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Mormonism teaches that God was once a man who evolved into Godhood and lives on another planet near a mysterious star called Kolab with multitudes of wives, and that men and women on Earth can also become god’s and goddesses ruling over their own planets. Mormonism also teaches Jesus is not God Incarnate, but the brother of Lucifer!

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Testimony of Jim Zilonka
Item CDLD001 Price $5.00


Mormons at your Door
(a mock dialog) (2 CDs)
Item CDLD003 Price $5.00


Is Mormonism Christian?
(Martin/VanHale debate)
Item CDLD004 Price $5.00


Facts Mormons Won’t Tell You At Your Door
(L MacGregor)
Item CDLD008 Price $5.00


The Godhead Debate
(McKeever/Van Hale)
Item CDLD009 Price $5.00


Granny Speaks Out!
(Thelma Geer)
Item CDLD013 Price $5.00


10 Things God Wants Every Mormon To Know
Item CDLD014 Price $5.00


Understanding Mormonism
(Ron Carlson)
Item CDLD016 Price $5.00


Mormonism’s Jesus: Who Is He?
(Walter Martin)
Item CDLD038 Price $5.00


The Maze of Mormonism
(Walter Martin)
Item CDLD053 Price $5.00


Mormonism & Freemasonry
(Jim Shaw)
Item CDLD054 Price $5.00


Witnessing Approaches to Mormons
(Granny Geer)
Item CDLD058 Price $5.00


Actual Secret Mormon Ceremony Recorded
(2 CDs)
Item CDLD059 Price $5.00


Islam, Mormonism, and Glenn Beck
Item CDLD060 Price $5.00

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