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Other Mainstream Cults

Other Mainstream Cult Groups

Today, there are thousands of cults in the U.S. alone. It is impossible to list all of them here.

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Christian Science
(Carolyn Pool/Dave Hunt)
Item CDMC001 Price $5.00

Christian Science
(Carolyn Pool/Dave Hunt)
Item CDMC002 Price $5.00

Invasion of the Godmen
(Hinduism) (Chuck Smith)
Item CDMC005 Price $5.00

Sects, Denominations, Cults & Catholicism
Item CDMC006 Price $5.00

Transcendental Meditation
(TM) (Ron Carlson)
Item CDMC009 Price $5.00

(TM) (The Late Dr. Walter Martin)
Item CDMC010 Price $5.00

What is a Cult?
(Ron Carlson)
Item CDMC012 Price $5.00

Seventh Day Adventism
(Dr. Walter Martin)
Item CDMC014 Price $5.00

Seventh Day Adventism: A Second Look
(Lori McGregor)
Item CDMC015 Price $5.00

(The Late Dr. Water Martin)
Item CDMC018 Price $5.00

(The Late Dr. Water Martin)
Item CDMC019 Price $5.00

Psychic Phenomena
(The Late Dr. Water Martin)
Item CDMC020 Price $5.00

Black Muslims
(The Late Dr. Water Martin)
Item CDMC023 Price $5.00

(Ron Carlson)
Item CDMC024 Price $5.00

Children of God
(Dr. Walter Martin)
Item CDMC025 Price $5.00

The Way International
(Ron Carlson)
Item CDMC027 Price $5.00

Humanism vs. Christianity
(Ron Carlson)
Item CDMC028 Price $5.00

(Dr. Walter Martin)
Item CDMC029 Price $5.00

The Secrets of Mind Control
Item CDMC030 Price $5.00

The Baha’i Faith
(Dr. Walter Martin)
Item CDMC032 Price $5.00

The Cults: Their Danger and Their Draw
(Dr Norman Geisler)
Item CDMC035 Price $5.00

(Dr. Walter Martin)
Item CDMC036 Price $5.00

Christian Science: A False Gospel?
Item CDMC039 Price $5.00

Witness Lee & the Local Church
(Dr. Walter Martin)
Item CDMC040 Price $5.00

Testimony of Elaine Dallas:
(3rd Gen Christian Scientist)
Item CDMC041 Price $5.00

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