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Greetings in Jesus…!

First, thank you so much to those who help support this ministry through your prayers and gifts of support. You guys are the real heroes! Well, I must admit I was not sure this newsletter would be going out this month. There‘s been so much going on with the record breaking hurricanes, earthquakes, the fires in so many states and countries, the death tolls rising, the date of Sept. 23, 2017, record breaking temperatures and so much more! It‘s been like things taking place during the tribulation period pretty much every day

In case you didn’t know……this is just crazy!

🔥California is on fire.
🔥Oregon is on fire.
🔥Washington is on fire.
🔥British Columbia is on fire.
🔥Alberta is on fire Montana is on fire.
🔥Nova Scotia is on fire.
🔥Greece is on fire.
🔥Brazil is on fire.
🔥Portugal is on fire.
🔥Algeria is on fire.
🔥Tunisia is on fire.
🔥Greenland is on fire.
🔥The Sakha Republic of Russia is on fire.
🔥Siberia is on fire.
⛈Texas is under water
⛈India, Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, experience record monsoons and massive death toll.
⛈Sierra Leone and Niger experience massive floods, mudslides, and deaths in the thousands.
☀Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia are crushed in the death grip of a triple digit heat wave, dubbed Lucifer.
☀Southern California continues to swelter under triple digit heat that shows no sign of letting up.
☀In usually chilly August, the city of San Francisco shatters all-time record at 106 degrees, while it reaches 115 degrees south of the city.
☀ Northern California continues to bake in the triple digits.
((🌎)) Yellowstone volcano is hit with earthquake swarm of over 2,300 tremors since June, recording a 4.4 quake on June 15, 20017 and 3.3 shaker on August 21, 2017.
((🌎)) 5.3 earthquake rumbles through Idaho
((🌎 )) Japan earthquake 6.1 possible tsunami..
((🌎 )) Mexico earthquake 8.2 imminent tsunami.
🌀Beach lines are receded at least 50+ meters Hurricanes Harvey, Irma (biggest ever recorded), Jose and Katia are barreling around the Atlantic with 8 more potentials forming.
⚡And last but not least an X10 C.M.E solar flare happened on Sept. 6 th, the highest recorded solar flare ever!

What is going on in the World? By Hal Lindsey

Hurricane Irma has now barred down on Florida. It was so powerful; the weather community doesn’t even have an accurate classification for it. There’s no such thing as a Category 6 hurricane, so they’re calling it a “Catastrophic 5!”

Sept. 7, a magnitude 8 earthquake rocked the southern coast of Mexico. It was felt in Cancun, 1,700 miles away.

Aug. 25-29, Hurricane Harvey battered Southeast Texas. In its aftermath, an unimaginable flood fell on the U.S. Gulf coast. Experts are calling it a “thousand-year flood!” Cedar Bayou, Texas, received the highest rainfall total ever recorded in the continental United States: almost 52 inches. The Neches River in Beaumont, Texas, broke its previous high-crest record by 8 feet! Not 8 inches, but 8 feet! And this has all happened in just the Western Hemisphere — in just the last few weeks! In Romans 8:22, the Apostle Paul described the earth in these days: “The whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth until now.” The earth is in travail.

Isaiah describes a time when, “The earth reels to and fro like a drunkard.” (Isaiah 24:20 NASB) This gives a sense of planetary distress. But it also describes what it’s like during a monster earthquake. The citizens of Mexico felt that Sept 7th. But Americans may feel it in the future. As I reported in July, Yellowstone National Park has been suffering an “earthquake swarm.” In June, Yellowstone experienced 878 small quakes in one month. It has continued and recently Newsweek reported that the swarm “is now one of the biggest ever recorded, with over 2,300 tremors since it began in June.” What makes this worrying is the fact that Yellowstone National Park sits atop a “super volcano.” That means it’s thousands of time more powerful than a regular volcano. Scientists say the magma (molten rock that we call ‘lava’ once it reaches the earth’s surface) chamber below Yellowstone is mindboggling. They estimate that it is 37 miles long, 18 miles wide, and 3 to 7 miles deep. NASA is so concerned that it has proposed drilling into the chamber to relieve some of the pressure. But critics fear that it could touch off an eruption. Yahoo News reported that if Yellowstone erupts, it is “capable of burying states like Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, and Colorado in three feet of harmful volcanic ash….”

That could paralyze the nation.

I’ve often said that America does not appear to be a major factor in the end-times scenario. Something must occur to remove the U.S. from its superpower status. Is it possible that it could be a massive, staggering earthquake that cripples America? But Jesus said that in these days, earthquakes would also happen in “various places.” (Matthew 24:7 NASB) A few days ago, a large earthquake hit North Korea. But the magnitude 6.3 temblor was not a natural occurrence. It was man-made. We now know that North Korea apparently tested what it claims to be a hydrogen bomb. Though the rest of the world has not officially confirmed that to be true, it is generally accepted as fact. This earthquake was ten times larger than the one that occurred when they conducted their largest previous atomic test — just one year ago. Less than one week before the alleged H-bomb test, North Korea launched a missile that passed over Japan and fell into the Pacific Ocean. The Associated Press reports that it rattled the Japanese so much that their leaders are now publicly discussing the feasibility of building and buying cruise missiles so that Japan can achieve “a limited pre-emptive strike capability….” AP goes on to note that this idea “was anathema in the pacifist country before the North Korea missile threat.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin recently warned that North Korea and the United States are “on the brink of a large-scale conflict.” The Chinese Foreign Minister said that war could break out “at any moment.”

A high-ranking German official cautioned that a U.S.-North Korean war could result in more casualties than all of World War II. How’s that for a “rumor of war?” (Matthew 24:6) Speaking of “war,” that’s exactly what the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) is waging against the Bible, Christians, conservatives, and America’s heritage. Probably one of the most morally, if not criminally, corrupt organizations in recent memory, SPLC has positioned itself as the arbiter of “hate groups” in America. In fact, it actually produces a “hate map” on which it identifies 917 “hate groups” in America. SPLC and SPLC alone determine what constitutes a “hate group.” And Southern Poverty Law Center has no moral compass and no standards by which to make those determinations. All they have is their own opinions. And 2 those lean hard to the far Left. SPLC has no tolerance for people who believe the Bible. If you utter a word against Islam, you might be a “hater.” If you speak out in favor of Biblical, traditional marriage, you almost certainly are a “hater.” Of course, that only applies to non-Muslim groups. Islamists enslave women and children and often respond to homosexuality with violence. In fact, in some Muslim nations they throw homosexuals off the roofs of tall buildings.

But Islam is not on the “hate map.” However, the Family Research Council (FRC) is. The FRC is one of the most respected promoters of the family in America. It was co-founded by Dr. James Dobson. It was once led by conservative Presidential candidate Gary Bauer. The FRC opposes much of the LGBT agenda, but does so with thoughtful argument, not violence. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is on SPLC’s “hate list.” ADF is a moderate Christian legalrights group. It was founded by Dr. Bill Bright, who also founded Campus Crusade for Christ. Dr. Bright was my friend. He dedicated his life to spreading the love of Christ and the Good News of the Gospel to millions of college students over several decades. Another founder of ADF was Dr. D. James Kennedy. Is there anyone on the religious right or left who did not respect and appreciate the gentleness and thoughtfulness of Dr. Kennedy? Apparently the fact that Dr. Kennedy was a forceful advocate for traditional family values earned him a spot on SPLC’s “hate map.” Imagine the gall of anyone who would place these men of God on a “hate list” with the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazis! It’s disgusting and should anger every American! If the SPLC had the integrity to apply their standards consistently, then the Catholic Church would be on the list. The Republican Party would be on the list. Practically every Muslim mosque in America would be on the list. You and I would be on the list, too! Though they promote themselves as teachers of tolerance, they ignore the fact that they are biased, too. But despite their obvious flaws — and hypocrisy — SPLC’s statements go unquestioned. Their pronouncements are accepted by the mainstream media, the entertainment industry, academia, and a huge portion of the U.S. government.

SPLC placed an organization called “Jihad Watch” on its “hate list.” Then PayPal banned Jihad Watch from receiving donations using its service. After SPLC designated D. James Kennedy Ministries a “hate group,” Amazon kicked that ministry out of its charity donation program. With their “hate map,” SPLC is hurting real ministries that are helping real people. But we knew this time would come. Jesus Himself warned that one day we would not be the haters, but we would be the hated. He said, “You shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake.” (Luke 21:17 KJV) Folks, those days are just around the corner. Are you ready? As the end-times draw nearer, it’s more important than ever that we live our lives in the freedom that Jesus purchased for us with His death on the cross. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your salvation depends on your own efforts. It’s a burden you can’t possibly bear. Galatians 3:3 asks, “Are you so foolish? Having begun by the Spirit, are you now perfected by the flesh?” A flesh-centered approach to holiness dooms us to frustration. Don’t trust the determination of your weak flesh over the mighty power of God. Commit your ways to Him and rest in His promises and His power to keep those promises.

Mexico suffers volcano eruption same day as deadly quake

As if Sept. 19th‘s deadly earthquake in Mexico wasn‘t enough, a volcano also erupted amid the violent shaking. Volcano Popocatepetl — about 45 miles southeast of quake-ravaged Mexico City and about 30 miles from the temblor‘s epicenter — belched ash and gas as the 7.1-magnitude temblor rocked the country‘s central region. The 17,700-foot peak also blew its top amid the Aug. 21 solar eclipse. September 19ths earthquake, which claimed at least 225 lives, and the death toll continues to rise as rescuers pick through the rubble, was not responsible for the eruption, according to National Coordinator of Civil Protection, Luis Felipe Puente. A church at the foot of the mountain collapsed during the quake and eruption, killing 15 parishioners worshipping inside. Pope Francis said he was praying for victims in the majority-Catholic country. “In this moment of pain, I want to express my closeness and prayers to all the beloved Mexican people,” he said.

NASA plan to stop super volcano sparks doomsday fears Earthquake swarms at Yellowstone raise concerns (World Net Daily WND)

Amid a summertime swarm of hundreds of earthquakes underneath Yellowstone National Park, NASA is developing a plan to tame a “super volcano” that some experts believe is well overdue for a catastrophic eruption. The scientists‘ plan: cool down the volcano.

Volcanoes erupt when a certain heat threshold is built up within the magma, meaning that if enough heat can be let out of the volcano, it will never erupt. NASA‘s idea is to pump water into the volcano after opening up a path via drilling. In theory, the plan would extract heat from the volcano and could even provide a new geothermal power plant. There‘s only one problem: The process might trigger an eruption. Brian Wilcox of NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology told the BBC an attempt to drill from the top of the magma chamber could accidentally cause the very thing the drilling was designed to prevent. To avoid that risk, he suggested drilling from outside the borders of Yellowstone and coming into the super volcano from the lower side. But some suggest such schemes are doomed regardless of how they are executed. Jerusalem Rabbi Rami Levy said science has limits and told Breaking Israel News natural disasters and earthquakes will be an inevitable feature of the end times. He said the natural disasters are “explicitly described in the Bible,” and the response should be “repentance.” Joel Richardson, New York Times best-selling author of “The Islamic Antichrist” and the new book “Mystery Babylon,” urged caution, insisting such disasters are not necessarily a sign the end is nigh. But he said they could have supernatural significance. “Because both natural disasters and catastrophes caused by mankind are common throughout world history, I am hesitant to refer to something like a potential catastrophe at Yellowstone Park as an apocalyptic event,” “In other words, I would not see it specifically as a biblical sign of the return of Jesus or of the end of the age. “That said, neither are such events merely coincidence. The Lord often uses catastrophes to either speak to mankind or to humble mankind. His ultimate purpose is to save as many as possible from the lake of fire,” said Richardson. “Whether we are speaking of a potential super volcano, a flood, an eclipse, the global refugee crisis or any other catastrophe, believers are called to look not merely at the destruction and loss, but at what God is doing redemptively through such catastrophes.” Richardson did enthusiastically endorse the response of “repentance‖ as appropriate, saying such actions by a nation can indeed forestall catastrophe. “God gives grace to those who humble themselves before His mighty hand,” he said. “There is no question that the Lord is giving the United States ample opportunity to fall on our collectives faces and ask for His forgiveness and seek His 3 restoration.”  “Author Jonathan Cahn spoke heavily of repentance in his book and film about “harbingers,'” said Markell. “He warned that if America did not repent, America would be judged so severely we might never recover. Much of the church hailed this message but parts of the church mocked Cahn and thought both he and his message were unstable and sensational. I think his message was profound. “Our country won‘t prosper just due to politics. It won‘t prosper thanks to efforts at “social justice.” It requires a spiritual awakening and national repentance. If God were to see America truly sorry for the sins we have committed and intensified in the last 30 to 50 years, He might change his mind and slow down some of the destruction. Right and left are at war with each other. Washington has been rendered nearly ineffective due to infighting. Hurricane Harvey has shaken most Americans. Good old-fashioned repentance can‘t hurt and it could possibly slow some of the deterioration of the country we‘ve seen in recent years.” Markell also believes an explosion at Yellowstone in the near future is possible. “I think something could happen in the Yellowstone area any day,” she told WND. “The question is, how drastic will it be? It would just be another warning that time is short. I think an explosion with catastrophic results would be reserved for the Tribulation time outlined in the Bible.” Mark Biltz, the man who discovered the “Blood Moons” phenomenon and the author of the new book “God‘s Day Timer,” said natural disasters that God intends to happen cannot be prevented. And the pastor believes that as the world nears the end times, “apocalyptic events would happen within nature as signs of His coming.” However, Biltz said that does not mean mankind is helpless. “In the physical realm, what is in our control is how we respond to the early warnings,” Biltz said. “In Houston during Hurricane Harvey for example, the people were sent mixed communications on whether or not to evacuate the affected areas. “From a spiritual standpoint, humanity has been receiving early warning signs of the soon coming of the Messiah and spiritual leaders have also been sending mixed signals. Many are responding as Lot did to the coming destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah while others are interceding in hopes of mitigating what‘s coming. When Messiah comes it will be suddenly and there will be no time to react. This is why we need to heed the early warning signs as I have laid out in “God‘s Day Timer.'” Like Rabbi Levy and others, Biltz believes widespread movements of repentance have the power to mitigate natural disasters. “The Bible states that the Earth responds to mankind‘s actions,” the pastor said. “The Promised Land vomited out its inhabitants because of how they defiled it. Israel was warned that they too would be vomited out as well depending on their behavior. I highly recommend that the people of God in America repent and return to the authentic God of the Bible not one that we have created in our own image.” Pastor Carl Gallups, author of the end times examination “When The Lion Roars,” advocates a “balanced” approach towards these issues. He does not deny the power of science, nor does he believe there is something somehow wrong with trying to prevent disasters. But Gallups cautions against viewing a move towards “repentance” as a quick fix or something that will simply make disasters less severe. “Humanity was given the responsibility to have dominion over the earth and to ‘subdue‘ it,” he explained. “There is nothing biblically wrong with exploring the most viable scientific ways to provide for the Earth‘s population, but we should also remember there are some things that we simply cannot control or manipulate. In fact, we could actually make the situation worse. We must also consider that the Word of God is clear that in the days before the return of Jesus Christ there are going to be all manner of uncontrollable and disastrous events involving the natural realm and its own fallen condition. “For the believer, this is a relatively easy balance to maintain: We do what we can to provide for the safety and humanitarian needs of people, the ecosystem, and general living conditions, while at the same time understanding that ultimately all of this in the Lord‘s hands and in accordance with His decrees. Those who believe ‘science‘ is the ‘savior‘ of the world are wrong. “But even those that are more religious will often turn to the hope of ‘quick fixes.‘ There are those who are calling for ‘repentance‘ to avert the seemingly impending doom ” and while repentance is always a biblical and good idea for anyone, it is not a magic incantation to ‘ward off evil happenings.'”‘

Halloween: Trick or Treat?

Now at the end of this month, on the 31st; is that most blatant of satanic un-holy-days of the year. I would cringe to think anyone receiving this newsletter would ever have anything to do with this but I‘m sure you know someone who does. Therefore, we‘re making the DVD titled: Halloween: Trick or Treat available for a gift of any amount this month and you are encouraged to make copies and share with as many as you can! If you‘re going to be dropping candy in kid‘s bags, drop this DVD in too so parents can watch it!

Did anything take Place on September 23, 2017?

We have heard about the alignment between stars and planets indicating the beginning of the tribulation period and the appearance of Planet X or Nibiru. I did not see either happen, but on September 23rd at the time of what would be the last trump in Israel, I stepped out onto my deck at 9:39 am and I heard something which I had heard on the internet previously. A strange phenomenon that was taking place around the country of a sound of an ongoing trumpet blast. It did not seem to be coming from anything on the Earth but more from up in the sky. I recognized the sound to be the same sound that other people have recorded and put onto the internet. There is No way that if you were outside in this area would you not hear this!! I believe the Lord is going to great extreme to let his people know we are near the end. Let me know if you have experienced that same thing. Thanks. Jim

Watch ye therefore: for ye know not when the master of the house cometh, at even, or at midnight, or at the cockcrowing, or in the morning:

So what do we do when some of the watchmen tell us not to watch? This is actually happening in this late hour. Who are you going to go with? A watchmen or Jesus? I think that I will stay with Jesus.

Jesus Christ comes back on a Jubilee Year: Our Final Year Ends in the Fall of 2017…

The final Jubilee ends on the last day of Hanukkah 2017. There will have been 40 complete Jubilee cycles following Christ’s death. Isn‘t that interesting? There are so many 40‘s in the Bible and 40 is a significant number to God. The 40 Jubilees after Christ‘s death bring us to the end of probationary time. After 2017 there will be no more opportunities for people to repent and receive eternal life. “Seventy “sevens” are decreaed for your people” is a dual prophecy. Daniel 9:24. It has two fullfilments. First, the 70 “sevens” are 70 sabbatical cycles. They are 490 years, pointing to the first coming of Jesus as our Savior from sin. Second, the 70 “sevens” are 70 Shavuots (70 Pentecosts) from when the United Nations partitions Palestine allowing the creation of Israel on November 29th 1947. Third, at the end of 2017 will end the 120th Jubilee cycle from Adam. Did the Lord give man a time limit to deal with sin in the “Genesis Code”? And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh, yet his days shall be 120 years. Genesis 6:3 The 120 “years‖ are 120 Jubilee cycles (6,000 Years)! The FIRST ZIONIST CONGRESS HELD IN BASIL SWITZERLAND in 1897 BY THEODOR HERTZL, and the first official act to prepare the way for the Jews to return to their homeland. If you add 120 years to 1897 you come to 2017 (the final Jubilee) our time up year! At the end of 2017 the 6,000 years of sin on Earth may come to an end! Between September 23, 2015 and ending on the last day of Hanukkah in 2017, the great Day of the Lord may occur and many other bible prophecies fulfilled. What are the dates of the 70 Jubilees? The Bible indicates that Moses crossed the Red Sea between 1,400-1,500 BC. The Jubilee in 2017 has been 70 Jubilees from the crossing of the Red Sea. What will happen at the final Jubilee year 2017? The final Jubilee will end in the year 2017. Here are some of the many things that may happen:
 The prophecy in Daniel 9:24 may meet its final and complete fulfillment.
 Everlasting righteousness may be brought in for God’s people
 Sin may be brought to an end for God’s people.
 Transgression may be finished for God’s people.
 Vision and prophecy may be sealed up.
 The earth will be returned to God – its rightful owner.
 Anoint the Most Holy.

God will have permanently taken care of the disease of sin for His people. Daniel‘s prayer will have received a complete answer. Within days, Jesus will come to earth the second time to take His people back to heaven with Him and the earth will begin its 1,000 years of rest. What do I need to do right now in 2017?

God has been patient and merciful to the human race for almost 6,000 years since we first sinned. Yet we continue to become more sinful and more rebellious. We are very near the time when the wrath of God will be poured out on all of us who refuse to repent and worship Him. God has given each of us the power of choice and a period of time on earth as probation. This probationary period is an opportunity to repent and to have faith in Christ. My probation and your probation may very well end in 2017 and it may be sooner rather than later. The most important thing we can do right now is to give ourselves completely to God in humility and repentance and by faith to receive Jesus as our personal Savior.

Now is the time to seek God, while He may be found. Now is the time to repent. Today is the day for salvation.

The Great American Blackout!? We now know of millions who have and are still experiencing a black out. No power at all! Scientists are saying the worst is yet to come! Many have died so far but now the domino effect. Much looting, no food, no drinking water, only stagnate water which brings in sickness and disease quickly! A strange thing about power, without it, everything shuts down. There‘s usually little or no help and what little help does come in. it‘s too little too late and many more die. And if some help comes in, it comes from an area that does have power. But what if there is no such place? What if our entire country lost our power grid? Right now, there are two sources this could come from. WWIII with North Korea is one. If only one nuclear missile exploding from Rocket Man Kim Jung Un goes off 100 miles up over the middle of the United States, that would be it! Our entire power grid would go out coast to coast and he‘s already said he‘s going to do this! The other way is through a cyber attack which would do the same thing! It‘s no longer a matter of IF, but of WHEN! We recently aired the DVD titled: WW III and North Korea. We also now have the DVD titled: The Great American Blackout! Either/or are available for a gift of any amount. It is our hope that after watching The Great American Blackout, you will better know what you must do to prepare for this coming event.

Justin Beiber Cancels All Gigs for the Rest of the Year! Why? He got saved! So did Jim Carrey!

Remember when I suggested you start praying for the salvation of predominate people? Apparently, It‘s working. Some of these rock star figures have millions of fans and when these famous people get saved, so do their fans. I remember when Bob Dylan got saved and even came out with a Christian album. (A Slow Train Coming) It went crazy! So many young people couldn’t believe it! Bob Dylan? Really? Many of them got saved too!

Pray about it seeking the Lord to lead you to the right person to start praying for their salvation then go for it! Get groups from your church or fellowship. Or you can do it yourself but just stay at it! Do not limit God. You‘d be surprised who He can save! Lady Ga Ga, a self professing Luciferian might be a good pick. Lately she broke down in tears saying she‘s so depressed and alone.

A True Story of My Best Friend Cainan

I got him as a puppy back in 2003. Before he developed his motor skills very well, we got our first snow. It snowed most of the night and in the morning we had about 6 inches. As usual, I let Cainan outside onto the porch but there he was confronted by something he had never seen before. Snow on the stairs! After little thought for the situation, he took his first step, and then rolled down all the rest. He immediately discovered that snow was for the purpose of play! At the age of four months, he spotted a figure coming down the hill toward our cabin so Cainan ran up to play with this new visitor. It was a bear and just as Cainan reached him, the bear took a swipe to kill him. But Cainan was fast and jumped out of the way just in time. He then started barking and howling at him and the bear turned and went the other way. This was an important lesson for my Golden Retriever and he never forgot it. For all these years, whenever Cainan sensed a bear coming near, he would always bark and howl the same way keeping all the bears away. What a dog! Through the years Cainan got old. This year he could neither see nor hear well anymore but his nose still worked great. It was a Sunday. I had to go to town. When I got back near dark, Cainan didn‘t come out to meet me. Knowing he had a harder time getting around and would sometimes stay in the barn, I checked there but he was not there so I panicked and started calling him but no response. I got on my motorcycle and started searching my property and praying the Lord help me find him. Less than a minute later, I did. He had been killed by a bear, dragged about a hundred yards away and was partially eaten. My tear ducts are now emptied while writing this. I have lost my best friend.

Ending Note…

Thank you again ever so much to those who help keep this ministry going through your prayers and support! Both of which are greatly needed and greatly appreciated in this late hour. Yours because His:

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