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30 Club

30 Club


The passion of Cultivate Ministries is to reach out to the lost and deceived in today’s world, by helping Christians have the information needed to effectively present Christ to the lost and deceived in the culture we are engaged in. 

Christians throughout the nation have partnered with Jim Zilonka and Cultivate Ministries in prayer and financial support. The faithfulness of Cultivate Ministries partners enables us to continue exposing the pitfalls of Cults, New Age and False Teachings and informing Christians on how to present the truth to a world in need of Christ.

30 Club Partners

As the heart of Cultivate Ministries, 30 Club partners receive for a monthly $30.00 gift:

  • All The Monthly Resources presented during the Cultivate Radio broadcasts. ON CD or DVD
  • Jim’s Monthly Cultivate Ministries Newsletter.
  • Bonus Resources and Updates

As Jim’s “kitchen table” ministry continues and expands throughout the year by way of the Cultivate Radio Broadcast,  Thirty Club partners provide a solid foundation from which Jim and his listeners are accomplishing Jesus Christ’s mission to His Church.

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