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False Church Teachings

False Church Teachings CD’s

Jesus Warned us that in the latter times there would be great deceptions. The church is not excluded. Today, there are more doctrines of demons within the church than ever before. Predators in our pulpits.

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Hocus Pocus Focus on the Family
(Randy Shafer)
Item CDFT001 Price $5.00


Borderline Christian Groups
(Dr. Bjornstad)
Item CDFT003 Price $5.00


7 Huge Bible Prophecy Lies
(Ed Hindson)
Item CDFT004 Price $5.00


Kingdom Now Theology
(Ray Gordet)
Item CDFT007 Price $5.00


Facing the Modern Deceivers
(John MacArthu)
Item CDFT013 Price $5.00


Christianity in Crisis
(Hank Henegraaff)
Item CDFT017 Price $5.00


Seducing Spirits & Doctrines of Devils
(Dave Hunt)
Item CDFT022 Price $5.00


(Dave Hunt)
Item CDFT023 Price $5.00


Robert Schuller’s Cult of Self Esteem
(Dr. W. Martin)
Item CDFT029 Price $5.00


A Closer Look at Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral
Item CDFT030 Price $5.00


The Errors of Positive Confession
(Dr. Walter Martin)
Item CDFT031 Price $5.00


Shepherding or Dictatorship
(Jim Zilonka)
Item CDFT033 Price $5.00


The Hundredfold Heresy
(Jim Zilonka)
Item CDFT034 Price $5.00


Angels Among Us: Truth & Fiction
(Ron Rhodes)
Item CDFT035 Price $5.00


The Word of Faith Movement
(Dave Hunt)
Item CDFT036 Price $5.00


Unbelievable Quotes From Word of Faith Teachers
Item CDFT037 Price $5.00


Prosperity Theology: Another Gospel
(Ron Carlson)
Item CDFT038 Price $5.00


The Purpose Driven Church?
(Dave Hunt)
Item CDFT041 Price $5.00


Toxic Televangelists
(2 CDs) (MacArthur)
Item CDFT050 Price $5.00

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