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October, 2016
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Greetings in Jesus…!

So here we are in September already! This is the month when the aspens up here turn gold, orange and red. It truly is a beautiful sight to see! But it‘s also when the bears start to be more aggressive searching for food knowing they must prepare for the harsh winter ahead. And then they are ready to sleep right through it. It‘s interesting to me how the Lord instilled to all His creation all the way from bears to ants and everything in between the time to be ready for major changes coming and what to do to prepare for them. Yet man still doesn’t quite get it. Jesus talked about this and how we can look at the sky and see what kind of weather is coming but yet we fail to discern the times in which we live.
Thank you so much to those of you who do understand the times in which we live and help this ministry continue in this late hour with your serious prayers as well as your gifts of support. You guys are the real heroes!

Rapture and Rosh Hashanah (from Compass International email)

october-2016-newsletteraAs all who have studied the Rapture know, it’s a day of gathering in the air and certainly should be quite the celebration! The two most famous spine-tingling Rapture verses read:
“Behold, I tell you a mystery; we will not all sleep, but we will all be changed, in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet; for the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.” 1 Cor 15:51-52
“For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. 1Thes. 4:16. Coincidence is not Kosher there’s a trumpet blown at the feast of Rosh Hashanah and a trumpet blown for the next Christian event, the Rapture. The Jews celebrate at Rosh Hashanah and Christians will celebrate at the Rapture in the sky. Coincidence? Hardly! The Jewish Feasts continue to mirror the major Christian events!

Therefore, following God’s pattern of having the first four major events of the Church Age land on the first four Jewish feasts, I believe undoubtedly that the next big event of the Church Age is likely to occur on Rosh Hashanah, regardless of the year! Now, for those purists who will argue that you can’t know the day and the hour based on this verse:
“But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.” Matthew 24:36

First, when Jesus made that statement, He was speaking pre-cross and had not yet received all knowledge as described in Revelation 5. Like many other statements He made to the Jews under the Law, it was true when He made it before the cross, but not true today to you and me living in the Church Age. Today, Jesus can’t make that statement!

Second, we still don’t know the year, much less the day and hour as Israel is one day, eight to ten time zones ahead of us. But for what it’s worth, just for fun, if the Rapture just happens to be this year, Rosh Hashanah begins on the evening of October 2nd Israel time. Just saying…

A note from Jim… Compass International is not a date setter. Nor am I. But I must admit this is the first time I have ever seen Compass International even hint at the possibility of a date. And there‘s nothing wrong with that! Why? Because we are told to in Scripture to watch! In one place it says, as you see that day approaching… Is there a day that we are to see approaching? What day is that? The day the Bible speaks of as our great hope or the rapture of the Church of course! This cannot be referring to the second coming of Christ because there would be no great hope there due to the 7 year tribulation period when God pours out His wrath upon a Christ rejecting world.

Spraying Zika Carrying Mosquitoes Kills Millions of Bees!

In last month‘s newsletter I shared with you an article by G. Edward Griffin titled: There‘s a Sucker Born Every Minute, dealing with the real reasons behind spraying for the Zika carrying mosquitoes. I‘m sure many were skeptical after reading that article seeing as its still all over the news concerning the dangers of the Zika virus. Here is that short article again followed up with an update as to what really took place afterwards.

There’s a sucker born every minute: by G. Edward Griffin.

September 2016 NewslettercThat phrase usually is attributed to P.T. Barnum. Actually, there is no proof of its origin, but it was a sentiment that was widely shared by crooked gamblers and con artists of the 19th Century. In fact, it still is, particularly among modern day politicians. This fact is clearly illustrated by the following stories in this week‘s edition relating to the near hysteria being created by politicians and media pundits over the threat of mosquitoes infecting humans with the Zika virus. We have published the facts in this deception in previous issues of Need to Know news so, if you are not aware of the colossal fraud and deception being perpetrated on the public, please take a few minutes to check out these previous stories: The most important thing to understand in this issue is that there is no credible evidence that the Zika virus is the cause of the birth defects attributed to it by the media. However, there is a huge fortune to be made in tax-funding projects to bio-engineer new strains of mosquitoes, to conduct massive spraying programs, to develop new vaccines, to pass new laws to regulate human activity, and to launch so-called public-awareness programs to sensitize us to the danger. And that doesn’t include the payola that flows into the pockets of politicians and public-health officials who cooperate with the profitable scam. Think for a moment about previous health scares over the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu, and the Ebola virus – none of which had scientific validity but which handsomely benefited the scaremongers. And now, here we go again with Zika. Unfortunately, P.T. Barnum may have been right.

Millions of bees have just died in South Carolina, because Dorchester County officials decided to attack Zika mosquitoes from the air, from planes, with a pesticide called Naled.
The Washington Post reports, in an article headlined: “Like it‘s been nuked”: “Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes.” “The county acknowledged the bee deaths Tuesday.” “Dorchester County is aware that some beekeepers in the area that was sprayed on Sunday lost their beehives,” Jason Ward, county administrator, said in a news release. He added, according to the Charleston Post and Courier, “I am not pleased that so many bees were killed.” That‘s the highest degree of outrage County Administrator Ward can muster? He‘s not pleased? Who said this Naled pesticide was safe? None other than the CDC. Sort of. On the agency‘s web page titled “Zika Virus: Information on aerial spraying,” we have several remarkable and inconsistent statements, obviously designed to straddle the fence and cover the agency and pesticide companies: “Spraying Naled can kill bees outside of their hives at the time of spraying; therefore, spraying is limited to dawn or dusk when bees are inside their hives…”  “Because Naled breaks down quickly, it does not pose a risk to the honey bee populations…”  “Studies show that honey production between hives in treated and untreated sites did not show significantly different quantities of honey over the course of a season…” [But suppose millions of bees are killed and their colonies are destroyed?] “For additional protection, urban bee keepers inside the spray zone can cover their hives when spraying occurs…” A masterpiece of slippery contradiction. Naled is safe, but it isn‘t, but it is. Regardless, Dorchester County, in South Carolina, just learned a lesson about pesticide safety. And for what? To kill mosquitoes purportedly carrying the Zika virus. This is the virus that hasn‘t been proved to cause anything. Zika. I have covered this hoax extensively in past articles. In a nutshell, no researchers anywhere in the world have been able to demonstrate a strong correlation between the presence of Zika and cases of the birth defect called microcephaly. The correlation isn‘t there. This failure is actually a refutation of the notion that Zika causes microcephaly. It‘s a mandatory reason for saying, “Well, that Zika idea doesn‘t work, now we have to go back to the drawing board to find out what‘s causing this birth defect.” But that‘s not what the CDC and the World Health Organization are doing. They‘re promoting Zika day and night; and the payoff will be a Zika vaccine. These are the global health agencies tasked with guarding your health. If you want to dig further, you can discover that, despite assurances to the contrary, Naled, like other toxic organophosphate pesticides, harms humans as well.

Organophosphates are neurotoxins. The original research was done in Germany, in the hunt for nerve-agent weapons. Here is a note from nospray.org: “Naled‘s breakdown product DICHLORVOS (another organophosphate insecticide) interferes with prenatal brain development. In laboratory animals, exposure for just 3 days during pregnancy when the brain is growing quickly reduced brain size 15 percent.” In other words, to kill mosquitoes carrying a virus that causes nothing…but is claimed to cause fetal brain damage…they spray a compound that CAN cause fetal brain damage. Your health agencies at work. Medscape, in its presentation on organophosphate pesticides, states: “Children are at a significantly increased risk worldwide…Childhood deaths and reported poisonings in the United States have declined over the last few decades, partly because of educational efforts and improved regulation and packaging.” Maybe so, maybe not. But spraying an organophosphate pesticide from planes in South Carolina doesn‘t qualify as “improved regulation.”

Bees are very important! It is the bees that pollinate not only flowers, but all growing food supplies for man, all fruits and all vegetables! If pollination stops, so does the food supply for man. You might be thinking, we‘ll just go hunting and eat meat! Really? What do cattle, chickens and other animals eat? They eat things that grow, all of which produce after their kind. That is, after being pollinated by bees. Think about it!

While it is true that viruses are on the rise and will continue to do so as the Word of God declares, there is a way to kill all viruses. Perhaps the simplest is Colloidal Silver which according to the U.C.L.A. medical Dept. states, Colloidal Silver killed every virus tested in the lab, over 650 of them, including the Zika virus. For over 25 years we‘ve been making these basic Colloidal Silver generators available. Not for $300.00 or more, but only $44.00 which includes shipping! Comes with everything you need including instructions and a free DVD titled: Suppressed Medical Advancements. If you would like one, these are still available at our cost of only $44.00. And for the sake of others, please do let other people know about these.

Champion of U.S. conservatives dies


Phyllis Schlafly, the legendary conservative activist, lawyer and author who strung together a career that spanned seven decades, has died. Schlafly founded the Eagle Forum in 1972, a pro-family conservative group focusing heavily on social issues — it has about 80,000 members and, as of last month, Schlafly was still president. She was 92.

The point of no return is near. You can feel it in the air.

Deutsche Bank, one of the largest banks in the world, is about to fail – and it is five times bigger than Lehman Brothers, which failed in 2008 and triggered the US crash. Deutsche Bank will impact the entire world.october-2016-newsletterd
Just like during the last economic crisis, homeless encampments are popping up all over the nation as poverty grows at a very alarming rate. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, more than half a million people are homeless in America right now, but that figure is increasing by the day. And it isn‘t just adults that we are talking about. It has been reported that that the number of homeless children in this country has risen by 60 percent since the last recession, and Poverty USA says that a total of 1.6 million children slept either in a homeless shelter or in some other form of emergency housing at some point last year. Yes, the stock market may have been experiencing a temporary boom for the last couple of years, but for those on the low end of the economic scale things have just continued to deteriorate. Tonight, countless numbers of homeless people will try to make it through another chilly night in large tent cities that have been established in the heart of major cities such as Seattle, Washington, D.C. and St. Louis.

Homelessness has gotten so bad in California that the L.A. City Council has formally asked Governor Jerry Brown to officially declare a state of emergency. And in Portland the city has extended their “homeless emergency” for yet another year, and city officials are really struggling with how to deal with the booming tent cities that have sprung up…There have always been homeless people in Portland, but last summer Michelle Cardinal noticed a change outside her office doors. Almost overnight, it seemed, tents popped up in the park that runs like a green carpet past the offices of her national advertising business. She saw assaults, drug deals and prostitution. Every morning, she said, she cleaned human feces off the doorstep and picked up used needles. “It started in June and by July it was full-blown. The park was mobbed,” she said. “We‘ve got a problem here and the question is how we‘re going to deal with it.” But of course it isn‘t just Portland that is experiencing this. There are over 25 known “tent cities” around the US now. Most of the time, those that establish tent cities do not want to be discovered because local authorities have a nasty habit of shutting them down and forcing homeless people out of the area. For example, check out what just happened in Elkhart, Indiana…

A group of homeless people in Elkhart has been asked to leave the place they call home. For the last time, residents of “Tent City” packed up camp. City officials gave residents just over a month to vacate the wooded area; Wednesday being the last day to do so. The property has been on Mayor Tim Neese‘s radar since he took office in January, calling it both a safety and health hazard to its residents and nearby pedestrian traffic. “This has been their home but you can‘t live on public property,” said Mayor Tim Neese, Elkhart.

If they can‘t live on “public property”, where are they supposed to go? They certainly can‘t live on somebody‘s “private property”. This is the problem – people don‘t want to deal with the human feces, the needles, the crime and the other problems that homeless people often bring with them. So the instinct is often to kick them out and send them away. Unfortunately, that doesn‘t fix the problem. It just passes it on to someone else.

As this new economic downturn continues to accelerate, our homelessness boom is going to spiral out of control. Pretty soon, there will be tent cities in virtually every community in America. In fact, there are people that are living comfortable middle class lifestyles right at this moment that will end up in tents. We saw this during the last economic crisis, and it will be even worse as this next one unfolds. Just like last time around, the signs that the middle class is really struggling can be subtle at first, but when you learn to take note of them you will notice that they are all around you.

The following comes from an excellent article in the New York Post… Do you see grocery stores closing? Do you see other retailers, like clothing stores and department stores, going out of business? Are there shuttered storefronts along your Main Street shopping district, where you bought a tool from the hardware store or dropped off your dry cleaning or bought fruits and vegetables? Are you making as much money annually as you did 10 years ago? Do you see homes in neighborhoods becoming run down as the residents either were foreclosed upon, or the owner lost his or her job so he or she can‘t afford to cut the grass or paint the house? Did that same house where the Joneses once lived now become a rental property, where new people come to live every few months? Do you know one or two people who are looking for work? Maybe professionals, who you thought were safe in their jobs? Don‘t look down on those that are living in tents, because the truth is that many “middle class Americans” will ultimately end up joining them.

The correct response to those that are hurting is love and compassion. We all need help at some point in our lives, and I know that I am certainly grateful to those that have given me a helping hand at various points along my journey. Sadly, hearts are growing cold all over the nation, and the weather is only going to get colder over the months ahead. Let us pray for health and safety for the hundreds of thousands of Americans that will be sleeping in tents and on the streets this winter.

Critical Year For Israel As UN Bias Expected To Continue

As the United Nations begins it’s 71st General Assembly in New York City, Israel is preparing itself for another round of attacks. There is no other nation on Earth as vilified in the United Nations as Israel.

New China Banking Crisis Could Rock Global Financial System

The pinnacle of the global financial system is warning that conditions are right for a “full-blown banking crisis” in China. At this point the total value of all outstanding loans in China has hit a grand total of more than 28 trillion dollars. That is essentially equivalent to the commercial banking systems of the United States and Japan combined.

We have just entered the false flag red alert window

With the election just over a month away, we are now entering a window of desperation among the globalists and political elite who will do everything in their power to stop Donald Trump from becoming president.

This means we are now in a high risk “red alert” window of opportunity for globalists to pull off a massive false flag that results in the deaths of thousands of Americans. The goal of the false flag attack, of course, is to delay the election or at least dramatically change the narrative. To be effective, the false flag will have to be blamed on “right-wing extremists” or some other group that the lying propagandist media can tie to Donald Trump supporters.

The scale of the false flag attack will have to be 9/11-scale or larger. This means we can fully expect to see at least 3,000+ people murdered by our own government in order to try to steal the election from Donald Trump. (To anyone who doesn’t think globalist governments don’t murder their own citizens for political gain, you are hopelessly ignorant of history and need to educate yourself.)

This is why I have repeatedly warned about many of the various false flag terror attacks likely to be invoked by the Obama regime and its globalists puppet masters in their hopes to crush the Donald Trump revolt against the political status quo in America. Here’s a short list of possible false flag terror strikes they are likely to carry out in a major U.S. city before election day (the chance of these happening goes up the more Trump rises in the polls, because they will only invoke such acts as a last ditch resort if they think they can’t win the popular vote):

• Nuclear terrorism: Release of a dirty bomb inside (or over) a major U.S. city. This could be as simple as loading up some surplus medical imaging radioisotopes into a Cessna along with some conventional explosives, then bailing out of the plane with a parachute and activating a remote detonation device. (It’s not rocket science.)

• Water supply terrorism: Dumping a neurotoxic poison into the water supply of a major U.S. city. Oh wait… the government already does that. It’s called “fluoride” (or LEAD, in the case of Flint).

• Nuking the Los Angeles shipping port: All the government has to do is float a 20 ft. container with a nuke on board to some point near any major U.S. port, then detonate it and call it terrorism. At that point, CNN and MSNBC can invent any narrative they want to blame the Russians, blame Trump, blame white people, blame conservatives or whatever they want.

• Destroy a major U.S. bridge during rush hour, using high explosives: Here’s the kind of plot the FBI loves to come up with. As you may know, the FBI’s head criminal in chief, James Comey, is a Clinton operative. Breitbart.com already exposed the full details on this, including the fact that his own brother works at the law firm that does the Clinton Foundation’s taxes. The FBI has a long, well-documented history of dreaming up domestic terrorism plots against America, then recruiting clueless patsies to carry them out (so the FBI can nab them at the last minute and claim to be stopping terrorists). To make sure Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, I wouldn’t put it past James Comey to order the FBI to carry out an act of mass murder against the American people so they can blame Donald Trump. Watch for bombings of bridges, ports, airports, tunnels, railroads, ferries or other transportation infrastructure that the FBI just loves to target with its false terror plots.

• Cyber war nuclear terrorism or petroleum refinery “accidents”: Here’s another obvious plot the Obama regime could carry out to delay the election. The U.S. government already has STUXNET, the super virus that can target specific hardware inside nuclear facilities. Using a STUXNET variant, the U.S. government can turn off the cooling pumps at any nuclear facility anywhere across the country, sending that nuclear power plant into fuel rod criticality (a meltdown). Most importantly, the Obama criminals can blame the Russians, and by tying the Russians to Trump, they can claim that Trump is working with Putin to terrorize America right before the election. In fact, the entire Trump-Putin narrative has already been put into place for this by Anderson Cooper and the rest of the fascist traitors working in the leftist media. There are dozens more such example scenarios from which the regime can choose, of course. There’s no limit to the mass murder, mayhem and bloodshed the corrupt, criminal government will commit against the American people in order to stay in power and prevent a Trump presidency.
NEVER FORGET: When the Republicans forced an Obama government shutdown over budget negotiations, the very first thing the Obama administration did was order the mass release of convicted murderers and rapists from federal prisons, then blame the Republicans for their release, claiming the government shutdown caused it. This is the kind of tactic the Obama and Clinton regimes use to get their way.

Halloween: Trick or Treat?

I trust there‘s no one receiving this newsletter could possibly be ignorant concerning Satan‘s devices, especially in the area of this most blatant of satanic celebrations and the dangers to those who participate in any way. But maybe you know of someone who for some reason simply doesn‘t know any better. There has been made a Christian film titled: Halloween: Trick or Treat? This DVD goes into how it all got started and what really takes place on and leading up to Halloween. If you‘re going to be dropping candy into the children‘s bags on Halloween it would be great to also drop a copy of this DVD nfor the parents to see later so you are encouraged to make copies to do this. One copy is available for a gift of any amount this month.

The U.S. Constitution: How long will it Last?

One of the main goals for the New World Order boys is to destroy America as we have know it and what better way than to destroy the U.S. Constitution? Think it‘ll never happen? Think again! It‘s already well into the works! So, how long until it happens? This new DVD by Andy Woods is available this month for a gift of any amount and do feel free to make copies and share with others!

The Final Prophecies

It truly does look like we are living in that latter part of the last generation and this new DVD proves this! It goes into the past prophecies that have already taken place, the current things taking place right now and the future prophecies that will be taking place shortly after the rapture. This is a great tool to use for those skeptics out there. Available for a gift of any amount this month and do feel free to get out to as many as you can!

Left Behind: Where’d Everybody Go?

Once the rapture, or catching up of the Church takes place, (1st Thess. Ch 4) multitudes around the world will want to know, where‘d everybody go? Just after the rapture there will be the most deceptions ever! There will be many other reasons given on what happened. Anything other than the truth including being abducted by aliens because we weren‘t open to the idea of the needed evolution and advancement of this planet. This DVD is really best to be left behind for those who have been left behind so they will not be deceived by Satan‘s lying explanations and deceptions. If you would like a copy, it‘s available for a gift of any amount this month.

Ten Bible Prophecies Being Fulfilled Today!

This new DVD is by Tim LaHaye, author of the ―Left Behind‖ series and 30 other books have been teaching Bible prophecy for over 50 years! You might find this quite interesting! I did! Available this month for a gift of any amount and do share with as many as you can!

When writing in with no note of request…

This is important! Sometimes someone hears the radio broadcast offering a particular DVD I‘m airing available for a gift of any amount. Or, they might read this newsletter and send off for something. So they send in a check or money order thinking we‘re going to somehow know what they are requesting. I get a lot of mail in here, so with no note of request, there‘s no way for me to know whatever DVD or CD they are requesting. The difference between a note and the memo on your check: the memo on your check is for you to see what you used the check for. A note is something for me to see to know that which you are requesting. Something written on your check or money order may not be seen. Therefore, ALWAYS put in a note when requesting anything! Also, please always give me your phone number just in case I need to call you with a question. When ordering online…Same thing. All you need to do is type in the title of the DVD or CD you are requesting so I know what you‘re asking for. And again, please do include your phone number. Thanks! -Jim

Prayer Request…

There are some things I do not know. I do not know the day or hour of the rapture. I do not know when the worldwide financial collapse will take place. I can only use an educated speculation on these things. But there are some things I do know. I do know the rapture is likely to take place soon. I do know there will be a worldwide financial collapse. I do believe the writing is already on the wall on this and it‘s signed by God because it is prophetic. I do know there‘s a major need to get more people saved in this late hour including those in the cults. I also know I need help in this ministry. I do have Mary but she‘s only here one day a week for only four hours and I just can‘t keep staying up until 2, 3, or 4:00 in the morning to get things done when the phone is going to start ringing only a very few short hours later. Therefore, I could really use someone else here each day to help out. I‘m on 1 acre here where I live in a small 600 square foot cabin that has no more room for anything not to mention another person so what I‘d love to see is another structure of some sort put up to hold one or more people as a staff of helpers. The problem is, it would cost money to do this and I‘m doing all I can just to keep up with the airtime costs. The cost for something like this with the drilling of a well and septic could be between $150,000-$200,000 so it might as well be a million! And who‘s willing to do something like this! Most Christians with that kind of money usually hold on to it rather than set up treasures in heaven for all eternity! And I sure would not want to do something like this if the rapture were to take place this month or even a year from now. My other option would be to buy one or more camping trailers and find just the right people to put in them. There are many homeless living in the National Forest that freeze to death each year. Yet some have the capabilities of helping in this ministry in exchange for a roof over their heads and warmth through electricity. And that‘s another thing. What if we no longer have it? I‘m really open to the Lord on all this and that‘s why I‘m putting this out to you guys as a prayer request. Any part of this would also take money but that‘s not what I‘m asking for. Just your prayers. Thank you! -Jim

Ending Note…

Thank you again ever so much to those who help keep this ministry going through your prayers and support! Both of which are greatly needed and appreciated at this time. Yours because His:

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