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How to Study the Bible
(Chuck Missler) (2 CDs)
Item CDEV001 Price $5.00


(The Late Dr. Walter Martin)
Item CDEV003 Price $5.00


Is Jesus Really God
(David Hocking)
Item CDEV006 Price $5.00


Cult-proofing Your Family
(2 CDs)(Dr. Dick Ferguson)
Item CDEV007 Price $5.00


Do’s & Don’ts of Witnessing to the Cults
(2 CDs)(Walter Martin)
Item CDEV008 Price $5.00


Religion vs. Christianity
(very good!)
Item CDEV009 Price $5.00


Seven Campus Curses
(Walter Martin)
Item CDEV010 Price $5.00


New Evidence That Demands A Verdict
(Josh McDowell)
Item CDEV012 Price $5.00


Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?
(John Ankerberg)
Item CDEV013 Price $5.00


Genesis: All or Nothing
(Ken Ham)
Item CDEV016 Price $5.00

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