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Greetings in Jesus…!

So here we are in July of 2014 already! Recently I was in my boat in the middle of one of the lakes up here when I saw two bald eagles flying over me that have taken up residency here. As I continued watching, they both flew higher and higher over me. Then all of a sudden they both attached to each other and went into this tumbling down! My mouth dropped open as I realized I just witnessed them mating!

Scripture speaks of the eagles. “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40:30-31)

Here in the high country of Colorado we get these large afternoon storms this time of year. But when this happens, the eagles are nowhere to be found. This is because as they see the storm coming they take off and fly higher and higher until they reach far above the clouds. They actually look down upon the storm and they don‟t come down again until after that storm is over! I believe we may have a storm coming soon that might be longer than most. But if you continue to wait on the Lord, serving Him in gladness no matter how long that storm lasts, eventually, you will ride out that storm.

Nicolas Cage Makes the Rapture Bigger than Ever

Fans of the “Left Behind” book series, which to date has sold more than 63 million copies, know the answer to the daughter‟s question is the Rapture, a great and terrifying day prophesied in the Bible when millions of Christians around the world will be taken from earth to meet with Christ. It‟s a day some imagine as people simply vanishing, leaving their families, cars, and airplanes suddenly empty. The consequent chaos of millions of people disappearing is the launching pad for a reboot of the “Left Behind” movie franchise coming to theaters Oct. 3.

If the idea of a “Left Behind” movie sounds familiar, it‟s because a trio of films based on the book phenomenon was made for home video more than 10 years ago. But this time around, the scriptwriter and producer Paul Lalonde tells WND, the rebooted story is aiming for a much bigger splash with bigger stars, a bigger budget, and a much bigger ambition. “We did three movies back in the early 2000‟s starring Kirk Cameron,” Lalonde said. “They were extremely successful but didn‟t really fulfill my dream as a filmmaker. “I‟ve found Bible prophecy to be a great way to reach out to people who may not necessarily be open to evangelism, so we were excited about [the first] „Left Behind‟ and how it did, but ever since then I wanted to do something bigger,” he continued. “I wanted to put Bible prophecy on the big screen rather than just on videos, to put the message of Bible prophecy in front of a much broader audience, and not just church-goers. That‟s something we‟ve tried to do with this new „Left Behind‟ movie and this new approach of a bigger film with A-list actors.”

Among the A-list actors are the Oscar-winning Nicolas Cage, Lea Thompson of “Back to the Future,” “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks and Chad Michael Murray of “Dawson‟s Creek” and “One Tree Hill” fame. Lalonde also told WND not to expect this “Left Behind” to be a rehash of the previous film series – a bigger scale means a bigger vision.

“This is a very different script,” he said. “The first movie covered the entire first book in the „Left Behind,‟ a lot of events taking place, dozens of plot points. In the first movie, we didn‟t really have time to focus or to really get to know the characters because of the pace of the events. This time, the entire movie is about the day of the Rapture, so really only the first chapter of the first book. This really doesn‟t bear any resemblance to the first movie.”

But as more mainstream actors find their way into the film, does the biblical content get pushed out? “This movie focuses on the day of the Rapture, so there really isn‟t an opportunity for anyone to do evangelizing, but the Christian worldview is there.” Lalonde said. “The message is there. Everybody who is watching knows it was the Rapture; they know where those people went; they know why those people left and why those who were left behind were left behind, so there is no attempt to hide the biblical theme of the movie. “Yet it‟s not in-your-face evangelism, because that‟s specifically something I was trying to temper for a more mainstream audience.” he continued. “We wanted to hold true to the source material of the „Left Behind‟ books, ultimately to hold true to the Scriptures and make sure we didn‟t change any of the biblical realities.

“We didn‟t do a „Noah‟ on the script.” he insisted. “What I want is when people walk out of the theater, they‟re asking, „Is that really in the Bible?‟ And unlike „Noah,‟ the answer is yes.”

For Lalonde, the ultimate goal is to reveal how imminent and relevant biblical prophecy is to all audiences, regardless of their religious background. “What I like about „Left Behind‟ is that is a Bible-based movie, it‟s a biblical story, it‟s a true story – it just hasn‟t happened yet,” Lalonde said. “It is a biblical movie like „Noah‟ or „Son of God‟ or „Exodus,‟ but nobody‟s in sandals. This is the modern world. This is today. And the great thing about the Rapture and about the immanency of the Rapture is this could literally happen this afternoon

“So that‟s a great takeaway for people,” he concluded. “We‟re not talking about something that happened 4,000 years ago or 2,000 years ago; this is very relevant to today. Plus, you‟ve got sort of a „Twilight Zone‟ theme going on here with people disappearing – I think it will be very eye-opening to people who are outside of that core Christian audience to see that this is something prophesied in the Bible and worth looking into.

Note from Jim- I thought it interesting timing of the debut of this new Left Behind is on this coming October 3rd, Just 5 days before the 2nd of the four blood moons or tetrad the world is experiencing. Could God be doing something here?

The first “Left Behind” film by Peter & Paul Lalonde brought multitudes to Christ when it first came out and is still today. Peter‟s wife sent me a copy before it was actually released publically which I aired immediately. It is still very powerful! If you would like a copy, it‟s available for a gift of any amount this month. Just ask for the DVD “Left Behind: Where’d Everybody Go?”

Friday the 13th featured full ‘Strawberry’ Moon

Sky watchers got a special treat as a full moon occurred in June on Friday the 13th, something that hadn’t happened in June since 1919. Known as both the ‘Strawberry” moon as well as the “Honey” moon, the actual full moon occurred very early Friday morning, but was still nearly full when it rose in the east Friday evening.

The Baltimore Sun reported that the “strawberry” name came from the fact that it’s strawberry season, and Algonquin Native American tribes knew this was the time of year to gather them, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac. It’s also known as the “Honey Moon” since it can have a slightly golden tint.

This was the first time since Oct. 13, 2000, that a full moon occurred on a Friday the 13th of any month, and the last time it will happen until Oct. 13, 2049.

Common Western superstition says Friday the 13th is unlucky. But what does it say about a Friday the 13th with a full moon and solar flares that could create geomagnetic storms large enough to disrupt Earth’s atmosphere?
NASA cameras captured 3 major solar flares in June — events where the sun hurls powerful bursts of matter into the atmosphere. When large enough, these bursts send shock waves — called coronal mass ejections, or CMEs – through-out space. These shock waves pose no direct threat to humans, but sometimes, on days such as June 13, CMEs could have been large enough to disrupt GPS, satellite communications and other atmospheric systems, according to NASA

Solar flares and sunspots.star_flare
It’s been awhile since we’ve seen such as an event. The last major CME to hit Earth came in 1859. Tony Phillips, curator of SpaceWeather.com, analyzed the last 17 Friday the 13ths “for fun” in response to a CNN request. He concluded that the June solar-related activity was an outlier.

“Of course, there is no actual correlation between solar flares and Friday the 13th,” he said in an e-mail to CNN. “But [June 13] was one of the most active of the past 10 years, albeit not by a wide margin. Friday the 13th in May 2005 was similar.”

Phillips, who is also production editor for science at NASA, categorized only 4 Friday the 13ths in the last decade as “high solar activity.” Thus, NOAA remains on watch.

Solar activity varies in its intensity, but there has been an uptick in solar flares and related episodes in recent years. This is not a surprise. Recently, NASA released a state-ment dubbing this new solar activity a natural occurrence and part of the star’s cycle of life. They called it a “mini-max.” Because, historically speaking, it’s not that bad.
“This solar cycle continues to rank among the weakest on record,” said NASA adviser Ron Turner in a post online.”

This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’

Iraq is a mess. Eleven years after the U.S.-led coalition invaded to remove Saddam Hussein, and 3 years after the war was declared over and American troops withdrawn, it appears that what once was a promising future for the nation is crumbling.

But it seems that modern Iraq’s prospects have been ill-starred from the beginning. After the Ottoman Empire fell at the conclusion of World War I, Iraq and several of the other nations in the Middle East were created by the stroke of a pen. Literally.

Britain’s Colonial Secretary, Winston Churchill, essentially drew the map of the modern Middle East. He once noted that he created the nation of Jordan “with the stroke of a pen one Sunday afternoon in Cairo.” Such arbitrary lines defined the nations of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. Prime Minister David Lloyd George admiringly commented that in Iraq, Churchill had turned “a mere collection of tribes into a nation.”

In truth, what Churchill created was a time bomb. His new nation included heavy numbers of Sunni and Shia Muslims — factions at war since the 7th century. He also arbitrarily threw in a completely separate people in the north known as the Kurds. Shia Muslims make up the majority in Iraq, but Churchill installed Sunni leaders. And the Sunnis remained in power until the U.S. defeated Saddam Hussein. But the Shias were stronger and more numerous than the Sunnis. So, predictably, when the Iraqis were finally given free elections, the dominant Shias, backed by Iran, won the vote. Iraq descended into civil war between these factions in 2006-2007, but the U.S. troops‟ surge restored stability and Iraq remained relatively calm and stable until President Obama withdrew the American forces at the end of 2011.

Today, a rebel Sunni group formerly associated with al-Qaeda has captured three major Iraqi cities and set its sights on Baghdad. Calling itself Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), it is moving across the land like a plague; brutally feeding and growing on the spoils of the Iraqis it conquers.

ISIS is so extreme even al-Qaeda has disavowed any connection with it. The terrorists crucify Christians, amputate the hands of thieves, and kill anyone who stands up to them. Reports say the roads are lined with decapitated victims. Some observers say thousands have been executed.

Of course, Mr. Churchill isn’t the only world leader who misunderstood the complexities of the Middle East. Unfortunately, most of them have walked into the buzz saw because they misunderstood Islam and its intolerant and brutal nature. Ironically, Churchill seemed to understand, but underestimated, the role of Islam in the Middle Eastern dynamic. He once called Mohammedanism (Islam) the most retrograde force in the world.

Immediately after 9/11, President George W. Bush spoke at the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C. He said, “The face of terror is not the true faith of Islam. That’s not what Islam’s all about. Islam is peace.”

So he started off the war against terrorism by commending Islam, not condemning it. He made the mistake of thinking that democracy would solve the problem. Either he didn’t understand or didn’t believe that Islam and democracy are incompatible. And it’s gone downhill ever since. Speaking of downhill. I think President Obama and his team may be the worst negotiators in U.S. history. Their deal with Iran has succeeded in igniting a nuclear arms race in the region. They have negotiated with Russia, China, and other countries around the world. In almost every case, America’s leverage has been squandered and its power reduced to a whimper.

But the most shocking of all may be the recent deal with the Taliban. You remember the Taliban. They’re the terrorists from whose brutal reign we liberated Afghanistan.

Well, apparently, we didn’t finish the job. In fact, President Obama decided to return to them 5 of their most deadly leaders. Some intelligence sources describe the Guantanamo 5 as the equivalent of 4-star generals. We’ve released them in exchange for one American soldier, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who deserted his post 5 years ago and walked into the Taliban’s waiting arms. Many Americans (as well as most Afghanis as recent polls reveal) are furious. Former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani described the move as “one of the more irresponsible and dangerous decisions an American president ever made.”

In breaking with historical precedent, President Obama has effectively encouraged America’s enemies to target other Americans because they think we’ll pay the ransom. I guess one thing you have to say about this administration is that it’s consistent. President Obama has shown he’s willing to accommodate one terrorist organization, the Taliban, and now he’s agreed to work with another, Hamas. Even though U.S. law clearly prohibits the American government from funding or cooperating with recognized terrorist groups, the U.S. State Department has declared that it sees no problem in supporting the new Palestinian “unity government” consisting of Fatah and Hamas. This in spite of the fact that PA President Mahmoud Abbas openly tells Palestinian officials that his strong words against Hamas’s terrorist activities “are meant to trick the Americans.”

One Israeli official has described the U.S. willingness to ignore the law and support Hamas as “a knife in the back” to Israel.

How can peace be possible if Hamas is involved? The irony is that we used to say we don’t negotiate with terrorists. But realistically, we’ve been negotiating with them at least since we began dealing with Yasser Arafat.

The Economic Meltdown

Talking about the economic meltdown has become some-what of a pass-time activity for many. Some like to say it‟s all hot wind invented by the media in order to sell papers, while some say it‟s a complicated systemic fault that‟s too hard to understand. Either way, we grew accustomed to discussing about the meltdown in terms of theory. Actually, we all like to think that the world will remain pretty much the same from now on and that it will just be a rough couple of years, but nothing will change in the big picture.

This happens because the worse part of the crisis is not here yet. We‟re now experiencing an economic decline and a general sense of austerity, but that‟s not the worse that could happen. If we‟re to be metaphorical, the meltdown will be like a storm. It will hit hard and many won‟t make it to see the light the day. Things will gradually settle down, but that initial impact will be dreadful. Those who won‟t be prepared to survive the storm will drown; those smart enough to have at least an inflatable boat might make it out alive. It‟s the same during an economic meltdown – if you‟re prepared, you have a better chance of surviving.

The shocking truth is that most Americans are not ready at this point. In fact, cold hard facts show that most people would crash and burn if the meltdown (a disintegration of the economic and social system) would happen tomorrow.

Here’s why:

Most Americans don‟t have a minimum amount of money set aside in case they lose their job or something unexpected happens. More than 40 percent of all Americans don‟t have even $2,000 dollars set aside for gray days. More than 60 percent of Americans don‟t have enough money to make it through 3 months of unemployment. Most people are hardly coping with daily expenses and spend more on paying taxes than they spend on buying food or clothes.

Less than 10 percent of all Americans own valuable metals, such as gold and silver. That‟s the currency that will matter in case a meltdown comes knocking (for starters, anyway).

A recent report shows that only three million Americans are “preppers,” meaning they‟re actually preparing for really tough times. That‟s a very small number considering the total population of the US.

What about these horrible numbers? According to a recent survey, 45 percent of Americans don‟t have access to a first-aid kit, 50 percent do not have any kind of emergency supplies and more than 50 percent of people don‟t have a 3-day supply of emergency goods in case something happens. Sitting ducks.

I am not pointing fingers and I am not blaming people for this. We are all victims of a dumbed-down society that aims to produce sheep rather than citizens. But you can always turn your life around. If you find yourself in one of the vulnerable categories I‟ve listed above, you should consider reshaping your lifestyle. There are simple things you can do that won‟t break the bank, but that will make all the difference in the world once we pass the point of no return.

And don‟t doubt it: That moment will come sooner than later and it won‟t be for the fainthearted. What side of the barrier will you be?

Drone Pizza Deliveries?

Russia has now become the first country to deliver pizzas by drones. That‟s right! You call text or email the pizza parlor, they give you the estimated time of arrival and a code number. Using GPS your pizza gets there in very little time BY avoiding traffic. You walk out of your home or apartment, once the drone with your pizza is overhead, you text them and the pizza is lowered down to you. What kind of a world are we living in?!

The Future of Food

I don‟t want to scare anyone but if you do a little research on the internet on the topic of food shortages in America, you will learn these food shortages are no joke and are coming soon! There‟s probably more on the internet on this subject than you have the time to read for the remainder of your life! First there‟s the rising costs. Food has become so expensive over the last few years that there‟s not only a record breaking amount of people on food stamps today, there‟s also many families who have resorted to making dog food a normal food supplement in their lives because it is actually more nutritious than people food! Even the Bible tells us there‟s a day coming when a loaf of bread will cost a day‟s wages. When you combine the rising cost of food with the up-coming financial collapse, which will also cause the food stamp program to cease, you can see how things will most likely change overnight. People get desperate fast when hungry. So, what must you do to prepare? First, it‟s a good idea to have 1-2 years of non-perishable foods stocked up. And anything else you might need! The other thing you need to do is to stock up with seeds and learn how to grow things. This is a great time of year to buy seeds for vegetables.

Just last month I aired the audio portion of the DVD, The Future of Food. If you would like a copy, it‟s available this month for a gift of any amount.

Another great DVD available for a gift of any Amount this month is: Growing You Own Survival Vegetables. This survival DVD was filmed in Canada where they have a shorter growing season much like Colorado, but also works great if you live where the growing season is much longer.

Jesus Christ vs. Joseph Smith

As you know, I was raised as a Mormon so I really have a heart for the Mormon people. Mormons put much trust in their founder Joseph Smith. In many cases, more than Jesus Christ! Mormon doctrine actually teaches that one must not only believe in Jesus but also believe Joseph Smith as a true prophet of God in order to get to heaven. Recently, I aired the audio portion of the DVD Jesus Christ vs. Joseph Smith. This DVD shows the parallel between the two and the vast differences thereof. This is great to give to your Mormon friends and relatives. Available for a gift of any amount this month.

The Cure for Cancer?

For many years on the air and often in this news-letter I have shared information on how the breakthrough of vitamin B-17 has been used as a cure for many cancers. Maybe this is why we don‟t find vitamin B-17 in any multi-vitamin supplements on the market today. While it is obtainable from a company in California, Toll Free 1-866-468-7487, there are other ways people have been cured of cancer and many other things through foods. I recently aired the DVD, Foods as Medicine. A two part series now on one DVD and available this month for a gift of any amount.

30 Club

We still have our 30 Club going. Anyone wishing to obtain everything we air each month (almost always DVDs), which is an $80 value, may do so with a gift of $30 or more each month. If you would like to join up, now would be the time to do so. Just be sure to include a NOTE LETTING ME KNOW when you write along with your phone number in case I need to call you. Also, you might want to have the 30 Club packages sent to a friend, relative or your church each month. We can do this too! Just send us the name/s and addresses of those you wanted added to the mailing.
Again, please send me your phone number and/or email address if you have one in case I need to ask you a question on something.

Prayer Request…

As many of you know, I live in the high country of Colorado. It‟s in a small subdivision of a little over 200 property owners. Some live here year round but most do not. Like most small subdivisions, there‟s a Board of Directors. But unlike most situations where the Board of Directors live within the subdivision, most here do not. In the same way our country is collapsing from the corruption within, so is where I run this ministry from. Most of the (Gestapo type) Board of Directors must go! It‟s being run like a cult. I‟m writing a letter to all the members including members of “the Board” exposing what is taking place and I expect great opposition! My hope and prayer is to bring many to Christ and at the same time, let them know how to prepare for the coming storm. Please pray the Lord strengthen me and I be successful. Thank you!

Want to be a part of the ministry?

Some of you might be wondering what you could be doing for the Lord but just not sure how. Well, here‟s something He might be able to use you in and all you need is the internet, a phone, an email address, a little time, a love for the lost, a love for the Lord, and the love of being a fellow watchman (or watchwoman) for the Church. You would be working closely with me. Sometimes I just don‟t have enough time to do what I need to and would really appreciate someone to help out. Sometimes it might be as simple as asking you to do a little research on something and get back with me. The fringe benefits are getting to know more than most of what‟s going on in this late hour and also has a great retirement plan for all eternity! So if you‟re interested, give me a call on the ministry line at (719) 630-1222 or email me at: cultbuster7@yahoo.com and leave your phone number. Thanks! -Jim

Ending Note…
Once again I want to thank those of you who help this ministry continue through your prayers and gifts of support. You guys are the real heroes and are greatly appreciated!
Yours because His:

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