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February,  2017
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Greetings in Jesus…!

First, I just need to say thank you so much to those of you who have been helping this ministry continue through your prayers and gifts of support! Especially those of you who are on our 30 Club who receive everything aired on DVDs each month. You guys really help with a consistency of finances which enables me to pay for the airtime each month. Also, to those who send in something whenever you receive this newsletter, and last but not least, those of you who seriously pray for my safety and the continuance of this ministry. Without such, this ministry would have been taken out a long time ago. Again, thank you ever so much!

Are things getting interesting enough yet?

One of the main things on the news in recent weeks is that there’s been a lot of fake news out there from ABC, NBC, CBS CNN and others. This is what I’ve been saying for years! And so have others! That’s why people like Alex Jones and others have been getting out things as Info-wars. There is truly a war on getting out real news vs. fake news from almost all mainstream news media. I found it kinda funny that recently during a Trump interview with all media sources there, an interviewer from CNN (which is about the worst of all) went to ask Donald a question but he refused the reporter saying, you are from CNN, the fake news people! So here we had Donald Trump expose CNN live on CNN! I had to laugh!

Now I’m sure many of you watched the inauguration. Much pomp and circumstance! Much rejoicing! Many tears of joy! Prayers to God actually ending in the name of Jesus! And some really great prayers too! I must admit that there were times that I too shouted out yes Jesus! Thank you! Maybe, just maybe, God is pouring His grace on thee. This nation! I really want to believe this! Yet as a watchman for the Church, I must ask why? Has America really repented? Has America really returned back to God? Has America stopped murdering the innocent unborn? Has America stopped homosexuality lesbianism or what the Bible calls sodomy or other grievous sins? Not really. After 8 years of the Obama-nation that has taken place in this country, I thought America was on her way out and I still do because of Bible prophecy, but apparently not just yet. Because of the prayers of the saints (Christians here in this late hour) God has given us a period of grace so we the Church who have been saved by grace will have one last period in time to do all we can to bring people to Christ. During this time the sheep and goats will continue to grow together until the separation at the rapture of the Church.

Retaliation Coming? First of all, on the day of the inauguration, there were so many people protesting all over America! Not just peaceful protesting, but major riots including the burning of vehicles and destruction of other property.

Then the next day, Trump’s first day on the job, hundreds of thousands of women protesting nationwide for women’s rights! Really? This was the day after Trump announced he was going to fight for equal pay for equal work and his daughter was going to help him do this! I believe what the demonstrating women are really in fear of is losing the right over their bodies to keep killing the innocent unborn. Trump is very pro-life! So what I’m saying is the people haven’t really changed let alone the hierarchy of the elite and their plans for their New World Order, which will be handed over to the anti-christ. So, wouldn’t it make sense that there would me some retaliation coming? I find it interesting that after hearing for so many years that Obama was going to move to a home he bought in Hawaii but has now changed his plans and is going to instead move into a home he bought in Washington DC. Does this not seem a little strange? Satan’s nature is always to retaliate. He is also a poor loser. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama and his elite haven’t already set up something to happen to America and Trump so big to cause both to fall. This could be a financial collapse. Yet Trump understands more about the financial world than most. Our country is like an egg balanced on top of a barn and it’s teetering. It could go to one side or the other. Our prayers are more important now than any time in this nation’s history.

Obama Tossed Israel under the Bus!

The last thing Obama did once he learned Trump was going to win was to toss Israel under the bus. Satan knows the Word of God. “They that bless Israel will be blessed but they that curse Israel will be cursed” This was a close one! The world held its breath as 20 nations voted on Israel losing her land back prior to the 1967 war or not. That vote took place on January 15th. But that vote to change things back prior to the 1967 war never happened. Palestine did not take that land back from Israel. But did you notice what took place during that time? Keep in mind this would have been done by Obama thus an American act. The weather in America went wild! Massive storms all across this country destroyed so many areas! Even just down the pass from me in Colorado Springs experienced 100 mile per hour gusts that ripped off many roofs of homes and apartments. It was reported even many car windows were blown out by these winds! I don’t remember anything like this ever happening before! But things subsided nationwide just after Obama’s plan failed. There are still some catastrophic weather conditions, but it is to be expected in these last days. Let’s take a little look into history. This article was written by another watchman for the Church during the time period this was taking place.

10 Previous Times America Faced Major Disaster after Attempting To Divide Israel

Because Barack Obama has cursed Israel at the United Nations, America is now under a curse. Obama’s stunning betrayal of Israel at the UN Security Council has made headlines all over the planet, but the truth is that what Obama has done is far more serious than most people would dare to imagine. Over the past several decades, whenever the U.S. government has taken a major step toward the division of the land of Israel; it has resulted in a major disaster hitting the United States. This keeps happening over and over again, and yet our leaders never seem to learn. And despite the fact that President-elect Donald Trump, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and prominent members of both parties in Congress strongly urged Obama to veto Security Council resolution 2334, he went ahead and let it pass anyway. Because the United States has veto power on the UN Security Council, nothing can get passed without our support. And it has been the policy of the U.S. government for decades to veto all anti-Israel resolutions that come before the Security Council. But this time around, it appears that the Obama administration was working very hard behind the scenes to get this resolution pushed through the Security Council before the end of Obama’s term.

At least that is what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is claiming…

“From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed,” Netanyahu said in a statement. “This is, of course, in complete contradiction of the traditional American policy that was committed to not trying to dictate terms for a permanent agreement, like any issue related to them in the Security Council, and, of course, the explicit commitment of President Obama himself, in 2011, to refrain from such steps.”

I am sure that there will be a tremendous amount of debate about to what extent the U.S. was involved in creating and drafting this resolution, but there is one thing that is exceedingly clear. The ultimate decision as to whether or not this resolution would be adopted was in the hands of one man. Barack Obama knew very well that he had this power, and in the end he ultimately decided to betray Israel. And now that our government has cursed Israel at the UN, our entire nation will be cursed as a result. In the Scriptures we are repeatedly told that God will bless those that bless Israel and will curse those that curse Israel. When Barack Obama blocked a similar resolution that France wanted to submit for a vote in September 2015, it resulted in America being blessed, and we definitely have been blessed over the past 16 months. But now that Barack Obama has reversed course and has betrayed Israel, we will most assuredly be cursed. In the days ahead we will see how this plays out, and perhaps we can get some hints about what may happen by reviewing recent history. There have literally been dozens of instances in recent decades when the U.S. has been hit by some sort of immediate disaster when it has made a move toward the dividing of the land of Israel. The following are ten of the most prominent examples that stand out to me…

#1 The last time the U.S. government refused to veto an anti-Israel resolution at the UN Security Council was in 1979. On March 22nd, 1979 the Carter administration chose not to veto UN Resolution 446. Four days after that on March 26th, the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty was signed in Washington. As a result of that treaty, Israel gave up a tremendous amount of territory. Two days later, on March 28th, the worst nuclear power plant disaster in U.S. history made headlines all over the globe. The following comes from Wikipedia… The Three Mile Island accident was a partial nuclear meltdown that occurred on March 28, 1979, in reactor number 2 of Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station (TMI-2) in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania, United States. It was the most significant accident in U.S. commercial nuclear power plant history.[2] The incident was rated a five on the seven-point International Nuclear Event Scale: Accident With Wider Consequences.[3][4]

#2 On October 30th, 1991 President George H. W. Bush opened the Madrid Peace Conference which brought Israelis and Palestinians together to negotiate for the very first time. In his opening speech, Bush told Israel that “territorial compromise is essential for peace”. At the exact same time, “the Perfect Storm” was brewing in the north Atlantic. This legendary storm traveled 1000 miles the wrong direction and sent 35 foot waves slamming directly into President Bush’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

#3 On August 23rd, 1992 the Madrid Peace Conference moved to Washington D.C., and the very next day Hurricane Andrew made landfall in Florida causing 30 billion dollars in damage. It was the worst natural disaster up to that time in U.S. history.

#4 On January 16th, 1994 President Clinton met with President Assad of Syria to discuss the possibility of Israel giving up the Golan Heights. Within 24 hours, the devastating Northridge earthquake hit southern California. It was the second worst natural disaster up to that time in U.S. history.

#5 On January 21st, 1998 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived at the White House but received a very cold reception. In fact, President Clinton and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright actually refused to have lunch with him. That exact same day the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, sending the Clinton presidency into a tailspin from which it would never recover.

#6 On September 28th, 1998 Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was working on finalizing a plan which would have had Israel give up approximately 13 percent of Judea and Samaria. On that precise day, Hurricane George slammed into the Gulf Coast with wind gusts of up to 175 miles an hour.

#7 On May 3rd, 1999 Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat was supposed to hold a press conference to declare the creation of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as the capital. On that precise day, the most powerful tornadoes ever recorded in the U.S. ripped through Oklahoma and Kansas, at one point one of the tornadoes actually had a recorded wind speed of 316 miles an hour.

#8 On April 30th, 2003, “the Road Map to Peace” that had been developed by the so-called “Quartet” was presented to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon by U.S. Ambassador Daniel Kurtzer. Over the next seven days, the U.S. was hit by a staggering 412 tornadoes. It was the largest tornado cluster ever recorded up to that time.

#9 In 2005, President George W. Bush (the son of George H. W. Bush) convinced Israel that it was necessary to remove all of the Jewish settlers out of Gaza and turn it over entirely to the Palestinians. According to the New York Times, the very last of the settlers were evacuated on August 23, 2005. On that precise day, a storm that would be given the name “Katrina” started forming over the Bahamas. The city of New Orleans still has not fully recovered from the damage that storm caused, and it ranked as the costliest natural disaster in all of U.S. history up to that time.

#10 On May 19th, 2011 Barack Obama told Israel that there must be a return to the pre-1967 borders. Three days later on May 22nd a half-mile wide EF-5 multiple-vortex tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri. According to Wikipedia, it was “the costliest single tornado in U.S. history.”

The UN Security Council resolution that was passed on Friday is the biggest betrayal of Israel in modern history. As I explained in my last article, I believe that America’s reprieve is now over and all hell is about to break loose in this country. When Barack Obama blocked the UN Security Council from dividing the land of Israel in September 2015, according to the Word of God we should have been blessed as a nation as a result, and we were blessed. But now Barack Obama has cursed Israel by stabbing them in the back at the United Nations, and according to the Word of God we should be cursed as a nation as a result.

Again, this was written between the time Obama tossed Israel under the bus and Trump winning the election. But let this be a reminder to us what happens if we turn our back to Israel.

Does Donald Trump Have Ties with the NEW WORLD ORDER?

There are some who believe Donald also has New World Order ties. He has already backed off of some promises as politicians often do. Could we be dealing with a double whammy or is he the real deal? The New World Order boys have an agenda and if Trump doesn’t go along with them, they may do whatever is necessary to stop him. This includes assassination. If he does get shot, we’ll know he was for real. I recently got a new DVD in taking a closer look at Donald Trump and his possible ties with the New World Order. I suppose it’s always good to at least take a look at the other side of the coin. If you would like a copy, it’s available for a gift of any amount this month. How Will the Trump Presidency affect you? I will not be airing this due to some words on the DVD that are not Christian radio appropriate.

IS DONALD TRUMP Connected TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER? Mass Deportation? Economic Collapse? Health Care Crisis? War with Iran? Trade Wars? Welfare & Tax Reforms? Increased Discrimination? Wall to Keep Out Illegal Immigrants? Calexit- California Secession?


What is the TRUE ORIGIN of Valentine’s Day?

What is the origin of Valentine’s Day customs and symbols? Does God care that we celebrate it? Though hearts and roses are red, retailers and business owners see the green of MONEY when it comes to celebrating the holiday. Below are some fast facts about the Valentine’s holiday. The celebrating of Valentine’s Day ranks number 1 in the United States in chocolate candy sales. Annual spending in 2014 for the holiday was more than 13 billion dollars. U.S. consumers spend an average of around $116 on gifts and merchandise. Teachers receive the most Valentine’s cards, followed by children, mothers, wives, and then sweethearts. Children ages 6 to 10 exchange more than 650 million cards with teachers, classmates, and family members. Additionally, 196 million roses are produced to celebrate the holiday.

How did we get the day? In 313 A.D., Roman Emperor Constantine the Great legalized Christianity and ended Rome’s persecution of Christians. In 380 A.D., Christianity becomes the OFFICIAL state religion of the Roman Empire. These actions not only enabled the teachings of Christianity to spread unhindered within the empire, it encouraged non-Christians to convert to the once-persecuted religion. The pagans, however, who adopted Christianity as their religion did not entirely abandon the traditions and practices they held before their “conversion.” One of these traditions brought into the church was the fertility celebration known as the Lupercalia, which eventually became the Valentine’s holiday.
“Yet the vestiges of superstition were not absolutely obliterated, and the festival of the Lupercalia, whose origin had preceded the foundation of Rome, was still celebrated under the reign of Anthemius.” Twenty-four years after the death of Emperor Anthemius, a “Christianized” form of the festival of Lupercalia was officially adopted by the church as a time to honor Saint Valentine.”Early Christians were happier with the idea of a holiday (Valentine’s) honoring the saint of romantic causes than with one recognizing a pagan festival. In 496 A.D., Pope Gelasius named February 14 in honor of St. Valentine as the patron saint of lovers. ” February 14th as the day to honor this “saint” (the Catholic Church currently recognizes at least three different martyred saints named Valentine or Valentinus) stayed on the church’s Calendar of Saints until 1969 A.D. Pope Paul VI removed it from the calendar.
What was the festival of Lupercalia? The Lupercalia festival was partly in honor of Lupa, the she-wolf who (according to legend) nursed the infant orphans Romulus and Remus. Roman legend states that Romulus and Remus founded the city of Rome in 753 B.C. The pagan festival was also in honor of the Roman god Lupercus who was the god of shepherds. Lupercus was Rome’s equivalent to the Greek god Pan. The link between the Lupercalia, fertility, and romance in general is evident in the festivities that occurred during the celebrations. The Greek historian Plutarch (c. 46 to 120 A.D.) also describes the Lupercalia and its relationship to fertility. The second-century Christian apologist Justin Martyr further links the worship of pagan gods to the Lupercalia when he writes of an image of “the Lycaean god, whom the Greeks call Pan and the Romans Lupercus,” who is nude save for a girdle of goatskin, which stood in the Lupercal, the cave where Romulus and Remus were suckled by a she-wolf. Does it matter that the church adopted an ancient festival used to worship pagan gods and promote fertility to worship the God of the Bible? Does God really CARE what customs are used to worship and honor Him or whether or not we celebrate the Valentine’s holiday? Notice the following warning God gave to ancient Israel. “When the Lord your God cuts off from before you the nations which you go to dispossess, and you displace them and dwell in their land, take heed to yourself that you are not ensnared to follow them, after they are destroyed from before you, and that you do not inquire after their gods, saying, ‘HOW DID THESE NATIONS SERVE THEIR GODS? I ALSO WILL DO LIKEWISE.’ ” “You shall NOT worship the Lord your God in that way; for every abomination to the Lord which He hates they have done to their gods . . . ” (Deuteronomy 12:29-31, NKJV) ) Note that the issue in this passage is NOT the worship of other gods. The warning is to not adopt CUSTOMS used to worship or honor other gods in order to serve and worship the true God.

The true origin of Valentine’s Day and its symbols are rooted in the worship of false gods. It has no Biblical basis. Those who celebrate the holiday and consider themselves believers in the God of the Bible need to take a prayerful look at what they are doing.


David Wilkerson Who tells you that you are unworthy, no good, useless, unusable to God? Who keeps reminding you that you’re weak, helpless, a total failure? And who tells you that you’ll never measure up to God’s standard?

Who tells worship team members they’re not worthy to sing praises in God’s house or musicians they’re not worthy to play instruments of worship? Who tells ushers, elders, Sunday school teachers, volunteers, and people in the pew that they are unworthy? That’s no mystery. We all know where this voice comes from — the devil himself. He wants to keep you convinced that God is angry with you. The devil, the accuser of the brethren, reminds you of your every sin and failure. He tells you, “God can’t use you until you get this figured out and make yourself worthy.” Do not fall for this lie from the pit of hell. Many people reading this message have been convinced by the devil that they are unworthy ever to be used of God. Does this describe you? Perhaps you feel unworthy even to be called a child of the Lord. You look at your life and see inconsistency and failure. Let me confess something to you: I have never once felt worthy of my high calling as a preacher. Throughout my years of service to the Lord, I have been barraged by accusations that I am unworthy to speak for God, to preach, to teach others, to be a leader. So, the truth is, I am not worthy to write this message and you are not worthy to raise your hands in praise to God. You see, nobody is worthy — not in our human strength and power! But Jesus told us, “I have made you worthy.”

“For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous” (Romans 5:19).


I was talking with a woman recently who told me of a group of 8 ex- Mormons who came together to form a band and they go around to Christian churches to play music, give their testimonies on how they got saved and give out witnessing tips on how to lead Mormons to Christ. I couldn’t believe my ears! I called the number she gave me and sure enough, it was all true! They call themselves Adam’s Road Ministry and they’re on the internet. Just type in their name and everything pops up.

When the Lord first tossed this ministry in my lap I was in my 20’s and now I’m in my 60’s! Thank you so much for your prayers all these years! It brings a tear to my eyes to see there’s finally a few more ex-Mormons stepping up to the plate to bring other Mormons to salvation through the real Jesus and I would really love to help get these guys on the map as well as any other groups willing to do the same. Remember, Mormons are not the enemy. They are only victims of the enemy! The same holds true for the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Catholics, 7th Day Adventists and so many other groups that go under the name of Christian but are not. And are not saved! For so many years all we had for tools to reach out to the lost in the cults were a few cassette and VHS tapes later turned into CDs & DVD’s. But now here are actual ex-Mormons willing to come to your church sharing with everyone how to win Mormons to Christ. Their presentation time at your church is 80-90 minutes so this would be great to give your pastor a break on a Sunday morning or evening. They do not have a charge for coming to your church. The contact person I talked with is Matt Wilder at 1-407-865-0771 or 1-407-656-0885. Please do contact him and your pastor so they can connect. Matt also sent me a DVD explaining their ministry with the testimonies of many ex-Mormons. If you would like a free copy, just let me know. Just ask for the DVD titled: Adam’s Road Ministry.

Global Warming?

There has just been opened a new National Park. But this one is under water! There are many statues standing around on the ocean floor. They say 2016 was the warmest year on record since record keeping. There’s a lot of controversy over this and has been for a long time. The elite has been using this to gain more governance so we don’t even know if this is true or not. But let’s say things are warming up.

So what! Earth swings from extreme cold to extreme warming in cycles. We are currently in what’s called an earth wobble and during each wobble, it goes a little further each time. Eventually, there will be a polar axis flip. It’s happened before during the flood of Noah. If it rained for 40 days and forty nights again right now, the earth would not be flooded over the mountains. It took much more than a lot of rain back in Noah’s day. So, what’s the big deal if the earth is warming up! Sure, we have more fires during hot summers! This is normal! And after all, the earth is going be destroyed by fire right? This is just another confirmation we are living in the latter times. So when you hear the scientists talk about all this global warming, just know our redemption is drawing near!

A Woman Rides the Beast

For those of you who know who the Catholic Church is in Bible prophecy, you know she is mentioned as the Whore of Babylon in the book of Revelation ch. 17. A woman who rides the beast. Today, there are multitudes of Catholics going under the name of Christian but are not saved. How many Catholics die each day without being born-again, only God knows? One thing for certain though, they don’t go to heaven and they certainly don’t go to purgatory because it doesn’t even exist. You are God’s only representative to reach out to them. I’ve witnessed too many and won some to Christ. But many still remain lost. But then years ago my friend Dave Hunt wrote a book which was so good, it was made into a film titled A Woman Rides the Beast. I learned that by giving this film (now on a DVD) to Catholics along with some prayer and witnessing to them, many more came to Christ and got saved! You can do the same! If you’d like a copy, it is available this month for a gift of any amount and do feel free to make copies and give to as many Catholics as you can. You can also show it at your church or fellowship!

Witnesses of Jehovah

You most likely have had Jehovah’s Witnesses at your door at one time or another. So have I! The first time, I was living in a small cabin in the mountains. I didn’t even have an address. I couldn’t believe they found me! I invited them in but I was unprepared. They confused me. I just wasn’t ready. After they left, I drove down to the Post Office feeling like a dog with my tail between my legs. I felt so ashamed before the Lord! Once I got there, I found a key in my box that opened a large locker which contained a large box. I checked the return address on it and saw it came from the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society in Brooklyn, NY. This is the Jehovah’s Witnesses headquarters. I thought, how strange! On the same day they came to my cabin, they sent me a gift? I opened the box and learned they accidently sent me all of their watchtower magazines for that entire region! The Watchtower magazine is their pastor! That’s when I realized the Lord wanted me to deal with these lost souls. So after depositing these many pounds of Watchtower magazines into the trash containers, keeping one for myself, I decided to start attending their church which they call their Kingdom Hall. My first time there, I noticed they were bewildered because someone had tossed their pastor in the trash! They were able to get one copy from another area but since I had the only other copy, I was the only one who answered the questions in it. They welcomed me like a brother and I got to know them well. God loves these precious people but they are lost! There were no witnessing tools in those days as DVDs but today, we have the DVD tiled: Witnesses of Jehovah. If you would like a copy, it’s available for a gift of any amount. And do feel free to make copies and give away to as many as you can!

Suppressed Medical Discoveries

Can you imagine if there was a silver bullet cure for all viruses out there? How about a cure for cancer or sugar diabetes or heart disease? Sure, everyone dies eventually; except Christians who experience the Rapture, but what about so many that go before their time? Or those who suffer so much in the here and now? It was God Himself who said my people parish due to a lack of knowledge! What if you could obtain that knowledge? A good place to start would be to see the DVD titled: Suppressed Medical Discoveries by Dr. Robert Beck. Its available for a gift of any amount and do feel free to make copies and share with others!

30 Club…

Now would be the time to join our 30 club for the remainder of this year. For only a gift of $30.00 or more each month, you will receive everything we air on a DVD format each month. We hope for a commitment through the end of the year or longer but you can stop at any time. Just let me know by calling us at 1-719-630-1222 or writing us at Cultivate Ministries, P.O. Box 526, Florissant, CO 80816. You can also join by using the same address above. You will also receive our monthly newsletter! Thanks! Also, feel free to make copies of any DVDs or our newsletters to share with others!

Prayer Request…

Thank you for praying for myself, Mary, Dudley and the ministry. I would ask for your prayers for safety, God’s leading and wisdom. These are pretty much an everyday request along with the Lord’s leading for the best ways to get more people saved in this late hour. Thanks ever so much! Also, I’m seeking the Lord on obtaining a camping trailer or two or more to have someone to live in for free in exchange for help here. Mary is great but 4 hours a week is not enough and she works other jobs. Male or female, I don’t know. Maybe a married couple? Might be difficult to find just the right persons though. I need at least one to be a computer whiz, and someone able to do the harder work as bringing in firewood etc. A handyman would be good. A person or persons who are honest and with no criminal records. I’d really appreciate your prayers on this. Thanks! -Jim (:

Ending Note…

Thank you again ever so much to those who help keep this ministry going through your prayers and support! Both of which are greatly needed and greatly appreciated at this time. Yours because His:


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