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Greetings in Jesus…!

So here we are nearing the end of the year already and so much is happening so fast! Even the weather has run amuck throughout the world! Here at my cabin last month I experienced 17 below zero! And I don’t have to tell you what’s been happening everywhere else. But thanks be to the Lord, I’m still toasty warm as I keep tossing another log on the fire. Special thanks to those of you who help keep this ministry going through your prayers and support! In Last month’s newsletter, because of the elections, I suggested for people to just vote republican across the board. This was in hopes to buy America a little more time. And it may have but mostly in state and local areas. Maybe even a little in the hierarchy of things too but I don’t want you get the wrong idea. I’m not a Democrat or Republican. Just a watchman for the Church and I believe the writing is already on the wall. I think this recent following article by Paul McGuire with NewsWithViews.com may explain better.


There are a lot of people in America right now who are under the delusion that the Republican Party will be their savior from the perfect storm of a convergence of catas-trophic events like ISIS coming through our Southern border, economic crisis or collapse, a major terrorist attack inside the U.S., skyrocketing food prices, an Ebola pandemic, American troops deployed into the Ukraine region in a conflict with Russia, American troops sent to regions like Iraq and Syria, the prospect of a regional thermonuclear war and the beginnings of World War III, Russia invading Alaska and other remote U.S. regions, the BRIC nations moving to replace the dollar as the defacto world currency and replacing it with a competing world currency, race riots exploding across America, and other crisis events. Anyone of these events alone could trigger martial law and the emergency suspension of the Constitution.

Many Americans, including most of the middle class, are looking to the Republican Party to save them from all of the above because they are under the deception that one President or one political party has brought about all these events. The reality is that both political parties have contributed to this convergence of catastrophic events. For example, it was President Bush and not President Obama who first drove up our national debt by unprecedented amounts. It was President Bush, along with his “born-again” Attorney General, John Ashcroft, who suspended many of our Constitutional civil liberties in the war against terrorism and established the surveillance state. It was the Republican Party with leaders like “Third Way” Newt Gingrich who began the mass outsourcing of high-paying American jobs and manufacturing to nations like China and South American and Third World nations. This was the shot across the bow in the war against the Middle Class!

Once again it was the Republicans who promoted things like NAFTA, GATT, the North American Union, and the WTO, which all transferred the wealth and jobs of the American middle class to Third World nations. Despite all the outcry over President Obama’s executive orders, there has been a constant transfer of power to the Establishment  via numerous Executive Orders over the last sixty years by both Republican and Democratic Presidents. Finally, based on their factual and historical track record, what evidence if any, can anyone find that the Republican Party did anything to stop the Democratic Party’s aggressive redistribution of wealth and radical socialist programs? The Republican Party passed some token legislation, but essentially they winked and looked the other way as the Democratic Party radically transformed America. A case in point would be Obamacare; there are a tiny minority of Republicans who continue to strongly oppose Obamacare, which is the greatest redistribution of wealth in American history. But most Republicans are not even pretending that they will repeal it…they may reform it, but they intend to keep it in place.

A game has been played against the American people right before their eyes for the last 60 years, hidden by this illusion of a 2-party system. But actually there is just 1 party with two different names. So every 8 years or so, the American people switch back and forth between the Republican and Democratic parties, but the policies and results are for the most part the same. Whatever party or President that is in power, at the bottom line the agenda is always the same. The reason for that is simple: both the Republicans and Democrats work for the same masters, the unseen throne behind the throne that totally controls both parties and the mass media, which controls the thinking of the American people.

The idea of choice or being given a choice by 2 truly different political parties is a total illusion. Obviously, you will never hear this discussed in the major media because they are controlled by the same people who control the political parties. All the mass media in America is controlled by just 6 major corporations with interlocking directorates. At the top of the pyramid of the interlocking directorates you find the same elite who control the parties. In this game of manufactured illusion you have the Manchurian candidate “conservatives” in politics and hosting national radio programs and a few television shows. But they are simply part of the game and the illusion. Their role is to dance in the masquerade ball of this illusion and give people a chance to vent their frustrations vicariously by electing the “conservative,” which, despite all the bombastic rhetoric, never exposes the true problem or leads the people in any direction which would affect real change. Behind the illusion of this masquerade ball is a system very much like the one depicted in film director Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut.

Normally, I don’t like to name individual names, but in this case I will name one, and that is superstar conservative radio talkshow host Rush Limbaugh. In my opinion based on observation and research, Limbaugh is the premier Manchurian candidate conservative. For example, he mocks and ridicules “conspiracy theories,” because he knows that many of them are true. Limbaugh has been put where he is because he is doing the bidding of his masters. So when he came out the other day and made comments to the effect that the American people voted in Republicans not to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats, but to completely stop and repeal Democratic policies, on one level this rings true and captures the intense emotion people are feeling.

But the problem with Limbaugh’s statement is that the Republicans are controlled by the same people who control the Democrats and when the day is done, they will, one way or another, keep the same agenda going, but simply change its name. Limbaugh has been playing this game of being the Republican cheerleader for a long time. But he is first and foremost a mouthpiece for the elite, and he never educates his audience about the real problems, nor does he support any leaders who would affect real change. Limbaugh and a long list of other conservative media personalities are part of the clown circus and dog and pony show.

But tragically, most Americans cannot see through the charade. In their hearts they desperately want to believe that there are still heroes left, and that is totally understand-able. However, like a woman who falls in love with a man, she knows deep down inside will be untrue, the voters reject their instincts and their reason.

Ultimately, it is not the sold-out politicians or the sold-out conservative media who are the real problem. Nor in the final analysis, is it the hidden elite who are controlling far more than the average person knows. The elite are not all-powerful; to be blunt they are on a leash held by God. The American people and specifically those who call themselves believers in God or Christians are at the very core of the problem. Everything outlined in this article, including the convergence of catastrophic events into a perfect storm, is in a very real sense a holographic projection of the collective will or consciousness of the American people. I do not mean this in the sense of some kind of collective will power, but that what the people worship as God in their hearts is mirrored in our collective reality.

First of all, nobody is deceived unless they want to be deceived. Ultimately, the American people chose on one level to be seduced and lied to. The foundational lie is the belief that any politician or political system is God. On both the right and left of the political spectrum, people have been looking to a particular party or politician to be their messiah or savior. This is the crux of the problem in America and the real reason we are at the edge of catastrophe. Since the beginning of America there has always been a diversity of spiritual beliefs: Deist, Christian, Illuminist, etc. America has never been a strictly Christian nation. But for a long period of time, most of the American people shared the belief that there was some Higher Power greater than themselves that was in control of the Universe. For many that Higher Power was the God of the Bible and, however imperfectly, millions of Americans attempted to live their lives in a manner that would please the Biblical God. But beginning around 60 years ago America underwent a spiritual and moral revolution. Since America was economically prosperous, especially after World War II, large numbers of American people decided they simply did not need God and that they were gods. The primary reason for this was that they did not want any restrictions placed on their actions and behavior. They wanted to serve the new gods called “Personal Peace,” “Prosperity,” and “Pleasure.” They wanted to live by a new commandment: “If it feels good, do it.” Anything that would get in the way of worshipping this new god Pleasure would have to be done away with. In order to have “free sex,” people had to get rid of any laws that would restrict it, and this meant the legalization of easy divorces and the legalization of abortion.

Up until the last 15 years, things were going pretty well for Americans. Many Americans had rejected God decades ago and those who still claimed to believe in a Christian God began to fashion Him into their own image and re-write His laws to suit their lifestyles. Americans, like those who lived in past empires like Rome, Greece, Egypt, and Babylon, began to worship their leaders or look to their leaders as God. Perhaps in America we do not yet conduct religious ceremonies where we actively acknowledge that we worship certain leaders as God, but in practical terms the American people are very seriously looking to their political leaders and political parties to be their savior. This is the central problem in America today and the ultimate cause for all the other problems, including the catastrophic events that threaten us.

Americans, even those who call themselves “Bible-believing Christians,” have not learned the lesson yet, despite all that has happened. At this very moment they are looking to the Republican Party and its leaders to be their savior, in the same exact same way the followers of the Democratic Party looked to Obama as a god or savior. After all, Oprah Winfrey called Obama “The One,” and countless media organizations featured pictures of Obama with a photo-shopped halo.

The problem with all this is that looking to political leaders as saviors is worshipping gods who do not actually have the power to save, and so the result is catastrophe. Despite the lateness of the hour, all is not lost. For a moment, there is a calm before the storms. That calm may last days, months, or longer, but eventually catastrophe will strike. What is the nature of the calm? The calm is an act of Divine grace; it is the Supreme Judge of the Universe waiting until all the evidence is in before issuing a decree. What evidence is this Judge looking for? He is looking for evidence that a sufficient number of people in America have turned to the true Source.

The universe is not based on chaos or random events; it is designed and runs on Divine law. When Mankind, or, in this case, a certain percentage of the American people choose to synchronize themselves with the Source, a very real cosmic lifeforce is triggered, a lifesource that has the power to stop or at least moderate the coming catastrophic events. An often unacknowledged truth has been evident since the dawn of Man and the rise of empires. There are certain laws that define the rise and fall of empires and of nations. America is merely the latest in a long series of empires that have risen to power and then collapsed. One of the laws governing the rise and fall of empires is that when the people of an empire begin to worship their rulers as gods, a set of events is put into motion which results in the total collapse of that empire. It must be remembered that ancient Babylon was destroyed in the height of its glory.

At this moment, America, like all the empires before, it is hanging in the balance, waiting for individual people like you and me to decide where we place our hope and devotion. It may appear overly simplistic, but whom we look to as our Source and our Savior will determine our collective future.

A Note from Jim. We must remember that scripturally we are in this world but not of this world. We have a heavenly kingdom and not an earthly one. Our job has never changed. Our job is the Great Commission to preach the Gospel. This is what brings people to Christ!

The Ebola Conspiracy?

When the disciples came to Jesus asking what will it be like at the end of the age, Jesus warned them not once, not twice but three times about deception. Deceptions and conspiracies go hand in hand.

Could Ebola be used to create a crisis, panic and a police state for the New World Order? Is the Red Cross responsible for the spread of this virus? Could injections from the Red Cross to fight the virus actually be giving people the virus? Why have Liberians and Nigerians been kicking the Red Cross out of their countries? Why are many being forced to take what they believe to be vaccinations? Is the Ebola virus a man made virus? Why has the CDC had a patent on the virus for almost 5 years? That patent # is US20120251502 A1. Why does the U.S. Government have a patent on this virus? What does Monsanto have to do with this? Monsanto is a company that wants to control the entire world’s food supply and depopulate the planet and is the leader in genetically modified foods. And guess who’s a major share holder of Monsanto? Bill Gates! He slipped up recently and actually said that the world today has 6.8 billion people but if we do a really great job with new vaccines we could perhaps lower that by perhaps 10-15%.

December Newsletter 20141What! What do vaccines have to do with population reduction? Bill Gates, the richest man on the planet works closely with Monsanto and Monsanto works with big pharma. The more people that get infected with this disease, the more money is to be made for the global elitists.

And what’s this idea that says since Ebola takes 21 days to show symptoms, people who are infected can travel on planes and not spread it to others during that time? That’s a lie! Any virus can be spread to others between the time they are infected and symptoms show up!

So, is it coming here large scale? Absolutely! That’s the plan! Two ways. By sending troops over then bringing them back again, and by creating such a fear that multitudes will take the vaccine which will cause them to obtain the Ebola virus so whatever you do, when they say they have your vaccination ready, don’t take it! Even if it becomes mandatory. Especially if it becomes mandatory! Now of course there is a real vaccination against it but this will only be available to whom they want to give it to. And that’s not you and me. Don’t believe what you will be hearing from ABC, NBC, CBS or even FOX News. Remember, FOX is owned by Rupert Murdock who is also a part of this.

I just obtained a new DVD which exposes everything going on here. It’s titled: “The Ebola Conspiracy” If you would like a copy, it’s available for a gift of any amount and do feel free to make copies and share with others!

What can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones? So many of you have already obtained one of our Silver Bullet Colloidal Silver generators and as I’ve mentioned before, Colloidal Silver does kill the Ebola Virus. According to the UCLA Medical Department, Colloidal Silver killed every virus tested in their lab. Over 650 of them! If you have not yet obtained the means to make your own Colloidal Silver at home, you need to!

December Newsletter 20142It’s so easy to make, even a child can do this! And as you know, this is the cold and flu season but why take the chance on catching any virus at all when you don’t have to? But beyond this, what about others? Are you telling others? It would be pretty selfish not to. Freely you’ve received this information so freely give this information to others! All you have to do is tell them! And to make it easier yet, you can just tell them to go to our website of www.cultivateministries.org and scroll down to our short Youtube and learn for themselves. Since we’re still getting these out at our cost of only $44.00 each which makes up to $5000.00 worth of Colloidal Silver going by health food store prices, who wouldn’t take advantage of this! They can even order on line to obtain a kit faster or even by snail mail it only takes a few days to receive. You might want to send some of these out as gifts this month.

About those Genetically Modified Organisms in our Food Supply Creating Frankinfoods. (GMOs)

Russia has announced they will no longer allow GMO foods to be imported into their country. Putin said, “If Americans want to eat GMO’s, let them!”

I just found a great DVD exposing what GMOs are all about. If you would like a copy, it’s available for a gift of any amount this month. Just ask for the DVD titled: The Grave Health Hazards of GMOs

China can Now Turn Off our Power Grid?

At least that’s what FOX news has reported recently. Question: If China can now turn off our power grid nationwide, who else can? Obama can! I do believe our power grid is going to be shut down but the media is going to make it look like it comes from some (other) bad guys as China or Russia. You may have heard it also reported that Russia has been flying bombers around off the coasts of the United States. It sounds like we’re being set up for something here but I don’t believe it will be from a solar flare, however, that might be blamed as well. The question is, will you be prepared for, not if, but when this takes place for an undetermined period of time? And what better time for this to happen but in the winter months! I, along with every other watchmen for the Church I know are in agreement that preparation is an absolute for the times in which we are now living. To better understand the areas of preparation needed, you might want to see the DVD: The American Blackout. Available for a gift of any amount this month.

NEW! DVD by Dave Reagan!

At the most recent Bible prophecy conference by Compass International Dave spoke on the topic of America’s Spiritual Crisis where he received a standing ovation by all the other watchmen for the Church in that auditorium! It was awesome! I’m airing this DVD the first week of December and if you would like a copy, it’s available for a gift of any amount this month.

About that Christ-Mass thing…

I don’t have the room in this newsletter to write all the reasons why there’s nothing biblically Christian about the pagan holiday of the Catholic mass of Christ but I will say this. I’ve had so much peace from God ever since I repented from any observances of this so-called holy-day that I find it hard to believe! Traditions die hard. Even if they originate from the god of this world. If you don’t know the origins of Christ-Mass or do and want to share this with others, you might want to obtain the DVD (The Truth About Christmas) Available for a gift of any amount.

About that Michelle Obama being a man thing…

I’ve known about this for a while now and even mentioned it in the last two newsletters but to be honest, I was really hoping someone else would be the first to air this information on Christian radio. It never happened so I figured the Lord wanted me to get the ball rolling so I did! The last week in November I aired the audio portion of the DVD: Absolute Proof Michelle Obama is a Man. Since I reported on this in the last couple newsletters, this infor-mation has gone viral on the internet. Most Christian radio stations have heard of this as well. I’m writing this late Sunday night only hours before this airs but by the time you read this, it will have already aired unless I’ve been thrown off the air on some stations. As I write this, I’m thinking, will I awaken in the morning to a raid by the FBI and major news sources at my cabin? Will I disappear never to be heard from again? During the making of these programs, I mention at the end for people to pray I not receive any repercussions from the spiritual realm or elsewhere and I do hope people will pray accordingly. Sometimes these repercussions can take a little while to kick in so I’m asking for your prayers as well at this time. Thanks! -Jim

30 Club

We still have our 30 Club going. Anyone wishing to obtain everything I air each month (almost always DVDs), which is an $80 value, may do so with a gift of $30 or more each month. If you would like to join up, now would be the time to do so. Just be sure to include a NOTE LETTING ME KNOW when you write. Thank You!


We’re now at the end of the year and so it’s time for everyone who receives this newsletter to renew for the following year. Those in the 30 Club need not to renew, nor those in prison or those who already renewed last month nor those who support financially on a monthly basis. I do this each year trying to be a good steward before the Lord to remove those on this mailing list who might be tossing these newsletters away. This year, we’re making this renewal easy 3 ways. 1. You can simply send back the enclosed self addressed envelope with or without financial support for next year with a note simply stating you would like to be renewed for 2015. 2. You can email me at my personal email address at: cultbuster7@yahoo.com (be sure to include your name and address as it appears on your current mailing address). 3. If you really need to, you can call me personally at the ministry number at: 1-719-630-1222. Now, one thing that seems to happen every year is that so many send a list of those they want added to the newsletter list. This cannot be done. They must contact me individually for themselves. Thank you! -Jim

Prayer Request…

My main prayer request is that I not be taken out, but will be able to continue on with no compromise right up to the time of our blessed hope, the rapture of the Church. Thanks!

Ending Note…

Once again I want to thank those of you who help this ministry continue through your prayers and gifts of support. You guys are the real heroes and are greatly appreciated!

Yours because His:


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