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Catholicism is the largest religion going under the name of Christian yet with the largest amount of unsaved people. She is a chameleon who camouflages herself within her surroundings. The Bible refers to her as the Great Harlot deceiving the nations.

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The Catholic Church In Light of Scripture
Item CDRC002 Price $5.00


You Can Lead Catholics To Christ
Item CDRC003 Price $5.00


Witnessing With Boldness
Item CDRC004 Price $5.00


How To Witness To Catholics
Item CDRC005 Price $5.00


Is Catholicism Christian?
(Brewer debates Keating)
Item CDRC006 Price $5.00


Catholicism: Christian or Cult
Item CDRC007 Price $5.00


Testimony of Bart Brewer
Item CDRC008 Price $5.00


Testimony of Bart Brewer Spanish version
Item CDRC009 Price $5.00


Be Not Deceived
Item CDRC010 Price $5.00


Catholic Plan of Salvation
Item CDRC011 Price $5.00


Was Peter the First pope?
Item CDRC012 Price $5.00


My Dear Catholics
Item CDRC013 Price $5.00


Is Catholicism Another Gospel?
(Dave Hunt)
Item CDRC014 Price $5.00


Radio Debate
(Eberhardt vs. Priest Burger)
Item CDRC016 Price $5.00


Catholicism: Where’d It Come From, Where’s It Going?
(Frank Eberhardt)
Item CDRC017 Price $5.00


(Jack Chick) “A Classic”
Item CDRC019 Price $5.00


Let’s Make a Stand
(Jack Chick)
Item CDRC020 Price $5.00


Testimony of Ex-Nun Wilma Sullivan
Item CDRC021 Price $5.00


Testimonies of Many Ex-Catholics
Item CDRC022 Price $5.00


How Satan Destroys World Religion
(3 CDs) (MacArthur)
Item CDRC024 Price $5.00


Mary, Purgatory, & the Pope
(David Hocking)
Item CDRC029 Price $5.00


Sacraments & Catholic Salvation
(David Hocking)
Item CDRC030 Price $5.00


Why A Preacher & Not A Priest
(John Cararra)
Item CDRC031 Price $5.00


Roman Catholicism
(Ron Carlson)
Item CDRC033 Price $5.00


Catholicism vs. the Bible
Item CDRC034 Price $5.00


10 Contrasts: Bible vs. Catholicism
Item CDRC036 Price $5.00


Roman Catholicism
(Dr. Walter Martin)
Item CDRC039 Price $5.00


Christian Leaders Uniting With Catholicism
Item CDRC040 Price $5.00


Catholicism: Another Gospel?
(debate) (2 CDs)
Item CDRC041 Price $5.00


Amazing Testimony of Sister Charlotte
Item CDRC042 Price $5.00


Irreconcilable Differences (2 CDs)
(MacArthur, Sprole, Kennedy, Ankerberg)
Item CDRC043 Price $5.00


Mystery Babylon
(Jim Zilonka)
Item CDRC046 Price $5.00


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