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Mormonism teaches that God was once a man who evolved into Godhood and lives on another planet near a mysterious star called Kolab with multitudes of wives, and that men and women on Earth can also become gods & goddesses ruling over their own planets. Mormonism also teaches Jesus is not God Incarnate, but the brother of Lucifer!

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The God Makers
Item DVDLD001 Price $20.00


The God Makers II
Item DVDLD002 Price $20.00


Scientific Proof Against The Myth of Mormonism
Item DVDLD003 Price $20.00


The Mormon Dilemma
Item DVDLD004 Price $20.00


Lifting the Veil of Polygamy
Item DVDLD007 Price $20.00


The Bible vs. Joseph Smith
Item DVDLD009 Price $20.00


Jesus Christ vs. Joseph Smith
Item DVDLD010 Price $20.00


Mormonism’s Temple of Doom
Item DVDLD011 Price $20.00

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