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Jesus warned us that in the latter times there would be great deceptions. The church is not excluded. Today, there are more doctrines of demons within the church than ever before. Predators in our pulpits.

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The Counterfeit Signs & Wonders Movement Exposed!
Item DVDFT001 Price $20.00


False Teachings About Angels
Item DVDFT002 Price $20.00


The Wiles of the Devil
(R. Oakland)
Item DVDFT003 Price $20.00


The Emerging Church
(R. Oakland)
Item DVDFT004 Price $20.00


Apostasy in the End Times
(2 DVDs, 5 lectures)
Item DVDFT005 Price $20.00


What’s Wrong with Today’s Gospel?
(Parts 1&2 Keith Green)
Item DVDFT006 Price $20.00


The Unwrapping of Christmas
Item DVDFT011 Price $20.00


The Christmas Story What Really Happened?
Item DVDFT027 Price $20.00


Wide is the Gate
Item DVDFT028 Price $20.00

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