depicted in various newspapers, magazines, and posters as having a “nimbus” or “halo” around their visage, plus they were spoken of having the quality of apotheosis.
  • 7b. Obama has also been given halos and the quality of apotheosis endowed upon him by the media. Even famed journalist, Barbara Walters said of herself and her colleagues in the news industry, “We thought that he (Obama) was going to be…the next messiah.”
  • 8a. Hitler, Castro, Gorbechev, Gadafi, and other such dictators were all crying out for a “New World Order.”
  • 8b. Oddly enough, in his speech to the United Nations in 2009, Barack Obama was also calling for a “New World Order” according to the 7-Part Plan of the Order of the Illuminati.
  • 9a. Vladimir Lenin once said, “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” Hitler had once said, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
  • 9b. On a broadcast on August 21, 2010, Barack Obama said, “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth, are people with something to hide.” He also stated while on the campaign trail, “I promise 100% transparency in my administration.” Hmm, I wonder if Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Sarah Ingram, Jay Carney, Eric Holder, Janet Napolitano and Kathleen Sebelius forgot what Obama had said about “disclosing the truth” when, in the various scandals they are involved in (except for Carney) all said, “I don’t know!?” Perhaps the lies weren’t big enough.
  • 10a. Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, etc. got rid of senior military officers and personnel because of the impending threat they could pose for future coups.
  • 10b. Obama has thus far, fired around a dozen or so Generals, 1,100 Captains (48 who had served in Afghanistan), 500 Majors are being  iven  their “pink slips,” and around 200 top commanders of the military over the last few years due to budget cuts. Hmm, we’re in serious conflicts with a number of nations as I write this article and, as an Army Veteran, I don’t recall America ever once drastically cutting down our military during times of war because of so-called budget cuts.
  • 11a. Hitler created his own health care system known as “The T4 Program,” which was a secret medical program to determine by death panels, what patients would be considered to have “lives unworthy to be lived” and what would the most “practical and cheapest” manner of removing them from being a burden on the health care system.”
  • 11b. Barack Obama had his own health care system known as “Obamacare,” a.k.a. the Affordable Health Care Act. Ah, yes, Mr. Obama certainly learned his lesson from Adolf Hitler when he said (to paraphrase), “If you like your doctor, you can keep him.” “If you like your health care plan, you can keep it.” “Obamacare will save the average American family $2,500.”
  • 12a. Christianity took a major beating during the dictatorial reigns of Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and others. Some estimate that around 10 million Christians were murdered during the Holocaust of WWII.
  • 12b. In America, Christianity is beginning to see signs of a similar Holocaust. Obama has ordered crosses to be removed from some military  church buildings, soldiers are not allowed to share their faith with other soldiers, and the Obama administration is ordering soldiers not to handout Bibles. And did you know that it’s illegal for Christians to pray in front of the White House? Could it be because, to quote Obama’s 2009 address to the United Nations General Assembly, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”?

We have been called “a nation that’s in transition.” But, why? Why the sudden and big changes? Are we being prepared, like sheep for the slaughter, for a coming New World Order under a One World Dictator, under a One World Government headed by the Illuminati and their coming Antichrist, under a One World Economic System, under a One World Religion? The short answer is, “YES”! The long answer is found in Bible.

Let me finish with posing a question. With everything going on in America and other parts of the world, if there is no conspiracy going on…why isn’t there???

Oh Rats!

Remember the new ONE WORLD TRADE TOWER? It’s infested with rats! That’s right, all the way to the top floors! They have brought in professional exterminators but it looks like it’s turned out to be an ongoing job. Maybe they should just start eating them. I hear they taste a lot like chicken.

The Rise of Christian Persecution in a Post Christian America

Now I know many reading this may be in denial concerning America being a post-Christian nation, but facts are facts. There are many more non born-again Christians in America than true born-again Christians. Oh sure, there are many that say they are Christians but this includes all those in the over 10,000 cult groups not to mention Catholicism and all of her offshoots. There’s also all those others out there who say they’re Christians but have never been born-again. I remember as a kid, most businesses were closed on Sundays because everyone was in church. It would be financially implacable to have your business open because hardly anyone would be coming in. That was then, this is now. Today everything has changed. There are many more non-born-again believers in this country than true born-again believers. When this happens, true born again Christians become the minority and suffer persecution. This has already begun in America, but I believe this year things are going to kick in like never before. I’ve recently aired the new DVD: The Rise of Christian Persecution in a Post-Christian America. You might want to obtain a copy of this to learn what is to take place this year and how to deal with it. Available this month for a gift of any amount.

Cuba and America Reunited? Really?

I’m sure you’ve caught this on the news recently but what’s the bigger picture going on here? This is really the uniting between Communism and Democracy! Communism and America! This is a quantum leap Obama did toward the prophesied one world government. And let’s not forget the Pope had no small part to play here, in which Obama gave great praise toward him for helping out in such a great way. Communism doesn’t work. That’s why so many from Cuba have been trying to escape to America for so many years– often times in small rubber boats or rafts or anything else they could get a hold of. You’ve probably seen on the news all these cars from the 50’s still being driven around there.The latest car shipped to Cuba is from 1961! No, Communism doesn’t work. Yet most Americans, as well as Cubans seem to think this is a great thing Obama and the Pope has accomplished. Unbelievable!

North Korea Hacks Sony!

Although they have denied it now, that’s not the point. The point is that so many other countries can now hack into our banks or power grid. Cyber-warfare has begun! On Dec. 20th FOX News reported that if our power grid is taken out, in only one year 90% of the population in America would be dead! Who would be the other 10%? People who prepared! There would be no water treatment plants, no gas, no transporting of food or other supplies, no stores, nothing! Don’t think it will ever happen? On that FOX News report they interviewed an expert who said, “It’s not a matter of IF, but WHEN, this will take place!” With this newsletter, there’s a resource list. Within that resource list there’s 7 DVDs available under the category of Basic Survival. You might want to take a look at those.

Flu Shots Only Work 50-60% of the Time This Year!

December Newsletter 20142That’s what was reported on the news and the reason is because there’s so many more flu strains this year. In fact, 3 times more people are catching the flu this year. And the H3 Strain is seriously dangerous. What can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones? So many of you have already obtained one of our Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver Generators and as I’ve mentioned before, Colloidal Silver does kill the Ebola Virus. According to the  UCLA Medical Department, Colloidal Silver killed every virus tested in their lab. Over 650 of them! If you have not yet obtained the means to make your own Colloidal Silver at home, you need to! It’s so easy to make, even a child can do this! And as you know, this is the cold and flu season, but why take the chance on catching any viruses at all when you don’t have to? And beyond this, what about others? Are you telling others? Freely you’ve received this information so freely give this information to others! All you have to do is tell them! And to make it easier yet, you can just tell them to go to our website: www.cultivateministries.org and scroll down to our short YouTube video and learn for themselves. Since we’re still getting these out at our cost of only $44.00 each which makes up to $5000.00 worth of Colloidal Silver going by health food store prices, who wouldn’t take advantage of this! They can even order on line to obtain a kit faster or even snail mail takes only a few days.

30 Club

We still have our 30 Club going. Anyone wishing to obtain everything I air each month (almost always DVDs), an $80 value, may do so with a gift of $30 or more each month. If you would like to join up, now would be the time to do so. Just let me know when you write or call. Thank You!

Prayer Request…

My main prayer request is that I not be take out until I’m taken up in the rapture. I still have a man living near me that could be quite detrimental to the ministry. He really needs to be removed. He told me if he ever left this area, the last thing he would do before leaving would be to burn my place down; so pray he not do that either. Also please pray for finances. About half the people getting the newsletter did not renew this year and I only have about half the money in the ministry account as I did last year at this time. Also pray always for my safety, health, and that I’ll be able to prepare for the hard times coming. Thanks!

Ending Note…

Once again I want to thank those of you who help this ministry continue through your prayers and gifts of support. You guys are the real heroes and are greatly appreciated!

Yours because His:


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